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 Rintho - Your Neighbourhood Necromancer (Lich)

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PostSubject: Rintho - Your Neighbourhood Necromancer (Lich)   Rintho - Your Neighbourhood Necromancer (Lich) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 21, 2012 10:25 pm

Rintho - Your Neighbourhood Necromancer (Lich) Tumblr_lnbuhbtBe31qlktl7o1_500
Quick Stuff
Rintho Jurhaz of Jiluria, Male, 23 years Old
Lich, though he has the appearance of a rotting human at this stage, for now he still has his hair (brown-blonde) and eyes (hazel)
Wears a deep crimson red tunic that is longer at the back, to knee height, wears a Jade over cloak, dark grey breeches and brown high leather boots.
True blue intellectual, unafraid to defend his point (though subject to change), uninterested in political affairs; prefers to study the magics than dabble in power games. Is often unaware of others, a sentimental man, can be unintentionally cold and distant. Been (through) 3 different marriages.

Name: Rintho Jurhaz of Jiluria
Age: 23
Birth Date: 15th August, 3686
Gender: Male
Picture: As of now, no
Type Of Person:
Rintho can be described as several things. His intellectualism is very obvious, more than anything, he has a thirst for knowledge and understanding. He is a necromancer, beginning with his interest in magic as a whole, he gradually grew to favouring the least understood ones, following through life and death.
As such he is still searching for ways to obtain a true immortality; which in itself would become useful to then keep on his quest for aptitude in all areas of magic. He has achieved this to some extent by already forcing his body into that of a lich, he is losing all his human flesh and organs, his memory and personality retained only by the spells he uses.
It’s a high maintenance task though, (the spell was completed incorrectly; he is not immortal) once a month he must commit to the nuisance spell of renewal to be sure to keep his life force high enough to balance the corrosive effects of the necromantic magic. If left unchecked they would harm him, effectively making him nothing more than an animated skeleton with no state of sentience. (Effectively dead)

For a 23 year old, he is very talented, if eccentric, but will strain every effort he has to improvement of himself and his mind-material. He aims to stay out of affairs that do not concern him and has no interest in using his knowledge to gain advantage over others or spend time with others, for that matter, unless necessary. The truth is enough for him to be happy. This often mystifies others, or downright pisses them off. Rintho isn’t the most socially savvy of people. However, Rintho is still aware of his skill well enough. He holds those with superior intellect in high esteem and wishes to learn from them eagerly. Credentials aside, he also enjoys listening to those that can make him perceive the mundane in a different light, regardless of who they may be or their class.

Relation To Any Dragons:

He enjoys befriending a dragon that shares his interests as much as he does any other species. Rintho bears race as a factor of zero importance when it comes to choosing his friends. However, not all are too pleased with him, nor those of his own species, for that matter. Rintho has been known in his perpetual search for knowledge to use live humans, dragons and other creatures as his trials or as important ingredients. He does not see this as evil, so much as a necessary evil.
Why, just ask his last wife. He hadn’t forced her either, they both knew the risks. That didn’t, of course, bring her back though.
Rintho would hope to have a dragon to ride. Hopefully it would work out for mutual convenience and he especially hopes that the dragon would be interested in sharing his path in life….or death. Thankfully, his dragon-child Syru is there to keep him in good company. He hopes that he will grow to be a fulfilled dragon with a fully fledged set of magical skills.

Intellectual journey aside, Rintho appreciates those with a good sense of humour, their own level of eccentricity to keep up with his own (Difficult to come by) and of course, an ability to speak to him without thrusting their foul patriotic values down his throat. He finds the factions of the island quite revolting each in their own way, and feels alienated by their apparent disinterest or outright fear of life and death magics.
In the rare moment he is at leisure, he is probably travelling around Dragons Cove, enjoying the variety of places to be visited, and picking up essentials for the next big spell.


