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 Rintho [There's no fun like experimenting with torture...] Kassandra

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PostSubject: Rintho [There's no fun like experimenting with torture...] Kassandra   Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:25 pm

((This was a speedplay on skype between Rogue and Zay! Therefore, there will be spelling fails, grammar inconsistencies, breaking of the 150-word count limit (DON'T DO IT GUYS, IT'S BAD) and general lolz. Now, for your enjoyment~!))

Tarz was busy with people, the first travellers from the mountains nearby finally making their way down into the town, following the slight thawing of winter. A person sold daffodils on a street corner, the smell of fresh bread brought a homely smell to the sharp tang of the cool air, and people dallied outside in the sunshine, enjoying the turn for the better the weather had decided to take. Through the people, trying to get through without either being squashed or overly-noticed was Static, her green cloak pulled around her so she didn't get it caught on anything, and the hood pushed back from her face; she liked the sunshine as much as anyone. However, these crowds, they weren't what she was used to. This city, it was strange, and she wasn't sure if she liked it or not.
She walked towards the river(?) that flowed through the centre of the city, hoping the crowds would be slightly less there, or she would find some sort of valuable reason for her to be in the city. Was there work for a mercenary? Any sort of thing would do, be it hunting down a missing child to going full out and hunting down a wild dragon someone had taken a liking to the look of. Even something more droll was worthwhile at present; she was bored of wandering, and her finances were starting to lean towards the poor. There must have been something more than just trinket shopping to do in Tarz, surely?

Rintho hadn't visited in Tarz in quite a while. Often his trips included the gloriously shady Kaionar, or even the streets of his own town; dubbed the "little sister" of Kaionar. Visiting Tarz for valuable materials was...quite backwards, really. The whole air of this place was one of genuine warmth, few towns in fact could boast such a wholesome community of people.
Rintho was clearly amiss amongst these lot, hence, he was fully garbed. Fortunately for him though, his spells were freshly cast, for all the hassle of putrefecation, he'd learnt by now to almost completely remove most of the obvious and rather...anti social effects.
The milky green skin was not one of them, nor the countless scars that built up surprisingly quickly each month without his body naturally healing until the ritual.

So what could he be here for? Today, Rintho came in honest business. There were no underhand deals to be made, why, all he was going to do was level off underground, make his way there and slice a piece of the water stone off.
Lost in his thoughts, and within the crowd, he collided with something green and indistinct.

"Oh my oh my, I am so sorry!"

Static came to a halt in the centre of the road that she had ended up in, quite lost. She had thought the river was here, but maybe not... the town's roads were confusing when there were so many people around. Their constant movement this way and that made all the streets look the same, just people /everywhere/, not distinct buildings or landmarks. She didn't think she had come this way before though. Or maybe she had...
Dithering on the spot, she was too proud to ask for directions (not that she had any specific direction she was heading in anyway. She didn't know if there was somewhere people like her could go to try and find some work, and she didn't want to end up with a load of dead-end nobodies if there was such a place. You were never taken seriously. All this, and she hardly registered to move out of the way of another person when they bumped into her.
"Oh, er..." she paused, looking the man (it was a man? He was so draped in layers of clothing it was hard to tell for a moment), and assessing what she should do. She eventually settled on a slightly haughty answer.
"Do you mind?" she asked, looking down her nose at him. Probably not the best tone to be taking when she wanted information as to where to go, but nevertheless... "Watch where you're going. It's a good thing I was stopped," she said, looking him up and down again. Honestly, where did he come from, the mountains? His clothing was completely unnatural for the warm weather they were having.

Rintho doubled back for a moment, still polite as he always was.
"Ah, I did not mean to..." Noting her sharp tone, though, this was normal. People could be so /prickly/ at times, he reached his hands out apologetically, though, his right strayed a touch too close to her shoulder and he reclined it sharply, as if burned. He then felt entirely awkward and looked at her as if he'd just violated her space terribly. Rintho's eyes seemed shocked, because, well that's what he'd just felt.

One of his rules for travelling, given his abnormal status for "life" he always carried a weapon. Rintho had found this was most convenient and yet was subtle as a magically charged limb.
But in that moment, he'd felt something react like a moment of brilliance in his fingertips, the feeling of lightning passing through them. It was not pleasant.
What had he touched? It did not usually behave like that at all. This must be the water stones doing...No, he was accustomed to that by now.
"M...Ma'am, are you okay?" He narrowed his eyes a little.

As the man reached out in apology, Static shied away slightly, not used to people being so forward- but of course, that was how people normally were. She just wasn't used to people in general. Despite her unusedness of humans however, she had no negative feelings against this man; so when a flicker of electricity, just a tad, passed between the two, she instantly both was put off balance, and then immediately put on her guard. Who was this man? Who was he to suddenly cause such a response, just unconsciously? A frown appeared on her face and she took half a step backwards.
"Who are you? What did you just do?" she demanded, one of her hands curling into a fist. The electricity was hers, that was for certain, but she hadn't started it purposefully. Her eyes flicked across him again, looking for something that might have caused such a thing. "What did you... hm." She paused, then added in a calmer tone, trying to restore normality, "I'm fine."

Rintho realised this had been a mistake very quickly, she looked challengingly at him and his first thought was to run far, far away. But that was a bit too late now.
Heck, she was even asking questions so he swallowed down the small lump in his throat. Nothing but a little bit of misplaced magic. "That's good, then, I guess I shall be on my way..." He spoke somewhat listlessly, as if not entirely present in his body. Rintho was thinking.

"Though..." He looked at her quizzically. "This may seem forward of me, but...May I ask what your business in this quaint town is?" He peered into her eyes, as if searching for a particular answer to the idea that had just begun winding in his mind. "Well, that is, if you do not mind my Lady?"

