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 Atoro [These things we do for power] Rintho

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PostSubject: Atoro [These things we do for power] Rintho    Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:44 pm

Word to the wind: The following was a speedplay between myself and Zay, on Neopets. This may be why there are grammar/spelling/punctuation errors, and some of the posts may seem a little short. As this was not conducted on DC itself, the post limit of 150 words/4 lines was not strictly enforced.

Rintho found this very uncomfortable. Summoned here by the higher ups among the Surahnians, he was placed in a lavish dining chair, head to toe covered in rags, reminiscent of the Middle Desert. Not least to hide the fact he was scarcely human anymore. He had been sure to cast another regeneration spell before departing to Racksom, so then the smell of the corroding flesh wouldn't
be so apparent for a while. But this was mid summer and the heat was firmly present. The only exposed skin was a slither in his full face fabric mask for his eyes and his "mouth
Using the fork to eat, it felt silly really. He swallowed what would never be digested so much as...destroyed by the magic keeping him alive. He couldn't even taste it.
Ah...Atoro...Good of you to invite me." He nodded.

Dinner was normally a lot more pleasant than... this. It was never a relaxed meal, not in the headquarters of the SR, but with a lich present, well... it just made it all the worse. And the /smell/. Atoro had to restrain himself from making any comment as he picked at the meal in front of him, which tasted like ash. He had no appetite in such company. No doubt the Surahnian's reputation . Was dwindling by the minute, inviting (yes, he invited this monstrosity) to Racksom.

He couldn't stomach any more food, and eventually gave up even picking at his meal, abandoning his fork on the table.
Indeed," he said begrudgingly, trying not to grin his teeth. "I do so enjoy your company at the table."

Rintho smiled in response to Atoro's token politeness, but then realised the awkwardness of the situation. Nobody could see he was smiling, of course. He remained silent so as not to offend anybody with an ill placed comment. Not here, anyway. This was very unlike anything he had experienced. They say that when your body becomes dead it goes a ghostly white, what colour did Surahnians go? Rintho pondered this perplexing question briefly, playing with the food on his plate absentmindedly before remembering where he was.
Many thanks for the exquisite meal, truly." He placed the cutlery down and nodded his head graciously.
But now I must be taking my leave, regrettable as it is.
He was very eager to be away from this surly, strange crowd. Before they started their drinking games.

At least Rintho had the sense to keep his mouth shut. Speaking out of turn would have been most embarrassing, and truth be told, Atoro didn't have much patience with the man- if he could be called that. The word "man" would have to be used very widely indeed, in such an instance.
But as the lich announced his departure, a flicker of annoyance ran through Atoro. The only reason he had invited . Him here had been to get what he wanted off of him, and that he had not received yet.
Wait," he said, giving Rintho a proper look, and not slightly avoiding his- gaze?- like he had been all evening. "Our agreement?"

Ah, excuse me my Lord?" Rintho spoke as if most confused. "Deal, forgive me, I do not know of any deal." He made sure to speak clear enough, in spite of the full face mask, so that everybody could hear his mystification at this. He was of course playing a fool. That Atoro coveted his precious items, his talents, but he had no intention of serving teh Surahnians. He had seen enough. Or rather he'd heard enough, these people weren't the type to respect the power that Rintho could offer them if he were given the chance. Besides, they all had a terrible hang up toward magic users, let alone lichs. The latter he could deal with, but their arrogance was profound regardless.
Now I shall be /leaving/ my Lord." He bowed, turned on his heel and made toward the door anxious to be out of Atoro's way as quickly as possible. He didn't want to see his face in a hurry any time soon. A free meal and some good money to help pay for his ingredients, and now, was the time to get out of Racksom before their infamous disciplinarians caught up with him.

If they had been in private company, this is the time Atoro might have been a little less subtle about what he wanted. As it was, he had to be polite, even though the lich's pseudo-mystification was annoying him already. "Ah, then perhaps you have been too long on this Earth, and your years are going to your head." Atoro couldn't keep the snippy tone out of his voice. "No matter; if you really Wish to leave, then let me see you to the door. Perhaps I can remind you on the way." Rintho was under no circumstances leaving without giving Atoro the object he desired. The Surahnian also rose to his feet, nodding slightly to a couple of his associates at the table before following Rintho towards the door. As soon as they were out of earshot; "Oh, I highly doubt you've forgotten what I want."

Rintho stopped and smiled curtly as Atoro spoke, so as not to belittle the man in front of his associates, that would earn him a severe penalty for certain. However he then had to deal with Atoro following hot on his heels for his share. They rounded their way out of the dining hall at a brisk walk through the stone corridor. Rintho did not turn to face Atoro for even a moment. You say that my Lord, but I am not so sure. I don't really know what you want, it seems. Or rather, you were never really specific so...I guess I should be leaving, I wouldn't want to waste your time. Thankyou once again, I hope we can meet in future!" He was just as brisk as his feet, now walking gradually faster to get away from the slimy presence of Atoro.
Farewell Kind Sir!"

Of course not, of course he wasn't sure. That was so typical of these traitorous little natives; they would behave /ever/ so nicely, until you wanted what was owed. Well, Atoro was not going to stand for any of that.
I was not specific enough? I shall make it crystal clear for you then," said the Surahnian, eyes narrowed as he too sped up to keep pace. If the lich wanted specificities, then . He would get them.
You are in possession of quite the range of potions and ingredients, are you not? The collection of exotic artifacts seems quite your style; sunblaze scales? Books full of tribal markings?" Oh yes, Atoro had enough followers to hunt down the paper trail of a person. "A poison, I want, you have it. Ingredients; ebony hunter's blood, beetle juice, nightshade. Give it to me."

Rintho gritted his teeth and slowed his pace. He could no longer simply run away from the man, he had to deal with this now.
Okay, okay. I understand." He began, "But I can't simply give you all this Sir! The sunblaze scales will take at least another month to cure correctly, the book of tribal markings simply isn't for sale and well, the ebony hunters blood. No, I already promised this... to another friend of yours, perhaps you should ask him." Rintho spoke strongly and firmly, but inside, was feeling exceptionally anxious. Atoro had grown a reputation among the ranks quickly. He was their tactician, he was clever.
I- I am sorry if this displeases you, perhaps we could settle on a more achievable exchange. I can return that gold to you certainly!
Though, he didn't want to at all.

Atoro pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated with Rintho. At least he was finally understanding that playing the fool wasn't going to work.
It wasn't the book or the scales I wanted, just the /poison/. You can keep your other foul necromantic assets. Is a little bottle of poison so much to ask? And I was recommended to you with such a reputation for usefulness." Useless things Especially useless things that he had been bartering /poisons/ with needed to be dealt with quietly, lest they start to gab. He may actually get all his money back and possibly a few extras on the side as well, if that happened.

The only drawback would be getting rid of the lich, as an event.

How long is this going to take?"

You're familiar with potions My Lord! They are no matter to trifle with, not if you want them to the standard I know you desire. They take time...patience." He shuffled further away from Atoro. "For you, though...I can have this ready...soon.
Rintho regretted having to do this, but it was now or never. He had to escape this man's grasp, Atoro already had plenty on his head to see that as long as he was in SR territory, his life was on a thread. They were now out in the open in front of the palace in the gardens. "Take a walk with me, let me tell you more." He added. Rintho hated being here, doing this. This was not his comfort zone, but you did what you must.
As he walked on with Atoro he drew the pouch of blinding dust from one of the many folds in his clothes.

