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 Sarka : Queen of the Lifebloods

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PostSubject: Sarka : Queen of the Lifebloods   Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:10 pm

Name: Sarka

Age: 300 ; 20 human years (9/23)

Gender: Female

Type Of Dragon: LifeBlood; healer

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: None, and it's unlikely she'll ever have one.

Likes: Ordering people around, being treated like royalty or like she is special, healing people/dragons, lending a hand in general.

Dislikes: Being told what to do, being treated poorly (as she defines it), being shown up.

Sarka thinks she rules the world, or could if given a chance. She is very domineering, and expects to be treated as though she is a queen. This probably has something to do with her healing ability, for it makes her think that she is more important than other people, humans and dragons alike. Sarka treats people and dragons who help others with a sort of respect, the same sort that a queen gives to her subjects. It can be a bit overbearing at times but she means well enough. In a hospital or caregiving type environment Sarka prefers to be in complete control, and heaven help the person who tries to do her job for her or correct her in any way. Or the patient who backtalks her or is ungrateful. Oh goodness... it isn't a pretty sight at all.

She doesn't have the best bedside manner but she honestly can be civil. For the most part though she is more silent, 'ruling' over her patients and those around her without actively doing anything. Sarka knows humans don't listen to dragons that often and she understands that perfectly as much as she hates it. In her mind dragons should be respected and obeyed without question. Especially her!

Size: Medium

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Sarka : Queen of the Lifebloods
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