Static was reluctant to let this man leave so quickly; after all, for making her magic work of its own accord, he wasn't just a lowly resident of Tarz. She thought she might detect a slight trace of an accent of further west, but she couldn't be sure. However, holding him back for what he probably presumed was nothing would look suspicious. Possibly it was just some strange occurrence, a little static from his clothing, maybe?

She met his asking gaze with a blank look, trying to keep the confusion off her face. "I was... looking for work," she admitted, waiting for him to challenge it. People did that sometimes; 'a woman, looking for /mercenary work/?' She didn't let him have time to challenge it though. "What of it? Do you ask all people in the street what their business is?" Maybe he had work? It probably didn't do to be so curt to him, especially when his manners were so faultless. Softening her words didn't come naturally, as she was generally a suspicious person, but she could try, if just for the sake of a little money.

Rintho's eyes gleamed for a moment but he did not smile; not that she would see him smiling to begin with.
"No my Lady, not at all. I was simply intrigued..." He felt he did not have to state his reason why. "However please don't be startled, it's a good day for you if you're looking for work. I can make you quite a good offer, I believe."
Rintho wasn't sure even he would take his own offer at this point, but chances had to be taken. She was /very/ intriguing, there was a very large lightning magical potential within her; he simply /had/ to investigate. Rintho would much rather her offer herself willingly in exchange for something nicely, otherwise...Well this opportunity was rare. He might then have to be more underhand, Rintho disliked that. He did not consider himself a thug.

"That extraordinary magic of yours...What say you to a walk with me? I have so many questions...I understand if you refuse. I can barely believe this myself!" He smiled this time, still hidden, but the crowsfeet on his eyes indicated his optimism.

Hmm, so the man had work? Apparently her standoffishness hadn't put him off too much, as he was actually offering it to her. Was this Static's lucky day; perhaps this might not be so lucky though.
"What sort of offer are you making?" she asked, curious, but reserved about showing it. He might get the wrong idea and assume she was going to immediately accept his offer. "I don't take just anything." She didn't quite trust the man, with his many layers of clothes hiding every feature apart from his eyes. There was something... /off/ about him, something that wasn't human, in a way.

She visibly recoiled this time as he brought up her magic seemingly out of nowhere though, both hands clenching into fists this time in a defensive, hard stance. "How do you know about that? What are you? Who are you to know?" He eyes narrowed, his own laughing at her, as if he knew something she didn't. Suddenly she didn't trust him at all, and even considering his offer was out of the question. "No. I'm not interested in your offer, whoever you are." Recognising his courtesy, she offered a tiny dip of her head before taking another step backwards.

His positivity evaporated all at once when she reclined, though, he stepped forward to match her step back.
"What? No, please listen to me first! It is a very reasonable one, I..." He looked at her puzzlingly, "You're looking at me like I come from Kaionar" He chuckled, at the very least, she probably thought his dress odd. "I assure you there is nothing for me to hide, if you'll give me the opportunity to explain, so please, walk with me." He asked again, being sure not to step too close to her.

Whoever this was, they couldn't vanish into the crowd, not without a thorough look into exactly what they were. Magical humans...a true oddity. Even in Dragons Cove.
"As for who I am, that is not so important. But if you wish to know, to clear your obvious doubts, my name is Kyre and I study magic. So naturally..."

He hoped she would catch his drift.

"Who says you don't come from Kaionar?" Static retorted snippily, warily looking at him. "You certainly don't make yourself fit into the rest of Tarz." She gestured around a little, to the much more normal looking people. The thought that he /was/ telling the truth lingered at the back of her mind, but she had conditioned herself to be much warier of people than to trust his words when they were so forthright. And especially when he wanted her to go somewhere with him... but she was a grown woman, and could take care of herself. If the worst came to the worst, there was her sword, then her electricity powers.
"Start explaining fast, otherwise I'm leaving," she said bluntly, waiting for him to lead off before she matched his pace. "So what, if you study magic, most people study different magic to... mine." This Kyre was a strange one, alright. Was he making out that she was special in some way, however? Her powers were different, yes, but nobody had ever inferenced that they were /special/.

He scowled a little.
"My lady it's hard to explain out here in the crowd, would you be willing to at least accompany me to the stables? I can then tell you there the details..."
He pondered a moment, what was wise to tell her. Once again he was feeling tense, he didn't want this to start entering the "black" side of the law. Who knows what kind of a rat out this woman might be
"Please, be even a little more compliant too...Then I can give you everything you're asking for right now, but /not here/? Okay?" Rintho was feeling more self aware now, they had stopped amid a busy road and the people eddied around them, things would get ugly if she made a scene. Rintho prepared a special something in his left pocket, if she did not agree so easily. This was no ideal.
Anybody would think he wanted to murder the woman! No, he was not a cruel man.

This was going too far in the wrong direction. Okay, walking with a little talk was not too disagreeable, but now he wanted to take her to some /random stable/. No, no, no. Her mind screamed at her to cut the discussion short, and she wasn't going to disagree with it.
"Hah, I'm not going anywhere with you. This was all very nice for... ooh, about the moment before you walked into me." Static dropped any pretence of keeping a polite tone, letting the snippiness back into her voice again. "Good day, good luck with trying to... seduce, whatever you're doing here... the next woman that comes along." She spun on her heel, picking up her pace immediately.

Rintho stood aghast, but followed her promptly.
"A misunderstanding lady! Please wait!" He called after her, but his words were lost to the crowd. Well, if the prize didn't come to you, you had to claim the prize. If only she would agree this would all be over and done with nice and easily. They'd both be better off as a result.
Ordinarily, he would use a combination of blood and lightning magic to freeze her for a while, which would make it easier to then move her away.
But she had lightning powers, he would have to change his tact.
It was a dirty trick, but sleeping poison would have to do, as messy as it was.