Indeed, I am familiar," said Atoro, giving a tight nod. He had made sure to understand well what he had been getting into when he had first contacted Rintho; anything other than humans were of little regard to him. Nevertheless, the lich had stood out in his skill level. "But there is patience, and ridiculousness." And this was getting close to the latter. Although he was loathe . To spend more time in Rintho's company, he had to agree to walk with the man. How else was he going to get what he wanted?
Speak then, how long will it take? I will not wait forever, and you should be so careful to toy with the Surahnian Rebels in any manner..." He left the threat hanging. Rintho was smart enough to notice it, surely.

Good Sir, I am never ridiculous. Not when my talent is required, for a good cause anyway." He left the ambiguity of this up for Atoro to cipher, Rintho had never liked this contract, but had been cornered into this rather, the Surahnian Rebels enjoyed throwing their weight around.
How long will it take, that depends..." He nimbly felt his fingertips into the pouch, and now had the fine grains held and ready.
How long does it take to find me again?" He at once hurled the blinding dust into the air, it was only temporal, if Atoro would even be caught by it.
Rintho began to ran down the courtyard way, he had very, very little time to be out if he was to live and not be stopped by the royal guard.
Unless Atoro caught him first, maybe.

Atoro could sense their conversation coming to an end, but how, he wasn't quite sure. Whatever Rintho was planning, it was certainly going to be something underhand (well, to an unpractised eye), because Atoro wasn't just going to let him /leave/.

He flinched away instinctively as the lich suddenly threw his handful of dust into the air, arms flicking up defensively in case he had a . Weapon in hand. At the sound of the man's hastily retreating footsteps however, he lowered one arm, squinting against the sharp flakes of dust filling the air. No, he wasn't getting away that easily. Shame there weren't any guards around now, in a way. Instead, he started to give chase, cutting across a patch of grass in an attempt to cut Rintho off before the gate.

Rintho cursed silently in his head, he was actually going to chase him himself. Plan B had to be set in motion, now it was Atoro's wits vs his own, with his limited abilities he had available to him at the moment.
He was approaching the central fountain, just what he needed to activate some paralysis poison. He messily scooped up some from another hidden pouch, and grabbed at the vial stopper to let it free into the fountain. The effect was instant, a cloud of grey smoke rose, that would surely paralyse a person upon being breathed in. If Atoro had followed close enough, anyway. /He probably wouldn't/
Rintho glanced back, unable to clearly see his pursuer.
His legs carried him faster still. He had to escape this place /now/

He knew it looked ridiculous, running across the palace gardens after Rintho, but Atoro didn't really want to let him get away. Who knew when they might cross paths again, if at all? No doubt much hilarity would ensue inside the building, if anyone saw.

But the lich was /fast/, and Atoro had to put on a burst of speed to even try and start to catch up with him. Passing near the fountain, . He wasn't far behind- but apparently Rintho had something up his sleeve, because great clouds of smoke suddenly billowed up from the fountain. He had to dodge out of the way, knowing whatever the smoke was, it wasn't healthy. Even so, he managed to take in half a lungful, and that was seriously not good. After only a few steps he was gasping for breath, and he had to stop . And try and get his breath back, skin tingling unpleasantly.
Guards!" he gasped, putting one hand on his hip and straightening up before yelling the word properly, then wheezing for air again. Of all the embarrassing outcomes, it had to end with him fighting for breath next to a fountain billowing smoke, and an escaping lich. Great.

Rintho would have smiled that he had succeeded in ensnaring Atoro, but now, his problems had suddenly become twofold. He found himself well on his way away escaping but would now have to slow, merge with the crowd, avoid the attention of the ever vigilant guard, and hope his explosion of paralysis powder hadn't caught anybody's eye. A lot to hope for.
What was worse though, was he could feel his legs protesting. He may not have a human body functioning in the conventional sense, but taxing the magic that animated him was not a wise decision. He'd have to rely on his wits from here on out.
Coming to a halt to consider his options he scanned his area. He was almost at the end of the palace gardens, just had to pass the guards. No problem. He would just walk there so he began walking there. Then he would talk to the guard as if all had been well, and pay them a respectful bow. But something flashed in the corner of his eye, he turned to see Surahnian guards charging toward him at full speed roaring in their native tongue commands. His passage out of the garden was blocked off at once. His body was seized quickly.

So close, yet so far.

Atoro's shout for assistance didn't go unmissed, and finally someone other than himself was off chasing Rintho. After a few more deep breaths he started away from the side of the fountain, the grey mist starting to creep dangerously close to him again. What a little breath of that stuff did, he didn't want to find out what more did. He didn't look yet to whether the lich had been caught . Assuming that the guards had done their job properly. If not, there would be hell to pay.
He turned and started slowly back towards the palace again, composing himself to deal with Rintho properly this time.

Rintho opened his eyes slowly, there was a dull pain on the back of his head. Being animated by magic didn't eliminate all of his senses it seemed.
Now, what had happened? He examined where he was, he was lying down, with a cold lap of wind on his face. He rolled over and nearly died from shock, the world was spinning, crazily. No, no it wasn't, but he was on the back of a hoarder dragon he sat bolt upright at once, only to find it was difficult, his ribs ached too. His arms were tied behind his back and his legs were bound together at the knees and ankles. In front was the dragon guider, only one other person was here. He almost choked on his own fear seeing Atoro behind him. What's more, he had been robbed of all his possessions. /NOT/ good. What was he to do now? This is excessive isn't it, Atoro?" He hissed white with fear as he trying to worm himself away from the edge. "What are you planning?" He scowled, his pale green, blue and white face was now exposed, marbled like a fresh corpse.

Dragonback wasn't the most natural of places to find a Surahnian (in fact, it was downright weird), but apparently this was the way to travel in Dragons Cove, and there was no use upsetting the locals /too/ much. Atoro found it all very boring though, especially as Rintho had been unconscious for most of the journey.
But finally, he had decided to wake up. He regarded the lich as he . Struggled awake, fear obvious on his ugly face as he saw they were airborne.
Oh, I'm not so sure of that," said Atoro, sounding relatively relaxed. After all, Rintho couldn't do anything stuck where he was, and there was nowhere for him to run to either. Atoro had all the advantages here.
Running wasn't such a good plan back in Racksom. I do not suffer being made a fool. You say it takes . Time to source the ingredients you need; I thought we might speed the process a little."
There was nothing like a bit of a stick in place of a carrot.

All Rintho could do was sigh to himself. He was not the sort to be openly emotional, but inside, he was feeling turmoil over how he could resolve this problem.
Atoro. What can I do for you to give this up? I don't want to do this, all I wish is to return to my home and continue my studies in peace. Please respect my wishes." He tried the plea again, who knows, maybe this dragon coulld be persuaded to sail him away back to Didienne.
Or at least..." He ventured, sensing the futility of his plea, "You will help me." He narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, hoisting his body up so he was kneeled before Atoro.
Send this dragon to Kaionar if you want this so badly. In truth Atoro, it is such a shame. Magic and nature exists for us to learn about it, not to be abused."

