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 Kvinna || Little Lion || Lion Maned Dragon

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PostSubject: Kvinna || Little Lion || Lion Maned Dragon   Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:03 am

Name: Kvinna
Age: Newborn - Juvenile
Hatchdate: June 28th

Gender: Female

Picture: (as an adult)
Current Picture

Type Of Dragon Lion Maned

Relation To Any Non-Dragons: Andyr is her father. She knows Little Blond and Vespira by name and smell. She is familiar with most Surahnians and has met King Zartear at least once.


She was hatched when Vespira became angry and could not control her power over fire. She had been found by Andyr under a table as an egg and was placed into his pack with the utmost of care. Andyr, with all the commotion over Little Blond, forgot that he wanted to ask about this egg in his pack. Her hatching was an unexpected, but welcome surprise.

She is curious, adventurous and eager to learn. She has already picked up some Common words, Andyr's Tribal and Surahnian. She doesn't speak much or very well, but when she does, she has a growly yelp to her voice. She has the short attention span accorded to dragons her age and can be a brat sometimes. She likes to mess with the horses, and soldiers, and loves to get into things she's not supposed to. However, she obeys Andyr without question and likes to sleep curled up next to him. When Andyr isn't around, she sleeps next to Little Blond or Ves, and when they aren't around, she sleeps next to a horse. The horses have all gotten used to her and aren't scared of her as much as she'd like them to be. She is fascinated with King Zartear (simply because he's a King) and wants to be around him more, but Andyr tells her he is a busy man. She is rough during play, rough while being affectionate and rough while hunting. She often goes to 'hunt' and brings back small animals, it's natural for her and Andyr does not scold her for it. In fact, he encourages it. When she gets old enough, Andyr will teach her to fight men, and other dragons. She eats a ton, sleeps a lot and when she's active, she's everywhere.


She's about as big as a small dog, her horns practically nubs. Her ears are big and flop back a little whilst her paws seem too big for her. She has claws that can draw blood, even at her young age. Her teeth are coming in, but her bites are harmless, so long as she doesn't clamp down. She is a fawn color with baby spots that will go away when she gets older. She has sparse dark fur around her neck and ringing her joints on her legs. Her throat and belly have hardened gold scales with black lining. Her tail has a small tuft of dark hair at the tip and is somewhat pointy. She often plays with it. Her nose and pawpads are black and her markings are already present on her face. Her eyes are amber, her pupils working much like that of a feline's, contracting to slits when there is enough lighting. They were blue when she hatched, but darkened. Her toes are white as well as three stripes across her back.


She likes her meat cooked, but she has no qualms eating it raw. She adores bacon, cheese and wine and if your food is left alone, you'll find it molested. Andyr is trying to train that out of her. Because her name is practically unpronounceable, the men call her either Little Lion or Queen.

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Kvinna || Little Lion || Lion Maned Dragon
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