Rintho paced through the crowd hastily keeping his eye on her and drew the pouch.

He jogged up to her,
"Look me in the eye and tell me I am not an honest man! Do you always simply run away from those giving you a great chance?"
He waited for her to turn around.

Static huffed derisively under her breath; as if she would listen to his words. A pack of lies; now she started to doubt whether he was even who he had said he was. She certainly wouldn't have given her real name if offering such a suspicious thing as this /Kyre/ was. But then again, she was rather sceptical of most people, to a ridiculous extent sometimes...

"A great chance, that's what you label it, hm? Doesn't seem so great to me. I'd rather see tomorrow, rather than go and do whatever... whatever it is you want off me." She tipped her head up, looking at the sky before turning it over her shoulder to look at the man, running to catch her again. He /was/ persistent! That was never a good thing. "An honest man? Who runs after someone who has already turned down an offer, obviously uninterested in what you have to say? Get away from me." She slid one hand towards the sword at her belt, unworried about whatever reaction her drawing her sword in public would cause. More the power for her escape- but she didn't draw it yet.

Rintho didn't have time to humour her words, he was the picture of seriousness, and in a soft movement so as not to alert the crowd he unsealed the fastening on the pouch and pushed a small amount of water magic into the substance, then with a rapid motion he flicked his hand up and gestured, as if only flicking his fingers by his sides and the powder, mixed by the water magic dissipated and filled her nostrils.
"You will fall asleep in about two minutes, please don't make a scene. I mean you no harm." He could already see her body reacting to it, so he rushed to support her weight and steady her body he would feign her illness to the public...
"I promise you will get a due reward and you'll be in one piece." He smiled weakly then, only apparent by the slight shift in the way his eyes glinted.

As Rintho's magic powder filled her nose, Static's eyes widened, not understanding. What was this? She coughed, the powder tickling her nose and throat, then put one hand over her face, in some vain attempt to block any following actions from the man. She could feel a strange numbing sensation at the back of her mouth though, spreading through her sinuses and up the bones of her cheeks from her nose already.
"What was that?" she demanded, her sharpness laced this time with fear. "What did you do?" She reached to grab him by the front of his clothes, but instead got his shoulder instead, leaning towards him as the world shifted under her feet, despite not moving. As he continued to speak his words made less sense, the drug definitely starting to work already. She blinked slowly, trying to keep consciousness, but it was hard, and she could only feel herself slipping further as she lost it. There was a roaring in her ears, then the world went black.

She was alive and well; no reason not to be. That was a very mild mix of sleeping poison, as it was affectionately known. Rintho had made a point of searching her, however, and removing anything potentially dangerous; she'd be waking up any moment now and well, who knew what an indignant woman could do?
She was not the friendly kind, but then, neither was he. Perhaps actions like this went a ways to explaining that.

Rintho's face mask was left to one side, he was still draped in all his loose fitting robes and his hood was up, though his green pallor was visible...As were his dark eyes and whitened lips.
He was under Tarz now, quite literally.
A network of caves with trickles of water that then merged to streams and great rivers...the water stone would be close. That was the aim, what good luck she was so well attuned to lightning!

"Ah you're awake my lady?"
He'd positioned her so that she was sitting, back against a dry cave wall, hands bound at the back by the wrists. Earth magic, no less, for one of lightning. "We have a lot to do, but it will be fine I am sure."

Rintho drew a long yet strangely thin knife from a crease of fabric on his right side.
"Okay, you're going to have to be fair with me and let me do this neatly."

Static groaned as she came too, her head throbbing. It took her a moment to figure out that it was more than just a normal headache, blearily blinking her eyes and trying to reach up to rub her face- until of course, the ropes around her wrists stopped her from doing that. She looked at the ground, trying to figure out where she was, what she was doing /tied up/, the hair across her face affording her a little time. When it wasn't immediately clear, she looked up, recoiling at the sight of Rintho close nearby. First she felt fear, the man obviously not human- gods, he was /green/!- tempered a little by indignant anger following after.
How dare he kidnap her like this! How dare he touch her!

She wrenched at her hands, trying to pull them free of their bonds, but it only served to make her shoulders ache, doing nothing for her. Her eyes flicked cautiously around the rest of their scenery, hoping there was something else she could use as a landmark, someone for help, but they were alone.
"Where am I? What did you do?" she demanded, trying not to let her voice waver. She recoiled as he drew a long knife, drawing her knees up to her chest in an attempt to get as far away from him as possible. "What are you going to do to me?"
She sounded so helpless to herself, and she firmly tried to quash her fear. "I'll shock you, you know I'll do it." No need for trying to be subtle now.

Rintho paused, not advancing any further toward her. "Shock me? Please don't do that, it would not be very wise." He had a frown on his face and ran a finger across the blade softly. "You know, I intend on making this as painless as possible. Besides, what would you do if I died? I highly doubt you'll be getting /that/ seal off by yourself." He sighed a little, as if exasperated, and knelt down in front of her.

"I don't want to play any silly games...or worry you, though it seems I have." Rintho chuckled to himself, but sobered up and presented the knife in front of her. "People like you my Lady, are rare. We both must make the most of this opportunity and realise your true potential. And this? This knife, well, I need only make incisions on your right and left shoulders, then a small way from your neck and on your back. Oh. You're right, I cannot guarantee it will not hurt, but the pay off for you and I should make this a thousand times sweeter."

He cocked his head to the side examining her face. "I guess you are not so friendly a woman are you? It's okay, I was never one for words...or people, myself."

Rintho pulled himself up again and dropped the knife next to his side, held loosely in his hand.
"Now, I hope you are not the noisy kind, you'll only stress yourself even more!"