Rintho, what can I do to make you do what I want?" asked Atoro, mimicking the man's tone. "You agreed to this in the first place, and I expect a result. Do not expect me to let this be." He needed, wanted, /required/ this poison. Nothing else would suffice, he would only be satisfied with the best. He sat forwards slightly, steepling his fingers into a triangle. For all the lich's way with . Words, he was having little effect. For anything, he would have to try something better than weaseling and pleading, because it wasn't going to work.
Kaionar, hm?" Atoro narrowed his eyes at the mention of this city- it was renowned for its corruption, even as far south as Racksom. "Do not think that you can escape in Kaionar; I know your face now, and therefore your ways." He addressed . The dragon guide after a moment's pause, instructing him to turn towards the thieves' city. If this was a red herring... so help Rintho.

He silently thought to himself. /Of course you would think like that Atoro, but I am no such crook./ Well, that's what he liked to think. But if the opportunity of freedom presented itself...Then, Atoro would surely somehow still find him. What a predicament.
Kaionar, Kaionar because for all it's madness, you'll find the people there are more....open minded." Which was spot on, Unlike you Surahnians." He said, no venom in his voice, just what he said as if a logical conclusion. "You have a tendency to elevate yourselves beyond what you deserve. When did it strike you that you were superior? I wish you all the best in dealing with the malevolence of Maledictus Eice, two foolishly arrogant forces. Hmph. Pardon me, I have spoken too much..." He averted his eyes.

Ah, of course then it would be Kaionar. A place where Rintho, with all his unsightliness, may go unnoticed for a short time. Atoro gave a short nod, understanding, then his eyes narrowed.
You seem to have become quite the philosopher on Surahnians," he said, a warning tone in his voice for Rintho to be careful. "Do you require a demonstration of the might of Surahnia?" He cast . A sideways glance across the side of the hoarder dragon, down towards the ground. "That can be arranged, if you would like to experience it?
He would think twice about making side comments about the Surahnian Rebels the next time. But indeed, Maledictus Eice was a thorn in their side; hopefully they were out of range for when they flew past the borders of their territory soon.

Any fool can push a body from a dragon, there's no might in that. Do it if you must, I won't die though, Sir." He made a point of back pedalling a bit, his tone would be growing more intolerable for this man by the minute. "Of course, It is not my wish to slander you. I just have come to the realisation this deal is not to my liking. Not that it matters now.

Soon they would be at Kaionar, well, in a few days judging by how long he had been unconscious.

Now, before you knock me out again. Those dragons, you're a tactician, no?" He was now speaking without a hint of taunt. "I'll tell you this for free. Be very careful. I don't like the mechanic of your nation, or your nations haughtiness, but innocents being slaughtered always needs to be challenged. Unless it's for the good..." He mused, then continuing his original line of thought. "They're strange, they are not evil though. They really do believe they are right. I wish you all the best fighting such an enemy who is ruled by their heart instead of their head.
He half expected one to appear out of the blue, they were the devils that always watched and returned to you in your nightmares.

Oh I'm glad you won't die, that means we can get back to what business we have after you pick up the pieces of yourself," said Atoro. Even better. He leaned forwards and grabbed a fistful of Rintho's robes, making sure the man knew that he meant business as he pulled him slightly to one side, then let go again. He had no qualms about throwing him off the side of the hoarder, and he was . Annoying.
You may not like our nation, but you may have to start complying very soon. There are plans; but not for the likes of /you/ to know. Dragons Cove will soon be under a much stronger and stabler lead than under the current guardians." He sneered the word; /guardians/, really? "Such foolishness, to think a country can be ruled in such a way."

Rintho felt the wind whip through him like a cold dash of a razor. He hadn't plummeted though, the man had been teasing him with the horrendous fall.
But I have a question Sir. I've never spoken to Surahnians much, but now is a good chance. Why. Why do you serve your King? Why does your King even dare have you for one of his most highly esteemed men? You must make a superb actor, or perhaps he is a fool. Or as I feel must be the case, you both know eachother to be dangerous. This is no different from every system, even the DDC." He faltered a little on his words, his vision still blurred as he uselessly wriggled on the dragon to be away from the side. "As much as it pains me to agree, I sincerely do. The Guardians are...lacking. What of your own though, Atoro?"

Do you really push your luck so far?" asked Atoro, amazed at Rintho's brashness towards such politics within the Surahnian Rebels. "For one with apparent intelligence, you show little of it now. Why does anyone follow their king; loyalty, to country and cause. How /dare/ you speak of King Zartear in such a manner, to call him fool?
All sense had been lost, that was for sure. The guards had . Beaten him too hard.
The DDC are flawed, from their very core. A wonder this place has lasted so long and not come to ruin. You, however, may not be so lucky, if you continue to speak out of turn. You may not die from a fall, but maybe this is more interesting; there have been many interesting ways devised to prolong life-before-death. Maybe a visit to the Surselea would quieten your tongue?"

Oh certainly I was making no assumptions. He must be a clever man indeed to have your loyalty so assure." Rintho fell silent for a moment, he doubted his own words there. Atoro struck him as a snake, but who knew, he trumpeted his own King loud enough.
On mention of the surselea though, Rintho's tone changed.
No, Sir, I did not mean to offend. Not the surselea. Anything but." He tried to shuffle away from Atoro, but doubted how far he could go before finding nothing but air to rest on.
I am not one to grovel, but please. The surselea is not a logical choice for you, and it would be most terrible." The place was notoriously terrifying. It fascinated him, in a way, though. He hoped to one day see it, preferably not as one of it's countless victims. "Have mercy, my Lord."

Atoro nodded slowly. One mention of the infamous prison chamber near Quinsilla, and Rintho was at his beck and call. Finally.
Ah, I didn't think that suggestion would go down so well with you. If it gets the information as to the whereabouts precisely to the ingredients needed for this poison, it is of /great/ logic to me." And might save him time that would otherwise be in Rintho's company. Mercy is not something people associate with me; I would have thought you may have known that." He paused, letting the man squirm for a minute more. "Now is your chance to change your mind, if there is a better place than Kaionar- before we head south again."

Rintho couldn't help but knit his brows together. Not that Atoro could see, mind.
Who are you to say these things?" He muttered, but he couldn't add much more, for fear Atoro would change his mind and send him straight south. He doubted they had anything there that could kill him, but he was not immune to all pains. That was enough to put you off spending your summer in it.
Yes, still Kaionar. No other place has what Kaionar does."
Now though, he was betting his odds were against him, he was in a straight stare to Atoro, considering his options.
If he could somehow wrestle the man off the dragon. Maybe he could just roll off the dragon, endure the hit, and carry on.
Or maybe he would escape in Kaionar. "My Lord, it is the only obvious choice."

Good, finally a proper answer to Atoro's questions, an affirmation that they were indeed going the right direction. He gestured to the dragon guide to continue on their current path, relaxing back a little from where he had been sitting. What a jolly chat this had all been. Once they got to Kaionar it may be an interesting task trying to keep hold of Rintho (in case he tried to take off . A second time), but Atoro was sure he would be able to hunt him down again. And the ingredients required too.
Now it was just the task of having to put up with Rintho for a couple of days while they travelled to the city. Maybe he could get someone to knock the man out again...

Rintho turned away to see that he was closer to the dragon guider than he thought. Well, this was about right. Pulling himself up inoffensively he sat on his knees comfortably, in silence, for a while.
Now, if he had prepared this properly before he had left for that disastrous meal, things would go on okay from here.
The fire energy would be tingling in his fingers and ready to discharge just enough to remove only the rope around his hands. It would take far too long to remove here though with Atoro's eye on him.
He would have to just go somewhere where Atoro wasn't. Such as, down.

