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 Rhys {I am the magic man} (Human)

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PostSubject: Rhys {I am the magic man} (Human)   Rhys {I am the magic man} (Human) Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 12:11 am

Name: Rhys

Age: 34

Birthday: December 14th, 2675

Gender: Male

Picture: Rhys {I am the magic man} (Human) Rhys_and_elli_finished_by_stormkatz-d5bvwz9

Type Of Person: general everyday sleaze that lives in taverns tbh

Alignment: DDC, but his heart isn't really in it

Relation To Any Dragons: No true 'bond' to any (he isn't and never will be a rider) but he does care for Ithelle when they are both in town - the poor girl needed someone to step in as a parent, and Rhys wasn't busy... now he proudly holds the title 'daddy' in her eyes.

Likes: Card games, gambling and magic tricks. Oh, and fights, except that he isn't especially strong.

Dislikes: people pointing out his rather obvious facial scarring, and any insult to his eye patches. He is /incredibly/ scared of leaving cities, due to the injuries he incurred last time he travelled properly, and avoids leaving the safety of city walls wherever possible. He is also terrified of spiders, and has a tendency to hate on life when the mood catches him. When left alone with his thoughts he can be quite depressive, and tries to surround himself with people to prevent that happening. Alcohol also helps, in his experience.

Description: Dark hair, amber eyes, one eye (he had a collection of funky eye patches for the missing one) and lots of scarring across his chest and waist.

Other: He was rather attractive before he was attacked (by bandits, no less) which caused him to lose his eye and gave his some spectacular scars. He’s very self-conscious about them, but underneath still has exceptionally strong muscles. In case of battle, he wields a mace or flail. He is very good at magic tricks - while his wounds were healing he had a /lot/ of time on his hands to master slight-of-hand tricks - which, although it's not particularly useful can earn his some sort of a living. He uses the size of his thumb nail at arm's length to judge distance (although it's only a rough way of guessing - it often fails, but it accurate enough to manage to hit someone with the swinging end of a flail). Also he's apparently quite a fatherly type - he easily warms to children, and acts like the parents he never had for them. He lost his eye aged 25 (April), 3701) while working as a messenger. He was ambushed on the road by a group of bandits, and promptly quite his job as a messenger, spending months waiting for his scar to heal, learning magic tricks to pass the time.

2701 (april) - lost LEFT eye (sorry if I ever mixed that up, never defined it until now)
2701 (may) - found Elli's damaged egg, cared for her as she hatched.
2701 (august) - starts performing on the streets, learned basic slight of hand/getting to grips with the lack of depth perception
2702 (summer) - Joins Lusorio to help found the Circus -  level headed of the two. He still does tricks on street corners when Lusorio is busy.

This will be his font colour (burly wood)

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Rhys {I am the magic man} (Human)
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