A shiver Static couldn't stop ran up her spine as Rintho stroked his blade, which could have been from fear, or from anger; in fact, it was a mixture of the two. His words didn't reassure her- they only served to remind her of how hopeless she was in this situation. She pressed herself closer to the wall as he knelt, shrinking as far away from him as possible. He was repulsive at such a close distance, skin a terrible greenish pallor and eyes alight with an eager fire.

"Tying someone up and then explaining how you're going to torture them isn't the best way to not worry someone," she forced out, choking out a laugh. She turned her head to one side, both hoping to see someone else who could come to her rescue (such a sickening thought that was), and to take a proper breath away from the fetid Rintho. He didn't smell, but he was /dead/. There was no mistaking it; this was some horrible sorcerer who had performed necromancy /on himself/. It was a good thing she was made from strong stuff; there would have been those who would probably have vomited at the sight. "I have no interest in your... bargain."

She could feel her heartbeat increasing as he stood again, powerless as she was. Directing electricity from any part of her body apart from her hands was foolish- she had tried it a couple of times, and come off badly- and unpredictable too. She cowered against the wall, legs tucked in against her body as tight as she could go, until she lashed out with one foot, aiming at the lich's shin and screaming at the same time.

"Somebody help me!"

"Torture? No, no torture here to speak of. Pain, yes, torture, no. But this is necessary you see? I do not mean to appear rude my Lady, but, whether you are interested or not at this stage is unimportant, all I ask is that you relax and this will go smoothly."

Rintho was not well known for his reactions unless focused, so the woman's squeal and kick caught him off guard. He called out in surprised and stepped back away from her, touching his leg briefly.
"No, no, it will not work if you behave like that at all." He scowled again and pulled up his left hand. "If you insist on making this difficult then I will only react as appropriate my lady." He readied earth magic to counter her lightning if needed and approached her. "You need to be conscious for this to work, I am afraid. Here, I'll offer you another chance. Please let me approach you and /do not/ attack me. If not I will have to have you sleep again for a while, then you will be in the unfortunate of waking up with your face to the ground and myself operating on your back. Does that not sound, well, frightfully embarrassing my lady? I would not wish to make you feel awkward."

Rintho's reaction to her sharp kick was pathetically small, and more shivers started to run through Static- did he not feel it? There was no stopping this monster, and he wanted to cut her to pieces, not even while she was unconscious, but /while she was awake/. It just made it worse. She drew her knees up to her chest again, trying to make herself into the smallest possible shape she could.

"Leave me alone, leave me alone," she said, her voice cracking with fear. "Leave me alone, don't touch me, you... /monster/." Even the strongest of people wouldn't have been in a good place faced with such a situation, and stripped of the one asset that made her so powerful, hands tied tightly behind her back, Static was scared, terrified. Despite his threats, she turned towards the wall a little, wrenching her hands round to one side as far as they would go and charging up a little ball of electricity. "Don't come near me, I mean it!" She tensed even more, trying to stop herself from shaking, then loosened the little ball in Rintho's direction, throwing it wildly from the strange position her hands were in.

Rintho seemed confused, was she afraid of him? He sighed again a little, but not before he jolted backwards again, receiving a nick from the blast of electricity, it frazzled and charged within his body for a moment of brilliant pain, until it vanished again. Sometimes, there were perks to having a deadened body, sensing only made possible with the magic that animated him.

"My lady PLEASE would you stop that, it's actually quite painful!" He said, well, even though only for a few seconds."Enough of this." He, stepped forward calmly and clamped his earth-charged palm around her shoulder and pressed the magic forward to help restrain her further, holding the knife in his right hand.
"Relax." Ironic, considering his change to seriousness. Rintho shifted his body around so he was behind her, carefully watching her body for sudden leaps of lightning magic. Then he drew the knife so it just kissed the back of her neck with the tip of the blade.
"Stay VERY still, else you are likely to die. Now, do you have questions before I begin? I am more than happy to answer them."
Yet, his tone was void of friendliness right now, so focused upon keeping his control in tact. Rintho disliked this part, how much nicer it would have been for her to see the /obvious/ goodness of his intentions.

Static thought her ball of electricity might do something, but Rintho was still standing even after it caught him. She looked at him with wide eyes- noone had ever stayed upright after being hit by her- her heart beating like a drum. He was /annoyed/ by it, annoyed that she had tried to hit him, to hurt him, and it had done nothing. She started to channel more energy down towards her hands, but before she could try a second time, Rintho had stepped forwards, his hand heavy on her shoulder. Instantly, she felt the flow of magic halt within her, slowing to a sluggish pace that made her feel like lead inside. She tried forcing it, but nothing seemed to happen, Rintho's earth magic stopping all but the weakest of attempts to repel him.

She froze in place as he stepped around to her back, dagger tickling her skin like a butterfly might a flower; but this was so much more deadly. Her eyes closed and she squeezed them shut, willing herself to stay as still as she could, but she couldn't stop the shudders that still ran through her frame, making the knife press into her skin and make a tiny spot of pain.
"Please," she whispered, her voice wavering. "Please, please, please don't." She scrunched her eyes closer together, feeling tears starting to creep out from between her eyelids.

"Don't cry my lady." He said, ignoring the pleas. Sometimes, sacrifices had to be made, in this case some unwanted human pain. Though she would very unlikely die, well, if his theory was correct.
Rintho made quick work with the knife, sheering away the last of her clothes on her upper back. "I promise I will make up the cost." He added, though this being relatively unimportant for now.

There was an immense pulsing of lightning magic all through her body, fighting against the earth he had sealed onto her shoulder to deaden it, for now.
The objective was to alter her channels of magic, then to observe the effects of channeling water stone magic into the body. If all went well, she would be alive and find herself with a greater lightning power, the relevance?
This would show him that new lines of magic in the body could be created....