This was going to hurt.

Rintho couldn't hesitate now, he pulled up his stomach and headbutted the guide and let him go spiralling down into the desert wastes, leaving the dragon without a master, unless Atoro was familiar on how to guide one. Well, it was a good and logical choice that may or may not pay off.

Until we meet again, Surahnian."
With that, Rintho threw himself off from the dragons body and fell like a dead cocoon in the desert breeze.

Atoro took his eye off Rintho for just a moment, to work out whereabouts they were flying over- and that was the biggest mistake he could have made. But then again, who could have expected the man to do what he did?
He was too late to save the dragon's guide when Rintho moved, the unfortunate man plummeting to the ground moments before the crazy lich /threw himself after him/. Atoro grabbed . At the space where he had been as he left the dragon's back, clutching at a handful of cloth before it was ripped away by gravity, leaving him with nothing but air through his fingers.
Rintho! You ----!" he yelled after the falling man, face contorted in rage. By all of Surahnia, he had got away! Atoro pinched his nose in anger, then it suddenly was replaced by an uncharacteristic . Jolt of /fear/.
He was dragonback.
He swore again, then shuffled forwards up the hoarder dragon's back, keeping low to its scales so he didn't fall off. He was supposed to direct this thing down to the ground how exactly now?

He hoped to all he knew that he wouldn't be recaptured, this was a gamble.
He was sailing through the air, sand whipped up and dashed about on the cloth, the ground was fast approaching. He knew this would knock him out again for a while, but he was betting on the desert winds to sand over his body enough to make finding him quite the needle in a haystack job.

Rintho was wrong, there was no pain, but rather, an immediate black as he became unconscious and his body imprinted the sand.

Rintho hadn't awoken yet, but his body was for now on a cool stone tablet inside a cellar of other corpses. He lay, beautiful in death, amidst the tomb cellar of a wealthy necromancer.
His rags, fabrics and folds had all been taken from him.
Of course they had, this was Kaionar.

There was nothing for it but to talk to the dragon. A transporter, nothing better than a horse, and Atoro had to talk to it.
Good thing there was nobody else around to see. He would get to Kaionar, whatever measures. If it meant fighting the dragon's will all the way there.

Eventually, Atoro did manage to find himself in Kaionar- the grimiest, most corrupt of cities on Dragons Cove. . Not somewhere he had ever wanted himself to end up (although there were some... perks), but he was here now, and somewhere int he city were all the ingredients he needed. Preferably also someone who knew about those sorts of things; the poison he wanted was on the wrong side of magic, and Atoro was /not/ one for dabbling in magic.
Finding the ingredients would only be made harder . Without a contact in the city, and he stuck out like a sore thumb with his white Surahnian skin amongst all the bronzed Kaionarians.

He had decided to find someone to act as a middle-man in the city instead. For what he needed, it was once again down to black magicians, and necromancers.
Oh, how he was coming to loathe necromancers.


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PostSubject: Re: Atoro [These things we do for power] Rintho    Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:44 pm

Karos was slumped up on the stone arch of his house come magic shop entrance, making the most of the shade at this lazy point in the day with the fiery sun beating down. The northern fire stone didn't make it any easier, either.
This was weird, to be having business at this time of day, but the man he was meeting was new to the game and thus, would be worth a worthy fleecing he was even a Surahnian. The ones that allegedly were so full of honour, still needed thieves help.
But he was no thief, truth be told, he was a whole different species, superior, Karos reckoned. Necromancer. Made clear by the silver and bronze belt, studded with small pieces of dragons bone. Otherwise, a regular looking citizen, wrinkled, a dusty bronze brown like the desert sand, and the hard eyes of a man old enough to spot any good opportunity within a mile.
He eyed up Atoro, the man was here at last, so he stepped out into the clear street. Ordinarily, folks would be having their afternoon sleep at this time, so the place was calm and quiet, save the wind that whipped through Kaionar.
Good afternoon Sir." He nodded, smiling readily, offering his leathery hand.

The man Atoro was meeting was as dry and tanned as the rest of the Kaionarians that he had met were, maybe a little more- but what had he expected? This was a necromancer. Perhaps someone a little less used to the sun...

At least he was prompt though, that was something Atoro could respect in a man. If nothing else. He wanted hesitate in shaking the man's hand, but it wasn't something . He could politely refuse, and he needed this man on his side. Loathe as he was to put his hand near such a dabbler of magic.
Indeed. You would be the... necromancer?" he clarified, raising one eyebrow slightly. If he was, then that would be the end of their discussion in the street- somewhere a little less public would definately be preferable.

The man couldn't help but smile a little, disguising it as friendliness. Ohoho, this man was new. Who dared speak the black magics aloud?
Come with me my good man." He nodded again, leading him in to the dark house. The dark was quite welcome really. Shade. Peace. The heat was tolerable, too. Though really, it was a good start when one had to keep their own personal catacombs of bodies below. even if that required quite a bit more than some shadow to rest in.

Karos lead the surahnian through various rooms, the veils fluttering as they passed through them until finally he took him to a finely covered table with just about every poison, every alchemists item, every magicians rare reagent imaginable on it.
He was well off too, small, subtle trophies were on display a calm show of this man's power in other places. You wouldn't dare steal, because such a man would have others on his side. But who knew what a stranger would do?

Tell me Sir, what you are interested in? If it's rare, if it requires skill to acquire, if it's...strangely specific...Then I guarantee I will have it. If not now, within a week. Always. I am a good merchant, you know." The bodies in the cellar were a testament to his efficiency at collecting items when diplomatic means failed.

Although it made him uncomfortable, following a man he had met for a moment, Atoro accepted the man's lead, letting him take him down through the warren of his house to the basement. It was all very impressive, very telling- yes, this was the man he was after; he wasn't as meek as he might appear to some, proud of his work, assured of himself in his abilities. Yes, he would be able to help. As soon as they came to a halt in one of the rooms, walls lined with various trinkets and trophies, Atoro nodded, remembering their route. Just in case, of course. It smelled dank down here, like rotting flesh and sharp, acidic poison.
Ah, I require two things of you, necromancer. No doubt you will be able to assist." He tried to make his voice as non-threatening as possible, but he might Have slipped slightly in his tone. "The first, Charis poison. You know of this?"
If he didn't, he obviously wasn't skilled enough to warrent Atoro's attention.

Karos was used to his customers making threats, but this was quite new. Especially for a foreigner. He nodded slowly, his eyes watching Atoro intently.
Mmmhmmmm." Was all he said, licking his dry lips. "Yeah. What have you got for me then?" He asked with a purr in his voice. Such a valuable piece was not to simply been shown about without a guarantee first. "See, it has a special process it's not the kind you can simply...give. Not without a fair exchange." He relaxed his body and sat back in his polished wooden chair, down below another level was the other ingredient.

Mm, I don't think I'll be agreeing to payment before /I/ get a little something too, if it so pleases," said Atoro, not falling for that one again. He hadn't exactly in the first instance, but he still was wary. These necromancers, they thought they had it all. "I know the ways of you Kaionarians." Somewhat. All the natives of Dragons Cove could be sussed out easy enough eventually. Do you have a choice as to whether to ask for a guarantee? I think not... people on this isle seem not to take too kindly to necromancers." He gave the slightest of smiles. "No doubt the public could make it quite... exciting for you to continue to live here, once they are aware of your habits.
Backing Karos into a corner may work well for what he wanted; and it was no skin off his back either.