As previously stated;
Lich, though he has the appearance of a rotting human at this stage, for now he still has his hair (brown-blonde) and eyes (hazel)
Wears a deep crimson red tunic that is longer at the back, to knee height, wears a Jade over cloak, dark grey breeches and brown high leather boots.
Often he will also wear a facial mask, wrappings and extra pieces of fabric to conceal his rotting condition, quite the unsettling spectacle. Sometimes a spell or two to conceal the unfortunate smell, too. A regrettable side effect of having to renew his life force every month approximately, means his body gets to re-corrode for another month too. Rintho would much sooner just loose the flesh altogether and preserve a face mask for when dealing with the truly living, who more often than not see him as revolting or just something to be avoided.
But this is not possible.

Where does he come from?

Jiluria, apparently. The town nearby the azure caves and everbridge, a known criminal and black market town, often referred to as the little sister of Kaionar. Though considerably less “rough” and also less wealthy. This black-market system did have its perks though, Rintho has almost every material he could desire at the tips of his fingers. Dragon tails, stuffed skulls and purification dust to name but a few of the heinous (but completely necessary!) pieces in his puzzles.

More Background Information

His family do not exist to him. He was raised under a shelter for orphans in Jiluria, perhaps he /actually/ originated in Racksom and the plague killed his parents. He has thought about this, but concluded it does not matter. His parents identities have intrigued him somewhat, but not enough to merit a full investigation.
Growing up in the orphanage was pretty awful, the people always quite callous and unjust, such is to be expected of a dirt poor district of Jiluria and of course they had to earn their keep. Begging, groveling and pleasing were not the things Rintho enjoyed, least of all the poor treatment he received to make him seem more genuine when putting on these displays, but anything was better than becoming fully homeless.
His passion for magic began here using his natural aptitude to do small acts of thievery, manipulate things on a minor level and in general make his life a little easier, sneaking the extras he eavesdropped to be useful, to then further his skills. Rintho has never been a pessimist, though this was perhaps his sole source of relief and happiness, Rintho didn’t need friends.
Seeing the results of his efforts was payment enough, soon he was able to earn money legitimately as a basic magical-artisan which earned his keep at the orphanage and a little extra he kept to himself. His true talent for magic would only come to light later after getting his hands on “interesting” tomes from the north.

In the realm of relations, his first marriage was arranged by the orphanage to Mara, however, she grew a quick intolerance for him and ended up resenting him very quickly.
This marriage had the perk of meaning they were out of the orphanage though, if only in a lousy part of Jiluria. It did not last long and they never truly were friendly with eachother, much less intimate. She soon left him for one of her lovers, no woman would stay with a man that could not even fulfill his duties as a Husband.

The second girl -one he found he liked- he married within the space of a month of meeting her, or rather, had her elope to live with him after meeting her on an “expedition for materials” nearer to Didienne.
This did not bode well with her high class family who swiftly came after her and “reclaimed” her before she could be ruined. Or rather, claim she was always clean and the whole thing never happened. Rintho has never seen Siella since.
The third was perhaps the most successful of the three, and when he lost her he felt the most grief. She, Nicka, was a seeker like himself, after knowledge, and both committed themselves to a newly arranged necromantic spell they had been working on. Rintho used her as the trial for it, if it was successful, she would become immortal, if not, they figured it would be reparable; there were no dangerous sources in this. Rintho’s instincts were wrong, rather than stabilising her life force he had unintentionally absorbed it and her body was reduced to dust.

Nowadays, Rintho doesn’t much seem to care for romance, even as sentimental a fool as he is.
He is far more interested in getting fellow enthusiasts, as it happens, being an intelligent corpse doesn’t particularly lend him any attractive aura. He would never voice his unhappiness with this, his work makes him happy, though he finds it an irritating trade off.


Mara Langfield (Former Wife)
Siella Morwitch (Former Wife)
Nicka Lorrence (Former Wife)
Atoro (Contact)
Kassandra (Subject)
Ithelle (Subject)
Syru (Dragon Child)
Rhys (Friend)
Lyvas Hunt (Friend)

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Rintho - Your Neighbourhood Necromancer (Lich)
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