Tracing her back with his fingertip he sketched out in his mind where he would make the incisions. Rintho pushed the earth magic stronger, this time not only to stop a sudden explosion of fighting-lightning energy, but hopefully to at least numb *some* of the pain.
He cut the skin deep into her back from the base of her neck, vertically downward until it stopped some ways above her waist, then he made another line from the base of her neck out to her right shoulder. Finally, struggling to keep control of her at this point, another cut deep and from the base of the neck, to her left shoulder so the deep folds of blood formed a "T".

Crying openly now as Rintho cut through her clothes, she couldn't hold herself still any more. The feel of his cold hand seeped its way through the fabric on her shoulder, then on her skin itself as he shifted it slightly, to block her magic better. She felt sick, both at the clamminess of his skin and, worse, what he was about to do to her. Fighting with all her magic seemed to do nothing, she couldn't get past the earth magic he had pinned her with, and even laced with fear, she couldn't stop him as he first followed the arc of her spine with one finger, her own hand touching his for a moment at the base of her waist, where her wrists were bound so tightly.

Although she had been expecting the pain, the horrible sensation of the blade cutting into her skin, it was worse that she had imagined. Fire exploded all along the line that Rintho cut and she screamed, whatever he had done making little difference. Her eyes flew open but she couldn't see anything, just red from the pain. She screamed more as he made a second, third cut, gasping for breath and crying, crying at the terrible pain in her back.

He admired his handiwork, the cuts were clean, sufficiently deep and not at all shaky despite...what, she was crying now?
Well, that was natural, he supposed. Despite his best efforts to console her.
"There, that's the worst of it done, it'll all plain sailing from here My Lady, well, maybe. I am not so sure, I guess we'll just have to find out." He was quite cheery, pleased with his work. Now he had commensed cleansing the open wounds with a length of dampened fabric, and some magic never went amiss as he skillfully pressed his fingers to the certain points of the cuts, applying pressure to instill the magic.

Satisfied with this, he came to his feet and walked around in front of her, to then kneel once again.
"Face me." He said, searching out her eyes with his.

Rintho's words were a fuzzy blur, not making much sense as she sobbed still, the breath catching in her throat so she hiccuped and coughed. She could feel blood running from the long cuts in her back, despite Rintho tending to them with a cloth, warm sticky liquid running over her hands; even if she had the strength to use her magic now, she couldn't, not covered in blood like this- she would electrocute herself, as well as the man.

She whimpered as he pressed the cloth to her skin, its cooling touch also serving to burn as well along her fresh wounds. The tightness in her shoulders was making them bleed more, of course, the way her hands were pulled around to her back, but there was nothing she could do about /that/. She could only sit, head hanging down as she cried and tried to live through the pain. There was a safe place she could retreat to in her head, a place where soft arms enveloped her, and held her close, and stroked her hair and whispered reassurances...

Her eyes stayed closed as Rintho moved round to her front, slowly opening to stare at the floor and then pulled them up to where he sat in front of her, expression blank and exhausted. Her cheeks were shiny with tears, a few strands of hair stuck to her skin and the rest flopping down by her neck. She didn't say anything, just stared, almost seeing through him.
There was a safe place she could go to...

She seemed to be in another world, probably her minds way of dealing with the physical, and situational stress. He furrowed his brow with a hint of worry on his face, drawing a clean cloth from his side he gently brushed away the tears and their lines on her face.
"I told you before, I mean you no harm My Lady, you must rest now for a while, then we must begin in earnest." He placed his left hand on her right shoulder softly, calmly spreading minor ice magic to fill the tissue. "Forgive me; ice is not my forte but it should soothe the wounds a little." He smiled weakly, "You've done well, your pain resistance is good. Though I apologise for any distress I have caused you. Chin up, My Lady. Now, would be a good time to speak if you have any doubts...I am about to send you to sleep for a while so; speak loud and proud."
Rintho was unsure how he felt; on the one hand this was great progress, on the other she seemed rather traumatised and he couldn't understand why. Was he that repulsive?

As Rintho wiped her face clean, Static forced herself to keep her eyes open, not wanting to let go of the present, but also at the same time desperately wishing she could just slip away. If his words were meant to sound comforting, then they were anything but, but she was too drained to react, to let anything more than the knowledge that /there were more horrors to come/ wash over her like waves on the beach. His cool magic felt good on her burning back, but not as good as she had felt a few hours, a few /minutes/ before, when she had been whole. Now she was crippled, both from the wounds he had given her, and the way her magic was still sluggish and slow to respond.

Inside her, somewhere deep underneath the layers of pain, and fear, and hurt, something went out of control at his cool words. She gritted her teeth, eyes blazing with sudden anger at the lich.
"Fuck you, fuck you," she said, quietly at first, then shouting it, giving one wrench at her hands to try and get them free, but only managing to make her back so much more painful again. It made her cry again, tears spilling from her eyes as she looked down, away, ashamed that she could do nothing to stop him.

He dipped his head a little, staying silent and hurt, not that he would show that. That would be...unprofessional?
"Yes, that's what I thought." He chimed solemnly, "Have a good rest My Lady." Then quite suddenly he allowed his hand to pulse the remaining sleeping poison from earlier into her body at the neck. Her exaustion swept in quickly, so he retracted the earth bonds on her wrists and arranged her body, ready to haul away for the next phase.
This had been a success from the magical side of things, though he was not so certain of her mental stability.


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PostSubject: Re: Rintho [There's no fun like experimenting with torture...] Kassandra   Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:26 pm

Rintho had just completed the last of the spell-liquids, vital to this process, the make or break. While she had been "peacefully" sleeping, he'd taken the liberty to work in some more pain dissipating spells to her bare back, then in turn some priming potions to grease up the new magical channels, so to speak. But now, they had to be charged, she would need to do this by herself, this would be an uphill battle if he didn't turn around her intense hatred of him soon enough. He didn't fancy his pleasure at letting her loose and angry on him at this point.