Karos laughed heartily. "Oh my man! What a FOOL you must be!" He grinned widely and leaned forward in his chair suddenly, his face suddenly a picture of seriousness.
Listen here scumbag, you're in Kaionar now. There's no arguing with a business old as this island. You think you can harm me? Think again." He snorted with contempt. "It's easy for me to not do business with you. Do you know what situation you're in? Go on, make a move. You'll die for certain. I'll make you bleed. If not me, then I have very, very good friends." he snarled his fist jarred harshly on the table, unflinchingly.
What do you say now? Give me a guarantee or go home."

Karos' instant twist in reaction to Atoro's threat was surprising for a second, before it just made him annoyed. So, this man thought that he could get the better of him?
You tread the line to insult me so forthrightly," he said, leaning his hands on the table seperating the two of them and looking into the other man's eyes. His words were venomous. "I am the one to look at scum, you sitting . Here proud amongst your black magics. Do not think yourself so immune in your 'palace'; I too have followers, and no doubt in greater numbers than your own." He would not be threatened, even by a man who wielded necromancy.

Oh, you think you're this strong do you? Well thankyou for the laughs. Leave, now. I don't wanna see your face around here if all you bring is bad business, you hear? You're all bark and no bite. No customer of mine can be such a rat." He barked, standing from the table, reaching out to grab Atoro by the wrist and dispose of him once and for all, still, taking care not to harm any of the precious goods on his table. Now was the time to manhaddle this worm out of his abode and leave him for the dog men to clear up with their clubs and fists.

All bark and no bite, eh? Karos had severely underestimated Atoro, then.
As he reached out to grab at the Surahnian's wrist, he flicked it out the way, taking a step back and laying his hand on the long rapier at his waist. He drew it slowly, making sure to keep his other hand away from the blade; it was tipped with some pretty nasty stuff.
I think not. I think you're about to . Do as I please, or you will feel the /bite/ of my sword. So, the poison, or the ingredients. Your choice as to which. Or your precious tools may find their way to the floor." He gestured to the table's contents with the end of his sword.

Karos snorted again, more gruffly this time. His face quickly turning back to a smile.
Ah so you are a MAN afterall. I thought you were a woman for a minute there, my friend. Cowardly and lying, you know?" He jeered. Jutting his chin to Atoro has he spoke the threat not quite disappearing from his tone. However, he could hardly risk a table full of spilt contents.
Karos walked over to a rug in the corner of the room, lumpy and poorly placed. He flung it back with aggravation still pulsing in him. A trapdoor, naturally. How original.
Unlatching the catches on it he pushed the hatch back and signalled back to Atoro.
You coming or I have to drag you?" He uttered sharply, before descending into the final cellar. Stone beds lined the cold, dark room neatly. Well shaped and cared for by Karos, a contrast to his thuggish persona. Kaionarians were as smart as they were brawny, the live ones, anyway.

Here, is the piece you'll be wanting." He called out as he struck up a torch to light the dull, cold room.
The outlines of bodies softly glowed against the flickering torch light.
I found this one just the other day, a fresh piece, quite a prize." Karos carefully peeled back the veil over the body outline, exposing Rintho's body to Atoro, to check that all was well.
He seemed to be sleeping, though his chest did not rise or fall.

The final ingredient; the rib of a lich will do, though you can use almost any piece, the rib is an ideal. This ones strange; he came with his skin still on. It's fresh."

Atoro's lip curled at Karos' loose insults, and if he had not wanted poison, he would have killed the insolent man there and then. As it was... well, he seemed like he was going to cooperate. He kept his distance as Karos unveiled the trapdoor in the corner of the room, only moving at the last moment to follow. He wasn't getting anywhere close, if he could help it.
/So much for you wishing me /To be leaving,/ he thought as he descended the staircase, sword still held in front of him. There was a noticable contrast in the temperature down here, something more like bearable than the heat outside.

Downstairs was... well, it was like the man's private crypt. And it stunk, almost to the end that Atoro gagged at the smell. He followed Karos over to the body that he selected, . Still keeping a good distance.

He almost stabbed the man in his irritation when he saw who it was under the cloth, having to make do with a curse instead.
Of all the... where did you find this man? Where?" Distinctive anger crept into his voice, and he turned cold eyes on Karos. "What sort of twisted illusion is this?"

Karos looked at atoro with a hint of suspicion. "What?" He said plainly, as if speaking to a fool. Nobody asked about where they sourced their goods. But he'd humor him this once. "Where? That's rude of you to ask, you know," he hissed, "But in the desert. Just lying there, waiting for the vultures to come and get him good. Tasty meal huh?" He joked, mirthlessly, Atoro was seriously ticking him off, but quite funny all the same.
Rintho, was beginning to hear voices. He'd been fully conscious for about an hour or so. But that voice. How? How had this devil found him again, this was insane. Truly, and really, quite degrading.

He had to act, he was about to be butchered live, unless atoro wanted him in one piece.

/Doubtful/ he thought, he WAS the ingredient.
What a horrible mess, he dare not move a muscle for now though. But he still had some charged magic in his body, for what that was worth.

/Barely anything/ he thought again.
Is there a problem Sir or am I gonna have to make you leave for real this time? You're not the only one that knows how to use a blade you know." He threatened. "Is this not good enough for you?"

Atoro cared nothing of his rudeness, he had to know where this man had been found. He was not going to stand for the man he had wanted to find again following the completion of the Charis poison just being found in Karos' basement.
The desert? Of course, of course you would." Atoro was seething with anger now. "Out of all the desert, you would find /Rintho/." He spat the name, leaning a Little closer to the lich, but not so far that if Rintho decided that he was faking "sleep", he would be able to catch hold of him.
Problem? Oh there is no problem in providing me with this /beast/. For all your corruption, you may actually be worth a small quota of your reputation." High praise. "No doubt you know how to deal with a lich?"

Karos faced away from Rintho and stepped forward to Atoro.
I know my job well. You can trust that much, and though I can't trust you. I know you can pay me well." He pulled the ugly cleaver from the belt at his side, showing it to Atoro, "It's not a sword, but it cuts as true as one.

This of course, was all the convincing Rintho needed, physical pain, he could endure it. But a crucial element of the poison too, was ensuring the lich magic was fully sealed inside that bone. In effect, he would /properly/ die this time.
Well, in the name of progress and knowledge, he had to escape for the third time. Now or never.

Karos was turned away making a point of displaying to Atoro- for what that was worth- Rintho seized the moment jumped like a lean spring chicken from the stone death bed in all his wonderful dead-bodied glory.
Not sparing a second he dashed to the ladder and fumbled his way up nimbly. It was only now you could see, Rintho was not in the least bit muscular so much as wiry, flexible and slim.

Karos lunged after him without a word. Surely that lich should have been out for at least another day.

Indeed, payment will be your reward." Yes, results! He would rid of Rintho, for good, and then he could finish up with that poison. Karos' cleaver was pretty impressive; the job would definately be complete with such a weapon. Although, he was keeping his distance; he didn't want it near him, lest the necromancer get ideas.

But of course, things were never going to go that smoothly, Were they?

