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 Raffietti -- Lively Lifeblood

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PostSubject: Raffietti -- Lively Lifeblood   Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:43 pm

Name: Raffietti

Age: 23

Birthday: January 11th, 3683

Gender: Female

Picture: (none yet)

Type Of Dragon: Lifeblood; a healer.

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: None, but not opposed to the idea.

Likes:Rokam - for now he amuses her, but she had a feeling that emotion will grow Wink. Mud and mess. She doesn’t regard her appearance too highly, and is not above getting messy. She also likes new people, but can be very guarded around them for a while. She is fairly indifferent to wars and injuries, and enjoys healing.

Dislikes: Loud noises (they make her jump) and cold weather (it makes her sneeze, and her sneezes sound far too little and adorable for her liking). She also dislikes getting into fights, but will respond viciously to any aggression. In those circumstances she is not above using her blood magic to cause discomfort, but would always try to avoid fights.

Description: She is a bubbly, unpredictable personality. She is quite childish, and likes to turn boring tasks into little ‘games’ like she did as a hatchling. However, she is quite intelligent, and can act grown up if she wants to. The trouble is, she won’t.

Other: She came from a large family, and is comfortable around most dragons. However, she can be very guarded, and almost aggressive, if she feels threatened.

Size: Small

Font colour: deep pink

My luffy characters:

Dragons: Celölas Dyavol Ithelle Llarria Measle Oceianna Raffietti
Non-dragons: Eliza Feuerzauber Jackdaww Rhys
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Raffietti -- Lively Lifeblood
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