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 Iris, the Pacifist

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PostSubject: Iris, the Pacifist   Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:05 am

Name: Iris

Size: Just between medium and small.

Type of Dragon: Desert Chaser, Neutral, Messenger

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: None so far!

Likes/Dislikes: Iris likes to run, likes to talk, and likes kids. She enjoys learning, playing, and laughing.
However, she hates conflict, avoids fighting, and dislikes the color purple.

Description: Swift and adventurous, Iris would never turn down the chance to get up and go somewhere. Because she never likes to stay in one place, she makes excellent money by carrying messages back and forth and sideways. It helps that she’s literate and can write things down instead of needing to memorize each message.

Other: Iris has not sided with any of the main groups, nor does she plan to. She thinks they should all just stop fighting and work to fix the various failing economies instead. However, she tries to avoid going through the territory of the SR, for fear of being attacked.
She keeps a small sack tied to her front left leg that holds the messages, the coins she earns, and a few assorted jewels and feathers. At the very top of the sack, acting as a cautionary cover, is a veil for when she runs through the desert.
Near the end of the tail is a ribbon of beads wrapped around it. The ribbon is attached to a light blue feather that she found near one of the island’s coasts.

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Iris, the Pacifist
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