He shied back as Rintho suddenly leapt up from the stone platform, very awake and very ready-to-escape-- again! As fast as Karos moved, Atoro was after Rintho, jumping at the bottom of the ladder to miss out a few rungs and catch the lich.
Rintho, don't think this escape is going to be any more successful!" he hollered as he dashed after the man, tracing the route to The street in his mind. No, Rintho wouldn't know it- would he? Atoro would be able to cut him off before then.

Rintho didn't give the tiniest thought to his dignity, versus, escaping alive.
He scrambled up the ladder, across the lower level and then up another to the ground level. Searching this way and that he flung back curtains, bead veils and sprinted across the final hall room to the front door, it was left ajar and for the first time he saw sunlight again. Unforgiving on his eyes scorching everything beneath it, the sand licked like fire on his feet. Which is just what he needed right now as he heard the heacvy thud of his pursuers. He ran like he'd never ran before in the center of the Kaionar street to /anywhere/ but there.
He would be looking for a dragon as soon as possible, preferably one that didn't ask too many questions.
People were starting to awaken from their mid afternoon naps. Rintho sped through, and they often thought they might as well stay indoors for a little longer.
Rintho chanced a look over his shoulder, so wildly was he running that he could barely focus at all, feeling like a child again in his reflexes. It was even a feat he'd made it out of the house.
Rintho rubbed his hands together quickly, activating the fire magic as a precaution.

Argh, he had no powders on him, he'd have to depend on the fire stone lending him a boost if they caught him up.

But drat, Rintho had actually somehow managed to find his way up to street level! Atoro ran after him, sheathing his sword as he ran- it was no help to him running, and anyway, he may require his hands.
For all the precaution Karos had taken to keep his business quiet, he had left the door open. What a fool! Things only got crazier as the lich found his way outside, streaking down the street Like he had the hounds of hell on his heels. Atoro followed fast, but this was ridiculous; he was /not/ going to chase a bare lich through the centre of Kaionar by foot. There had to be some better option... he leapt up a handily placed set of barrels onto a low roof, running across it at a height compared to Rintho, looking for something that might help him catch the man.

Camels! He leapt Down off the roof again, drawing a dagger with skill from within his jacket and slicing through one of the beast's ropes, before hastily climbing onto the dumb beast and urging it into a run through the streets.

Apparently they weren't quite like riding horses.

The lich was somewhere in front of him, but he had seen the street he had taken, and soon he would catch up properly.

Rintho looked over his shoulder again and nearly turned whiter than Atoro's face. He focused ahead, /think quickly!/ he recited in his head.
Scanning his environment, and the looks of pure shock, he searched for a means of escape...
How could he hope to outrun that animal?
Then it caught his eye, Rintho spyed a horse trotting along, rider sat carefree in the saddle Only to be promptly grabbed by his garments and hauled from the horse promptly. This extra fire magic, boosted by the stone, was quite handy for the temporary increase in strength. Rintho swung himself onto the horse swiftly. Atoro's camel would surely be no match for his Kaispan horse.
The sight was one to behold, and forget. He felt the hot air lash on his bare chest as he rode the grey through the town, all eyes on the racing pair. But now, to his horror, the scene they had caused now meant Kaionarians were following the two of them. An antler too was flying smoothly overhead, the rider looking down with interest. Rintho felt his throat was as dry as the dustbowl they were racing through.
Taking the chance to half stand in the horse's stirrups and get a better view he turned back to see Atoro, face of thunder yet hard to take seriously riding the foaming camel.
Karos was left as a word on the wind.

Rintho would deal with atoro. He freed the rope bridle from the horse and held it close in his fire charged hands until it heated more and more. The pain was terrible. Then finally, flames spread across the rope infectiously.
He threw it to the wind, to Atoro's face.

The camel was unruly, but Atoro forced it in the direction that he wanted it to go, forcefully dragging it's head around and into a straight line after Rintho. It made a grumpy noise, snorting through its nose, but he wasn't going to let it rest, not now that Rintho had managed to get a horse from somewhere. Of all the crazy things to happen...

Chasing a bare lich through the streets of the . Most notorious city on Dragons Cove was so far past extraordinary it needed a new category.

Atoro noted that they were starting to attract crowds, and that just made the situation even worse. He had wanted to keep this quiet! Not the next-most-talked about event!! Yet, he was catching up. Maybe he would be able to cut this off quick. No doubt the lich had something up his metaphorical Sleeve, but he was running out of time fast.

He noticed the smoke coming from the horse and rider in front of him before Rintho threw his flaming weapon at him, dragging the camel to a halt so fast he nearly slipped over it's head. He grabbed onto it's neck for dear life, hiding behind the unfortunate beast as it bellowed with fear at the fire that whizzed past.

He kicked its sides and Urged it after Rintho again.

Rintho frowned again, this was not looking good. Atoro had almost been caught, but almost wasn't nearly enough as he came back just as strong as before. What was needed right now was a proper solution, what he needed was a /dragon/, not so easy. A horse would oblige anyone in it's saddle, however depraved, but dragons were as intelligent and discerning as their human partners. He changed his tact. He flung himself from the horse down a narrow, dark alleyway. Every part of his intuition screamed that this was terribly wrong to do, in a town like this, but he had seen it. He climbed the ladder up the husk of a building, searching for a free window...Yes, he had found one, he slipped into it with great agility.
Now for one of his last tricks, Atoro would be in the room any minute.
The trick known as the last stand, trick.

Rintho grabbed the nearest length of wood, and waited to beat Atoro in the skull aside the windows edge.

Atoro drove the camel right after Rintho's erratic path, making it follow him down the narrow alleyway. It was tight, and the camel was becoming increasingly frenzied, almost bucking him off as he pulled it to a stop again under where Rintho was frantically climbing up into another building.

What a delightful view.

Nevertheless, Atoro wasn't going to let him escape through just an Unsightly view. He carefully stood on the camel's back, then leapt across to the ladder, following the lich up to where he was. Atoro didn't know what he had planned, but he wasn't going to be taken unawares if it was a dead end he had picked. There had been a few seconds too long for Rintho to find some way to attack for Atoro to feel safe as he hovered on the last few rungs.

Rintho waited anxiously, then heard the clatter of Atoro ascending the ladder as if he were an imminent death sentence, come to collect his dues.
He tensed, holding the length of beam firmly as he drew closer and closer.

He would now, proceed to kill Atoro.
Taking his chance he wielded the beam like a spear and crushed downward to where he approximated Atoro to be hanging.

Some instinct told Atoro to just /move/, and hoping it was right, he did.
Just as the beam that Rintho was holding came smashing down on the rungs below where Atoro's head had been. The top one gave way, his hand slipping as it splintered under his fingers. Before he could lose his grip any more and fall properly, he scrambled up onto the windowsill, wood clattering to the ground behind . Him. He drew his sword, stepping down into the room.
You're /really/ starting to annoy me, Rintho."

Rintho raised the beam in meager protection, feeling his feet giving the ground step by step to Atoro, his sword ready to incapacitate him painfully, take him back and then kill him for a poison that would be abused by the Rebels.
Lowering his head he focused all he could but found himself too afraid to dare make an attack against the silhouette of a man against the bright desert rays his words as smooth and cold as the finish on his sword.
Rintho backed away again.
No, don't. Don't step closer. I beg you, leave me alone. For Guardians sakes LEAVE ME ALONE." He howled suddenly in desperation, as he felt himself cowering now, shakiness taking his legs and melting them into the floor so he could barely move but to sink to his knees. "SPARE ME. Atoro, Sir, Lord, please! his voice came cracked and fraught with genuine fear, greater than that when he was caught on the hoarder, when his death was far more certain and far more painful...Rintho's eyes were wide, searching for compassion in Atoro.
I, I'll do anything, just please...I must live! I must live for...I can't afford to...
His hands were flat on the wooden floor, nervous and hot in tension.

