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 Bishop St. Claire || The Huntress || (Human)

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Bishop St. Claire || The Huntress || (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Bishop St. Claire || The Huntress || (Human)   Bishop St. Claire || The Huntress || (Human) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 09, 2011 9:41 pm

Name: Bishop St. Claire

Age: 27

Birthdate: October 31st

Gender: Female

Picture: (If I draw her, you'll see it)

Type Of Person: Huntress

She is a hunter and trapper, living and working in the wild. Nothing is so sweet to her as the hunt, and nothing is as great a prize as the quarry. She keeps her most prized animals, all else end up as furs for her to wear.

Relation To Any Dragons: So far, none.


Bishop St. Claire was raised by her father, a hunter also by the name of Bishop St. Claire, in the wild. He taught her as any man would teach a son his trade. Bishop the Older was hard on her, and constantly tested her abilities and survival skills. He often took her on hunts with him and showed her how to cleanly kill, skin and clean an animal. He taught her a great deal, but not everything he knew, and never got a chance to. He died when she was just a young girl, and while she tried to live on her own, she was eventually come upon by a Lord traveling from one city to another. He took her in, and treated her as his own daughter. His wife fell in love with her red tresses and tried to teach her to be a Lady. For a time, Bishop tried to please them, but she always felt restless. They let her hunt as she pleased, but come time for visitors, she had to play the part of a Lady and she met a man to whom her adopted parents felt she could be married. Though she was attracted to the man she was promised to, and they courted well, come the time for a wedding, Bishop was nervous. She couldn't do it, she couldn't be trapped in walls of stone, the tame wife of some noble.

She fled the evening before, a carefully written letter of apology to both her parents and would-be husband.

She ranged away from the town and her future as a lady into temperate climates, hunting and trapping. Wherever there was wilderness, and animals to be hunted, that is where she found herself. Over the years she collected many trophies from her hunts. However, she kept the white gyrfalcon she'd stolen from an exotic animals dealer coming from Kaionar to a greener city, and the wild hound she'd saved from drowning when the rains had swollen the river dangerously.

Bishop is now more wild than civilized. She does what she wants, goes where she wants and cannot be trusted to linger in one place too long. She's flighty and would rather run than fight, however, it doesn't take much for her to bury a knife in you if you threaten her. She is slow to trust people, but once you've earned her trust, she will be a fast friend, just don't expect her to be where you saw her last. She grins fiercely, laughs derisively and has a morbid sense of humor. Moreover, she's a skilled huntress and, from time to time, does come into villages to sell off what she doesn't need. She wouldn't beat a man in hand to hand combat if the man was as smart as her, but she fights dirty and she's rather quick, so she has yet to be bested. Her sense of freedom and her fear of being trapped is what keeps her from truly settling down, no matter how much her heart might yearn.


Bishop is tall, for a woman, standing at around 5'10". She's around one hundred and thirty or so pounds of wiry muscle. Her thick auburn hair is often a tangled mess, with bits of leaves and the like sticking out of it. However, that does not take away from her allure. Her eyes are slightly canted and cornflower blue, ringed by thick red lashes. She has sparse red brows and a straight, freckled nose. Her lips are full and pink, her jaw angled, her chin somewhat pointed and her cheekbones high. Because of her extended stay in the wild, it is said that she often has a feline look to her face. She normally wears doe-skin pants and a fur mantle. Her breasts are small, her hips narrow, overall giving her a rather lean look. Her muscles are firm, however, and although she is thin, she is, by no means, petite. She wears a pair of mismatched gloves. One on her left hand to protect it during archery and one on her right hand so the gyrfalcon does not rip her arm to shreds as it lands. She carries a couple knives for skinning and hunting (stolen from another hunter) , a quiver of arrows she made herself and a bow she stole from a noble hunting with his friends.


She believes in the Hunter, a constellation in the sky, and will say a quick prayer to him before each hunt. She kills everything humanely, as there is no excuse for cruelty. She sleeps with her dog curled up to her and hasn't had bread, cheese and wine in years. She also greatly enjoyed being a Lady with her adopted parents, but she also enjoys her independence.

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Bishop St. Claire || The Huntress || (Human)
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