But now, she should be waking up, to find herself now bound at the ankles and wrists, right next to the ethereal glow of the water stone, well as close as possible without /being/ in the river. They were placed at what could only be described as a pavement next to the road of rushing water.
Then he would have to coax her into sensibility...remove the ties...

"My Lady, have you slept well? We do not have much time, unfortunately, but I suppose this means we can finish all the sooner. Just you wait, when this is complete your powers will be twofold...My Lady? Can you hear me?" He bent down a little to examine her, and put his hand to her forehead. She seemed well enough. Unaware for this second she was laying on the floor of a cave, bound and ready to be linked to the water stone. Ignorance was bliss.

Static didn’t look up again as Rintho spoke one last time, flinching as he touched one hand to her neck before slumping forwards as she passed out from his sleeping potion. It was a relief, being allowed to finally slip away into the realms of sleep, and nothingness.

Confused dreams wound their way through Static’s mind, images chasing each other in a slightly disturbing fashion. She didn’t try and chase them though, not wanting to press them and turn them into nightmares. There were good thing present in any case, and she didn’t want to let them go; but as she started to wake, a cool hand on her forehead, they disappeared anyway. Still drowsy and her eyes closed, she mumbled “Armeno, is that you?” under her breath before opening them.
All of the good feeling of sleep evaporated in a moment as she was greeted with the sight of Rintho instead. The last day (or at least, approximately a day, possibly less, possibly more, she couldn’t tell) all came rushing back to her at once, hitting her like a brick. She turned her head away from him, refusing to look at him for any longer, but recoiled towards him as far as her bonds would go at the sight of the river on her other side. The movement of her arms made her shoulders sting, and she realised why her skin was cold and damp- from the spray of the river. That didn’t stop her from flexing her hands and trying to wriggle free of the bonds holding her wrists out in front of her, moaning as the movement pulled on her back.

"Oh, oh so you are awake afterall, this is good news." He nodded promptly and bent over to look down on her again, "Condition is far better, too. Looks like I should explain what you'll have to do...hmmm.." He seemed deep in thought for a few moments before tossing his head back to meet her eyes. "Oh, pardon me my Lady, but it never presented to me, to ask for your name? You may call me Rintho if you wish, it's far more pleasant to the ears than the other curses you've made..."

He cocked a brow with interest, waiting to hear a response, if she could stomach giving him one. Then he would inform her of her task, honestly, all he wanted was a no-hassle affair, but she seemed far more stubborn and...hateful...than many of his other test subjects whom had complied willingly.
"Hello? Are you well enough to talk My Lady?"

She let Rintho's words wash over her; he said she was better, but she hardly felt it. Indeed, she felt weak and sick, probably not helped by not having eaten for a good while, her arms heavy. She looked away from the river in front of her, loathe to look at the lich, but it was better than the horrible rushing current of the water- who knew what horrible things he had planned for her this time. Why else would he have been watching her so closely for when she woke again?

She refused to answer his question at first, trying again to pull her hands free, but it made no use and she gave up, letting out a tired breath. What was the use? He would just do whatever he wanted to her anyway. Maybe he would let her go, or leave her alone, if she complied. Even if he wasn't there, but she was still tied, it might have been a little less awful, than his being there every waking moment.
"Static... Kassandra... Let me go..." she whispered, her voice hoarse from her screaming before, her throat dry.

"Kassandra? What a beautiful name, let you go though? My dear; what a waste of our time that would be. We both know that is a rather absurd idea. Now, listen close and no more complaining, I know you can manage that." He stretched out his right arm and pointed down into the water. "Be careful Kassandra, you're next to the water stone, a hugely potent amplifier for your magical prowess, why, for your safety -and my own- you had to be weakened a little first. You are feeling a little hungry, no? Well, bear with it; you can thank me later. Now, follow my instructions as I tell them to you." He walked closer to the edge and looked down to see the luminescence of the stone.
"When I say so; you will make contact with the water stone and send a pulse of your lightning magic toward it; this should redouble it's power and send it back like a shockwave through your body; this should open up those channels I made earlier in your skin...Perhaps we will have to do this a few times to see that it works...It's simple, Kassandra, do not over exert yourself, oh no, that could truly spell your end...and mine." He smiled cheerfully, "You understand?"

He then tilted his head to the side a little, searching out her eyes with an air of cynicism about him, "Of course to do this...I suppose I will have to release you..."

Rintho drew his right hand into a fist, as if grasping some magic energy before freeing his palm again, instantly, the bonds on the woman's feet and arms were dispelled, he eyed her with caution...

A shiver ran down Kassandra's spine as Rintho complimented her name; why had she given it to him? It was a slim hope that he might set her free with such knowledge, but her hopes were dashed at his next words. She hopelessly listened to his instructions, shrinking away from the water even more as he explained what hid beneath it. If it wasn't bad enough there being so much water around, it had to be a source of power too, a place where she never in her right mind would have let herself end up.

But of course, this hadn't been her doing, Rintho was making her do these things. His words sunk in slowly, her eyes opening wide at the way he coolly told her what she was to do, then outlined the possibility for death without a qualm. It was alright for him though; he was already dead. She had no wish to join him, however. She closed her eyes tightly as he smiled, his pale lips looking strange with the expression. /What if she died, and he still wanted to use her... could he do the same to her?/ It was a fate too terrible worth thinking about. She turned her face to the cool stone underneath her, feeling the heat slowly being pulled from her forehead against the pavement.