Rintho's begging was somewhat pleasing to Atoro, to know he had him caught in such a spider's web that there was no way out. The way it should have been from the start. His sword followed Rintho's neck as he sunk to his knees, begging and pleading like the Surahnian was master. The whole of fate rested in his hands, and gosh, did he love it.
He bent forwards, the tip of his rapier gently . Stroking along the lich's cheek.
Oh will you now. Is that a pledge, or am I required to extract more out of you?" His eyes were cold, the slightest glitter of excitement at their hearts betraying how much he was enjoying this. The race was over, he had won. "You must know by now I'm not hesitant to do so.
He flicked the end of his sword under Rintho's chin instead, resting it on his throat. . I can make this rather enjoyable, if you decide you'd rather leave," he suggested, putting the tiniest pressure on his blade.

Rintho couldn't swallow, he feared the smallest movement in his throat would crack the surface of the skin and then it would all carry on from there as Atoro systematically would make him unrecognisable.
But he had to speak, to turn away this death sentence.
I will do...as you wish...Just..." Once again, his voice failed him and he choked back the stinging in his eyes that threatened to make him seem all the more pathetic than he already was, as a miserable puddle under Atoro's boot.
Stop it now! What do you desire!" A hint of anger crept into his voice, he couldn't stand this, the thoughts of all his work being lost in one moment was utterly terrifying too. "Name your price."

This was quickly becoming pathetic, holding this wreck of what once was a human at his mercy. But Rintho's fire was not yet broken, and Atoro wanted to make sure that he had the lich totally under his command. He leaned forwards at the man's outburst, sword cutting a thin line into Rintho's mottled skin.
You know what I desire, and there will be no more messing. Get it done. You will not Be rid of me until I hold the Charis poison in my hands."

Rintho felt a chill run down his spine as the sword cut the surface of the skin finely, with the precision of an animal that relishes playing with it's prey before devouring it.
Please remove the sword, Sir." He felt his stomach convulse, "Th-then I will go and fulfill your wishes.

He didn't even once think about trying to escape this time. Not as long as he had no weapons, at least.

Atoro let his sword linger for a moment longer before flicking it away, holding it down by his side, not yet returning it to its resting place. "You shall. I expect you to report to me this evening on your progress; if you do not appear, do not expect to escape, I am watching. It is not coincidence we have met so many times.
What a lie.
He stepped aside, letting Rintho rise to his feet if . He wished to do so. Or he may prefer to cower for longer. It was his choice.

Rintho looked at him warily, rising to his feet, suddenly feeling extremely self conscious and shaken. The adrenaline kick from earlier had left him rattled and abnormally aware of the slightest movement Atoro made. He didn't want to face the public /now/
This evening then, but I am always a better asset alive than dead, you have to remember." He added in a mutter I suppose I'll be...going now..." He looked about, Atoro was unmoving, but he would have preferred to at least go outside with a scrap of dignity to show. He looked around the room briefly searching for anything to cover his state.

Atoro waited until Rintho had left the house, then carefully made his way outside. He had little thought that the lich might try another attack, he seemed too shaken. Good.

The evening sun made Kaionar cooler than it had been all day, but it was still pleasantly warm atop the building Atoro stood waiting for Rintho on. The flat roof was easy to reach, and provided enough standing room For the two to not get too close, as well as a fair drop for Atoro to threaten Rintho over if he once again got too bold. There seemed less chance of this happening now, but still... it was possible. His dark clothes made him look like a shadow against the red sun sinking slowly against the yellow desert, and once the pair were finished, then it would be simple just to disappear into the dark . Streets of the city. It might help to unsettle Rintho more; the last thing required was for the lich to get a little of his confidence back.

Rintho approached him on top of the roof, his face far calmer than earlier, dressed once again overall in desert garb, albeit, poor and ragged. As if he had found them from the first street urchin he'd come across.
So, I completed it." He scowled at Atoro. "Don't be so evil with it, this has the potential to be abused. You know this, you musn't use it like that." He stepped forward and outstretched his palm, the vial resting it delicately.
Take your poison then." His glare was fierce, even from under the veil of the facemask as he looked Atoro dead in his cold blue eyes.

Ah, so he had come. Good, because Atoro had no wish to hunt down Rintho for a second time. He was looking worse for wear- but he had fallen off a dragon, and run halfway across Kaionar.

Good, I thought you may be able to with a little persuasion," said Atoro, eyeing the little bottle in Rintho's hand. He didn't trust the lich to not make a move (or backstab him), but this was what . He had been waiting for.
No doubt it's better out of your hands then. Poison in the hands of a lich... tsk tsk, what tragedy." Who knew what revenges he might take. Atoro would certainly have been in for it, if Rintho kept hold of the poison.
He swiped the vial from his hand at speed, holding it at arm's length before popping the capper. To make sure it was right. "Why thank you."

Rintho remained rooted to the spot. "So what will you do now then Atoro? Now that you have this? Please tell me. For my own peace of mind." /If you could even call it that/ he thought. He just had to know for certain what he intended to do with it.
And furthermore. I wish never to see you again, but I will also never bother you again. Is this possible for us?" He knew he was pushing his luck.

It seemed that Rintho had actually delivered the right poison, no underhand dealing, no surprise attacks. Well well well. But, Atoro liked to frighten the man, and what better to frighten him with than the weapon he had just gifted him?
Now I have this? This is a new poison for me. Something I've never used before." He wondered lightly if Rintho had any idea what he was thinking. "I need . A test subject of course. And if you so /desire/ to never see me again, then who better to test it on? How does sleeping forever sound to you?" He smirked maliciously, taking a step forwards and slipping the cap back onto the vial of poison, for safety. "Shall we experiment?"

Rintho had planned for this, he was no fool. He was intelligent, actually. Gifted, even.
You wouldn't do that, you're being illogical, Sir." He faced him, staunch for now. "That poison is in very short supply, using it on me would be a waste of your own time and resources. Think about it." He stepped away from Atoro.
Feel free to experiment on yourself though, who knows, it might fix that cloudy judgment you have." He stepped back again. "One could say you've made several tactical errors on your small mission, too." Rintho paused, "I wonder who is the stronger, of us two. I rate my mind over yours any day. A mind that can see how inferior your drives are, how easily my fear controls you. You long to be in a seat of power, that's all the leverage somebody needs over you."

Mm, but who better to 'waste' a rare potion on than a lich? I've heard you can't die by normal means; maybe this will work." He smiled grimly. "By any case, if not, then it'll cause you enough pain to remember not to cross me again.
Do not think that because you owe me nothing now you can insult lightly." Atoro's voice took on a warning tone. But then he faltered. /Tactical errors?/ There was no such thing in Atoro's plans. Everything was right, or discarded.

He had to be saying this to try and unsettle him.
You would always rate your mind over mine, if only to satisfy your dissatisfaction with the rest of life. You hold no sway over me; I am my own man. I have all the self-control I need to resist such laced words, from those better than you."

