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 Llarria -- [Lava mercenary]

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PostSubject: Llarria -- [Lava mercenary]   Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:08 pm

Name: Llarria

Age: 38

Birthday: June 18th, 3671

Gender: Female

Picture: None yet

Type Of Dragon: Lava dragon - mercenary

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: It depends how much they’re willing to pay, but no. Oh, but she does /really/ dislike Falcon.

Likes: Money (and lots of it) and gambling. She also quite likes people, and will gladly associate with them. She has no dislike for bipeds, but work /always/ comes first. She will change her loyalties if someone has an extra gold coin to offer.

Dislikes: People who think they’re bigger than they are. She’s fairly morally indifferent to most things, and has no trouble crushing an irritating client. She doesn't allow herself to even /own/ a moral compass, let alone use it to judge others, and is therefore generally accepting. However, she doesn't like the ME dragons - she doesn't understand why they are so full of hate, and obsessed with bloodshed.

Description: From an onlooker’s point of view, she may seem fairly heartless. However, she is incredibly warm-hearted when met outside of her work environment, and holds those close to her in high regard. She is not a delicate dragon either - her size doesn't allow for it - and is generally quite bubbly, and playful from time to time. She is also quite shy (apparently, but I'm never sure how much to trust chatplays), and like to avoid shouting-fights. Proper fights are another matter, but she could do without the loud noises.

Other: she makes no secret of where her lair is, so anyone seekng her services need only ask (it's in between the Volcane belt and Cellan's fall Wink). Also: she currently fights for the SR, because, with the greatest strength out of the humanoid armies, and superior leadership (sorry DDC) they are officially the 'highest bidder'. However, she considers herself very much her own entity, and isn't too fond of a certain 'pretentious twitterbird' within the army. She doesn't mind Zar though - she's used to taking orders, and respects his authority (but his alone) in military matters. She likes the sword-master - she understands him at least, and is relatively indifferent towards the other members of the SR army (subject to change)

Size: Huge.

(more may be added as I further develop her)

Her font colour will be Fire brick

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Llarria -- [Lava mercenary]
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