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 Fredrick, tauric-spider

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PostSubject: Fredrick, tauric-spider   Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:02 am

Name: Fredrick, per the Circus

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Type Of Person: Lonesome forest-dwelling creature of unknown origin

Likes/Dislikes: Fredrick is a creature of instinct and impulse. He is very, very simple.

He likes: Food, Water, dumb oblivious creatures, deer, rabbits, things that are otherwise easy to capture and consume, tasty fruit, being warm, and being able to successfully capture food in his web.

He DISlikes: People with swords, people who think they're smarter than him, bears (they're big and scary), dragons (which are also big and scary), being cold, the wintertime, being hungry, running out of food, being unable to spin web due to lack of food, animals that are loud, Loud noises in general, being seen before he captures prey... you get the picture.

Description: So let me explain what he is since I don't have a picture uploaded. He has the torso and upper-body of a human. However, where his hips should be, he has the body of a HUGE SPIDER. So he's like a Centaur, but there is no horse portion of him; what WOULD be horse is otherwise spider. His arachnid body has an exoskeleton and is black. His humany-side has pale skin, brown eyes, and light blond hair. He's wiry and lean. Also, pointed ears.

When it's cold, he sometimes wraps his torso in a loose layer of non-sticky web, as a sort of extra insulation from the cold like a long-sleeved shirt. This doesn't happen often though, since he normally has to conserve his web.

As an accessory, he also has a simple belt around his waist, and an empty scabbard that hangs off of it. Even if a person looks around his web or nest or whatever, they won't find a sword to go with it.

Other: This is VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Fredrick is NOT SMART. He doesn't understand language. He's about as intelligent as a dog or an infant, but with a lot more mobility and know-how about survival.
He doesn't know this, because he doesn't actually remember that he was ever human, but his goal is to eventually become human once again. How did he turn into this thing in the first place? The world may never know...

ALSO: His weapon is his bite and his webs. Mostly his bite. He has a toxic bite; depending on how much poison he pumps into a person, a person could just feel a little woozy and disoriented to being killed completely, but he'd have to hold the bite for a full minute for the latter. Normally it'll be used just to knock people out, which it is strong enough to do.

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Fredrick, tauric-spider
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