So the man knew that this poison was more than a regular one. It was what most poisons could not hold a candle to, it blurred the line between physical and magical in potency.
There's no need for that kind of talk." Rintho said calmly, "Emotional choices are not becoming for a tactician." Rintho added, this time, he had a feasible escape plan. Foolproof as well. This time, he had made sure that there were no logical flaws, if all went to plan.
He would not kill Atoro here, or rather, as much as it would be ideal to, he /couldn't/ kill him.
I am not so sure of your self control, Atoro. I believe Zartear has made an error in his judgment to choose one like you. The Surahnians will fall, any other outcome is based on fallacious reasoning and wishful thinking."

Playing the emotion card on Atoro wasn't going to work well; he knew himself well enough to know that he had his emotions under control. Rintho was just trying to unsettle him- another trick, as running or magic had made little effect before. Although his talk of Zartear might have put a sliver of doubt in his mind.
No, he was good enough to be tactician. Second in command, if he wished.
. As if you know me so well Rintho. Bias is no better against a man when they have been chased across half of Dragon's Cove. You know /nothing/ of how the Surahnian Rebels work. This wishful thinking you speak of is the current system here, these pathetic guardians and Elites.
But this was getting off topic. The man was just trying to distract him. He stepped forwards, hand moving to sword again.

Is that so?" He responded, "Who's to say I don't know plenty of how the Rebels work. I am not one to draw conclusions from thin air. The Guardians and Elites have failed in protecting the island, certainly, but this does not make the Surahnian way the solution." He was now in a steady retreat across the roof. Eyes scanning to keep focused for his escape route.

Rintho smiled a little. "Atoro why do you take this to your heart so readily? One might say you're even getting a little...angry." He kept his hands in the deep fabric side pockets either side of him, prepared to make his move if Atoro made an attack. "I don't wish for a fight. But it seems you're searching for one, stop now Atoro."

You can suggest a better solution to fixing Dragons Cove, then?" scorned Atoro. Rintho thought himself so smart, so smooth. It was impressive his self-confidence was still so upright, having been beaten by Atoro so many times. "I doubt it; liches have no interest in preserving the living, correct? Why benefit others when you get no part in the spoils? It is pure foolishness.
Rintho's smile Was as if he had the upper hand here, but Atoro was still the one with the weapon- two, in fact, with the poison counting.
You mistake my loyalty for Surahnia for anger. This alone shows how much you misunderstand us," he said, fingers wrapped around his sword hilt as Rintho kept his in his pockets. "Words against my country are not tolerated, so I would control your tongue, Rintho."

Wrong, Atoro. In fact, this body, although useful to me...was a sideffect from when I was an ordinary human." Not that he's be interested. "I don't expect you to see my view, because I search for...truth I think. You search for fortune. So I guess we'll never see eye to eye."
He bit the inside of his cheek, Atoro was not yet over the edge, but would be soon. At any second. There is no hatred in me for Surahnia. But I think as a tactician, it is your duty to know your countries flaws and act accordingly." He flashed Atoro a grin. "It seems difficult for you to absorb."
He gripped the magic sealants in his deep pockets, poised if escape became feasible. "Now how about we stop this right here. So, I must say; goodbye Atoro. Good luck in your futile career."

It was true, Atoro didn't see Rintho's view, neither did he want to. It was enough to spend time with the lich, let alone start seeing things like him too. "I have no wish to see through the eyes of the dead, or the eyes of a monstrosity.
Rintho's presence annoyed Atoro, and his insults at every turn just incensed him further. For a man who had been begging for his life, he seemed to have Recovered awfully fast.
Yes, I think it may be time to end this," Atoro said through gritted teeth, finally drawing his sword and lunging forwards to stab at the lich. He had had enough of all this play! "You may wish futility on me, but you will fail in your wish!"

Rintho wasn't fast enough. The sword pierced his gut with an incredible lance of pain that he had endured before, but never got used to.
Flicking his hands sharply from his pockets he activated the seals of power and his hands began to charge with lightning magic.
Rintho held the sword in place through his body, rasping over the pain.
Hold onto your sword.....Atoro..." he grinned his face contorting back to a grimace at times. "If you can...
Tiny flashes were buzzing around Rintho's hands, preparing to surge their way down and into Atoro's body.

There was a slight resistance as Atoro's sword found its mark, but nothing like the resistance of a human body. He didn't even require a second hand to hold the sword in place, tucking his bottle of poison into one pocket. The lich wouldn't be laughing about that sort of pain.
If he did though... well, there was still the option of testing out his new potion.
But Rintho's smile unsettled him. Why do you smile?" he demanded, eyes narrowed to slits. This should hurt, even a lich.

He caught sight of the tiny sparks of lightning around Rintho's fingers and wrenched back on his sword, trying to get it free before the man had a chance to use his magic. This was foreign to the Surahnian; magic was not something they used, not at all.

Rintho had caught a stroke of luck to get this opportunity to kill Atoro.
He lunged forward as Atoro pulled the sword away but the sword slipped through his fingers, drawing blood over them. Instead he clawed out until he had his hands clamped onto Atoro's clothes. In one moment then, he released the lightning energy and sent it coursing through Atoro's body, in an instant, Atoro was jolted backward by the charge of energy and flung across the roof. Rintho followed suit, he had to get back that poison and make the most of Atoro being at least paralysed. Hopefully dead.

Rintho was running short on time yet he approached Atoro with caution, quickly removing another magical seal from his pockets.

Atoro thought he had managed to move fast enough, but alas, Rintho was fast too. He tried to step backwards, out of the man's reach, but he managed to get hold of his clothes, dead fingers coiling around his jacket...

And that was the last thing that made sense. Pain exploded across every fibre of his being, heart stuttering in his chest as he landed with a thump on the other side of the Roof. The sword fell from his hand, fingers twitching as electricity flickered through his body still, discharging down into the ground. He couldn't breathe, the sky and city swirled in front of his still-open eyes, and his ears ringing with the shrillest sound he had ever heard.
He couldn't breathe!
The rest of his thoughts were a jumbled mess, and he was at Rintho's mercy as he just lay there.

Rintho looked at him, he was laying in a disfigured manner, slight spasms occuring over his body. He had very little time.
Rintho kneeled down and began to search Atoro's belongings with fleet fingers, then discovering the poison in his upper jacket. He took it away at once and slipped it into one of his many compartments. Then, he took great pleasure in removing Atoro's weapon. He unhooked the frozen fingers of Atoro holding the rapier and pulled it away from him. This would make good protection on his way travelling back home.
Rintho looked at the man with distaste. He would surely be dead, but there was no good time to check to be sure, so, he satisfied the slice of rage and spat on the mans body. Turning on his heel, he left the rooftops and made for home.

Atoro could do nothing, nothing in the slightest, as Rintho walked over to his body, finally succeeding the small feat of breathing again. It hurt, pain lancing up the whole of his back where he had landed hard. His skin tingled where Rintho's searching moved his clothing over it. When the man removed his sword from his fingers, if he could, he would have screamed at the pain; a little of His skin was stuck to the hilt of the blade, welded by the electricity that had been sent all through his body. It was too much to bear, he was losing consciousness.

He struggled to stay awake for the time it took for Rintho to spit on his body and walk away, then everything faded properly to black. And he was left there on the rooftop, with the sun set across the horizon in the distance.


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