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 Dmitri Aster - At least, he thinks he's human.

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Dmitri Aster - At least, he thinks he's human. Empty
PostSubject: Dmitri Aster - At least, he thinks he's human.   Dmitri Aster - At least, he thinks he's human. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 11:50 pm

Name: Evelyn "Dmitri" Aster
Age: 14

Gender: Female, with a strong desire to reject her gender and be a boy. So she hides her gender to the best of her ability, and because she's so good at disguising herself, he'll pretty much be considered a "He" unless somebody really does some serious investigating.
Type Of Person: Traveler, right now.
Relation To Any Dragons: No relation to any dragons yet
Dmitri likes being in-charge, having information, being right, making the correct decision, leading people to good choices, trying to be a role-model, family, winning, being responsible, and being strong.
Dmitri DISlikes pretty much the opposite of everything he likes. He dislikes it when he's depended on and lets people down, or when external influences rob him of having control over a situation. Like everybody, he doesn't like feeling vulnerable.
Description: Dmitri is a lean lad, and holds himself with confidence. He's an average height for his age, and his skin tone leans a little closer to pale, but still healthy. He has shoulder-length brown hair that's tied neatly back into a pony tail. He wears very simple traveling clothes and an oversized coat that looks very nice, but it appears to have been borrowed from an adult. In spite of his rag-tag outfit, he holds himself very tall, and very well. He has been well taught in manners and etiquette, and it shows. He shows respect to others, and it's difficult to tell if he's ever angry.
Other: Dmitri is very much in development right now and he's only here so that I can develop him a bit more. Currently, he's very one-dimensional and a little bland, and I know that, and I'm looking to change that.

Factionally, his father was a member of DDC before his father mysteriously vanished. He seems human... he smells like a human... But he's either more or less mortal than a human. It would be hard to tell unless he ever took his shirt off, and somebody was to see a pulsating crystal embedded between his shoulder-blades. That's not something that most humans have. It's about the size of a coin, two and a half centimeters deep, and sort of looks like it has the functionality of a key. People who can sense or detect magic would be able to determine that Dmitri is practically radiating with magic.
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Dmitri Aster - At least, he thinks he's human.
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