When he released her thought, it took a moment for her to actually register; he had set her free? It couldn't be- but there was no more of the pressing weight of magic on her ankles and wrists. Gingerly, she pulled one hand towards her, then the other too as she met no resistance, curled on her front before pushing herself up to sit back on her knees. The movement and curve of her spine make her back hurt more again, but she could hardly believe that she was /free/, and it was manageable for a moment. Hope swelled within her as she looked down at her drawn-in fists, a relieved laugh slipping out before growing into a proper laugh, probably sounding mad to Rintho.

Rintho snorted a little, she wasn't taking to this at all well, he did /not/ like the inane note that sounded through her laugh. He hoped it might pass quick enough, at least she was ready to move and work.
This was not ideal though...
"Kassandra, I do not understand, what is so funny?" He probed, disliking the way she laughed so...strangely. Considering how not long before she had been crying and fearful, she truly was not very good at controlling herself. "Please retain your sanity a little, this experiment is /not/ for the unsafe. You will do far better if you just focus. Now, if you will please just take this..." He snatched up a pole from the ground quickly, not wanting to stay crouched while she was in this strange state, prepared to do anything.
It was long and made of wood, however it was coated in silvery blue all over and faint light welled about it.
"If you make contact with the stone using this, and then send your magic through it...Then...." He cut off his explanation. "Kassandra?"

Her laughter cut off as Rintho addressed her, eyes flicking up fearfully towards him. She shuffled slowly backwards from him, her arms wobbling as she put a little weight onto them, putting pressure on her shoulders. After skirting backwards a few paces she paused, wrapping her arms around her middle and pulling her wrecked shirt close, to stop it from falling forwards any further than where it had slipped off slightly. Thankfully there were still sleeves to keep it on. She didn't move as he bent to scoop a staff off the ground, watching with mistrustful eyes. Who knew what he was planning to do to her next? It was obviously magical, from the looks of it, although charged with what element, she couldn't say. She didn't care; she would let in nowhere near her, not with it being Rintho's, and not with her being free again.

"No," she said, pushing her hands against the ground and wobbling to her feet, staggering as she straightened up properly, for the first time in what seemed like an age. Her spine stung and she ran one hand around onto her back, tracing her fingers lightly along the long wounds across her shoulderblades, feeling the scabs where he had cut her. They were strangely smooth, probably more of Rintho's work. Later, she would cry again when she saw the new lines where scars would inevitably form. But now, she had to try and bypass that hurt.
"I will not do as you say," she said, letting her hand back down to her shirt, pulling it close around her. "You can't make me, and I won't."

Rintho rolled his eyes, then looked at her dejectedly.
"I am patient, but please, don't test me. Are you really that foolish? Why would you /not/ do as I say at this point? I have no desire to make this a forcible process, but if you insist on resisting, then I must insist on pushing you." He stared straight to her, "Will you LISTEN to me? Do you not understand the huge importance of this? Do you not even know /exactly what you are/? Do you not understand the prevalence? Allow me to tell you; this will change everything, you will realise a fuller power you didn't know you had, and me? I will be able to find new ways to use this magic-path creation. No, I am not an evil man but I will do what I must to find a great truth. You however, can choose to keep acting in your small minded way." He was glaring slightly and held the pole tightly, before throwing it down to the ground next to her.
"So what will you do? If you wish to try and escape, to choose the path of ignorance, then understand this, I will not allow ignorance to hold strong in these lands. I will definitely make sure this is seen to completion. So whatever your choice, do it now, we haven't time to grow old...well, you don't."
Rintho exhaled loudly, stony faced and losing his stroke of politeness.

Being called foolish made Kassandra bristle, but the thought of Rintho forcing her further to do what he wanted quelled any words of further rebellion. She took another step backwards at his piercing gaze, wanting to pull her eyes away, but too fearful of whether he might force her further if she looked down. Her fingers curled tighter around the fabric of her shirt, gripping it tightly as he threw the staff he had been holding at her feet. She jumped back a few steps, losing her balance and staggering against the cave wall as she avoided it.
"You won't stop? I don't want this..." she said faintly, sinking to her knees again out of sheer exhaustion. The finality of his words bit into her, scaring her more. "Why do you need to... why... when I don't want anything else." She shut her eyes again, shaking. It was cold in the cave, from the torrent of water rushing past, as well as her fear making her tremble again.

"Can't you just let this go? Why do it?" her words were little more than a mumble; she knew he wouldn't change his mind anyway. He hadn't so far, so why would he do any different now? It was hopeless, and she was pinned in a corner she couldn't get out of.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to take such a tone." He stepped toward Kassandra again, his footsteps soft.
"But Kassandra, you are rare, you are very rare indeed. Maybe you do not know it, but, your abilities are not found in ordinary humans, so if I cannot find out from you, then who? Who could I hope to find to willingly do this? If only you weren't so special then I might be able to find somebody that wished this. Besides. There is no need to worry, if you do as I say, you will, very likely, survive. I can promise you, for all the worth my words are to you at this point, your modesty and life will be preserved."
He looked up into the darker reaches of the cave, the caves were huge, they were mere specks beside the current of water, the ceiling of the cave with pitches of biting points drawn down to them.
"So here is my ultimatum. Do this and live, refuse this and die. Yes, refuse this, and I will strangle you this instant, or perhaps I can drown you, maybe I could overwhelm you with my own magic, or slash your throat. Pay attention to your situation, Kassandra."
Rintho was not a murderer, though, he was bluffing. But his voice dropped like a stone between them, and if he could not hope to reverse her fear, at least he could use it to persuade her.

