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 Lykos: the boy who cried, "Wolf!"

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Lykos: the boy who cried, "Wolf!" Empty
PostSubject: Lykos: the boy who cried, "Wolf!"   Lykos: the boy who cried, "Wolf!" Icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 11:07 pm

Name: Lykos
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Type Of Person: Cursed, Wolf
Likes: Dragons, jesters, and children
Dislikes: Magic, demons, wolves, and certain songs
Description: Lykos is covered from head to tail to toe in thick, copper-tinged fur. He does his best to keep it hidden throughout the winter, but summer weather sometimes makes it too hot. In the warmer months of the year, he tends to go around with only trousers, a cape, and a hood. His eyes, however, he cannot hide. They glow with a golden-yellow color even under a hood. On occasion, someone might mistake him for a demon, but only if they had seen one before. His ears are the only thing still human about him, though they are pointed at the tips.
Other: He has terrible knees and bad ankles, making him a spaz in most situations – especially when he needs to stay balanced. This also makes it difficult to find work (if the beast-like form was not enough to turn away any potential employers). When he gets the chance, he studies magic – at least, the shapeshifting, transformation, and healing magic – in hopes of finding some kind of cure. He has so far been unsuccessful, however.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He was a silly boy, always making jokes and forgetting to do the work he was meant to do. One day, he thought of the perfect way to get out of doing work. For a week, at least every other day, he acted as though he saw a wolf. When confronted with the absence of the wolf, he would always say that it must have run off.
Exasperated with the boy, the people employed a nearby mage to show him what a real wolf was like. Feeling especially cruel that day, the mage decided to interpret that in whatever way he wished. The very next day, the mage waited for the boy to cry wolf once more. As soon as he did, the boy was struck with the full force of magic and was knocked out mid-sentence.
Every day thereafter, Lykos has always seen the wolf. It follows him through his reflection. His jokes have stopped. But most days, he is without work.
He likes to play with children. They don’t judge him as much as he perceives adults do.
Also, he has a cane to aid him while walking.

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Lykos: the boy who cried, "Wolf!"
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