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 Ithelle // Little diamond

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PostSubject: Ithelle // Little diamond   Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:05 pm

Name: Ithelle

Age: 8

Birthday: May 4th, 3701

Gender: Female


Picture: https://i.servimg.com/u/f47/15/87/38/51/scan0010.jpg <-- my first attempt.

Type Of Dragon: Card dragon, the diamond

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: She isn't 'owned' by a human, but Rhys acts as a father to her - she often refers to him as 'daddy'

Likes/Dislikes: She likes people, and loves toast. It smells so nice 8D She dislikes crowded spaces, however – she doesn’t like seeing the complex threads of fate covering everything, which is unavoidable when surrounded by people. She is terrified of the idea of calamity, but does want to meet another card in case they can help to teach her how to control her powers. She also dislikes battles - she can sometimes see faint lifelines snapping just by standing too close, which scares her. She is also a little scared of birds flying in her face - they freak her out a bit.

Description: Her left ear is crooked, from where she had to force her way out of her damaged egg, and the dark stripe down her front is still only a mid-grey, not fully charcoal yet. This will darken with age. She is generally quite playful and naive, and acts just like any typical child, since deep down that's all she really is.

Other: She had to fight to get into the world – her egg was damaged, and her hatching was against all odds. That was when her particular magic first kicked in. She has next to no control of her magic yet, and is plagued by uncontrollable moments of insight that she only partially understands. Her vision is constantly overlaid with a mass of rainbow squiggles, which make no sense to her at all. Her magic will develop properly as she grows, but she will not get 'visions' as such. She can see lines of fate, and with age will learn how to pull visions from them, but will never get clear views of the future. Also, because her egg was deemed irreparable, her true parents gave up, taking their other hatchlings away and leaving the damaged egg behind. Ithelle now lives in the back room of Rhys' current house. Aside from the brilliant colours of the lines of fate, Ithelle is colour blind, which irritates her. She can see slight tints of colour (for example looking at grass would give her just a touch of green, but not enough to see the full colour), but nothing clearly. She knows the names of the colours though, which means she can usually bluff that she can see them beyond the cobweb of fate-lines

Size: Small.

Will further develop as time goes on.

Her font colour will be Dark Orchid

My luffy characters:

Dragons: Celölas Dyavol Ithelle Llarria Measle Oceianna Raffietti
Non-dragons: Eliza Feuerzauber Jackdaww Rhys
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Ithelle // Little diamond
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