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 Zhenya (Avian)

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PostSubject: Zhenya (Avian)   Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:29 am

Zhenya by Artemis on Grooveshark

Zhenya Demenine

Zhenya before the attack- thank you so much to Aero for the art of her!

Name: Zhenya Demenine (ZEN-yuh DEM-uh-neen)
Age: 21
Birthday: 9th December, 2687
Gender: Female
Type of person: Rider, circus acrobat
Relation to any dragons: Rider of Rhynna. Zhenya wears the trousers in their relationship, and Rhynna gets very little say in what they do. However, the two do genuinely care for each other- you just wouldn’t immediately know it in Zhenya’s case.
Likes: Flying, the Surahnians, Zartear, performing, valleys, exercising, Rhynna
Dislikes: The Council, Falcon, her lack of wings and her scars, being underground
Description: Zhenya is 5’6, slimly built but lean and very strong for her size. This is largely due to her job as an acrobat; she has to support her own weight for long periods of time, often with a single hand or leg. Her skin is a mid-tone, fairly brown. Her hair is dark brown, though not so dark that it looks black, is about shoulder length and quite thick. She has very dark eyes. Her most distinctive feature is the abundant scarring on her back, where her wings were cut off. This is in two large patches over her shoulder blades and she always takes care to wear clothing to conceal it, because she really hates it. Largely out of habit due to her work, she’ll wear leggings and a close-fitting, long-sleeved top. Her choice of colours is varied- most often the leggings are black or grey, but occasionally they are coloured, and her top is usually coloured. Being an acrobat, she’s relatively small-chested and narrow-hipped, like most gymnasts.
Other: Born in Didienne, she grew up there with her family and lived a fairly normal life. She was lined up to marry another avian- not one she had chosen, but she was happy with the match- and everything seemed to be going well in her life. But when she was 15, Zhenya was attacked by a group of human men. They taunted her for her wings, hit her and generally mocked and abused her. When she tried to fight back- futilely- they decided that she needed punishing and pinned her down while they inexpertly hacked her wings off with knives. It was a slow, messy and painful process, but she was left with a flat and bleeding back and a broken forearm where one of them had hit her and her fragile, hollow bone had snapped. They left her lying in the street where they’d ambushed her, bleeding abundantly and unable to get herself to help. They didn’t bother removing her wings, which had been patterned like a bluejay’s. After a time, she was found by a passing man. Thankfully there was a healer nearby, and she was taken straight there. Obviously she survived, but she found it hard to see the point in living with her wings gone. She keeps one of her feathers on her at all times. Her first action once she was mobile again was to attempt to bring her attackers to justice. Unfortunately for her, one of the men had been the son of a member of her local council. Her case was immediately dismissed and glossed over. She was understandably furious at this, and she left her family and fiancée with nothing but her jewellery and the sole horse from the family stables. The jewellery, she sold the next day in order to pay an assassin to take care of the attackers.

After a few weeks of hard living, Zhenya was not doing well. She had ridden south to the Amelle Forest, but she found herself less able to defend herself that she had thought. After spending a night hiding up a tree from predators, she was hugely relieved when an antler dragon came to drink at the falls the next day. She threw herself on Rhynna’s pity and the soppy antler dragon agreed to give the girl a ride to Tarz- her chosen destination, given its reputation for being fairly uncorrupted and giving justice. The two became friends, as well as Zhenya learning how to take advantage of the dragon, and so they stayed in the village together for a time before moving on west to Harglen. Rhynna’s hunting mostly provided for the two, as well as Zhenya sometimes dancing in the streets for a few coins. After spending almost a year together, a travelling circus came to the town. Seeing their opportunity for a better income, the pair managed to get jobs there as acrobats. They’ve travelled with the circus ever since.
When the circus moved north to Didienne, Zhenya didn’t see her family- but she did send back the horse with one of the other performers.

Never having forgiven the corruption of Dragons Cove’s government for not punishing her attackers, Zhenya is desperate for change on the island. The arrival of the Surahnians gave her something to fix her hopes to, and she half-worships Zartear, having heard that he is strict with punishment. Rhynna hates the idea of war, however, and doesn’t want to leave the circus to join SR as the avian does. Despite this, Zhenya managed to get her away, and the two are currently travelling west to meet the SR.

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Zhenya (Avian)
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