"But why do you need to know, if there's so few of people like me?" she asked tiredly, not really expecting an answer that would make her feel any better. It wasn't like he was very good at reassurance; she was /most likely/ to survive, but what happened after then? Was he going to lock her away for the rest of her days, experimenting on her until she cracked completely? Or was he just going to kill her and be done with the whole thing? Whichever way she looked there seemed only a bleak future, and for the most fleeting of moments, it crossed her mind that maybe dying during this insane experiment might be the best outcome.

But she was a fighter, and hadn't come all this way to die at the hands of a mad scientist. If she was going to go down, she was going to bloody cause a stir, like nothing seen before. She would not lay down and die. But the thought of dying still scared her, and these hard plans had not set themselves very well when Rintho told her her final decision; do as he said, or die.

She looked up at where Rintho stood over her, leaning her head back against the cave wall and slumping against it, despite the rough rock rubbing over her skin and making the long cuts on her back crack again. Her eyes ranged over the cave behind him, where the river pulsed with an etheral light, then she shut them, nodding once.
"I... I will do as you say."

Rintho didn't bother to answer her first question, all he needed was that approval to continue.
"Well now, that's the change of heart I am looking for Kassandra. Now, if you'll be so kind as to take the pole," He now turned his back on her to walk away a little, still talking as he went, arms wide and moving as he spoke animatedly, with excitement. "Place it upon the stone, get a firm contact, then if you'll send a mild pulse of your magic down, hold it even when the magic flows back with some of the water stones own, hold that as long as you can tolerate and we'll see the effects. Oh how exciting isn't it!?"

He didn't, however, bet on her nature.
"Come on, get up! After this is over and I can test you a few times, you're free to go, well, maybe...depending on our outlook. Can never judge too quickly."

Rintho had quite suddenly begun speaking quickly and frantically, he paused, not bothering to look back to her, too absorbed with analysing the water stone. "Well now? Come, come."

Kassandra sighed and slowly tried to pull herself up the wall, but her wrists gave way as she put any weight onto them, pain shooting up through her shoulderblades. Whatever Rintho had done, it hadn't healed her wounds properly, even if they didn't hurt as much as they had before. She tried again, banging her elbows on the ground when her wrists collapsed a second time and made more streaks of pain shoot across her back. Rintho hardly seemed concerned, wrapped up in his own little bubble of excitement, uncaring. His unsubtle hints to keep her captive longer went no way to try and impress on her to try and get up again, and she stayed on all fours for a moment, trying to regain some sort of strength.

This time she tried a different tactic, sliding her feet underneath herself and pushing herself to her feet without trying to use her arms at all, holding loosely onto her sleeves. She wobbled as she stood, then as soon as she thought she would be okay (as okay as she could get), took a few steps towards where the long shining rod lay on the ground, loathe to pick it up, but having to anyway. She dropped heavily to one knee as she bent to get it, staying there for a rest before struggling to her feet again. Of course, Rintho had no interest in her, just in his sick /experiments/. She would have cursed him under her breath again, but who knew if he would hear her, and change his mind...

Well, that had gone just as well as he had thought; mostly. He could only wonder how much more refinement would have to be done, though. The process was far from perfect, but the goal had been achieved. A new channel of power had opened up down his carved out section, the effects had been impressive though difficult to contain. Exciting, but frustrating, it seemed ten times more difficult to control the huge increase in magic whenever she had attempted to use his crude carving.

Now though, she was resting peacefully in the warmth of an inn. It was dead in the night and only the soft glow of a candle lit the room. She was layed simply inside the bed clothes, himself, sat on his own at the other side of the room, a scroll laid out before him with his ink in hand while recording his thoughts.
Rintho looked over to her body, he had turned her into this place many hours ago to recover. Honestly, he had only been about 70% certain of her survival, so she had done well, he did not say this, though.

That was it, though. He had agreed he'd found all that was useful to know at this point, despite this being a compromise. Ideally, she'd stay a good test subject and continue, but that was beyond her limits of nerve for now, he figured.

Rintho strode over to her bedside, she still looked terribly worn, regrettably, now he'd have to dress the channels once more and then he'd have to let her run away for good.
"Kassandra...Lady Kassandra...It's me." He whispered, then carefully touching her wrist. "I only ask for one more thing, please allow me to tend the channels."

Sleep was good, not only because Kassandra was exhausted, but because it took her away from the horrible reality of being awake. There was only so much sleep she could have though, and she had woken up quietly to her living nightmare a few minutes before Rintho came over to her side, listening to the scratching of his quill on sheets of papers across the room. It was a good, soothing sound normally; but just knowing it meant that he was still there ruined all pretense of that. She would have tried to go back to sleep again, but horrible memories of trying to control the crazy amount of power that had kept being deflected by the water stone decided to creep back to haunt her. So when he came over to her side, she was already awake, if feigning sleep. More the time away from the monster.

She pulled her wrist away from him and tucked it under her, not wanting to open her eyes to see him in front of her /again/, but she didn't want him so close without seeing what he was doing, even if she was powerless to stop him. His white lips and greenish pallor would haunt her for a long time, if she ever managed to get away from him.
"Not as though I have much choice," she croaked. "You'll do whatever you want to me anyway." He had defeated her; there was nothing she could do, except accept the consquences and try to live with them.

"You still seem to be under the impression I enjoy any pain you suffer." He said with a calm hush of disappointment in his voice. Rintho placed his hands alongside her arms and waist, to ease her over onto her front, exposing the raw and pulsing channels.
"You may or may not be pleased to know, it was a success though. With practice you will be able to control these amazing powers, though it may take a long time..." Rintho eased the cap from a prepared vial and teased the viscous substance onto her back sparingly. "Kassandra, why /do/ you hate me so much? Do I horrify you?" He asked innocently, quite unaware of any effect he may have had.

Though he was of course, used to being disliked in many ways, he'd never often had a chance to speak to those that did hate him so.
Rintho smoothed the clear substance over her back, getting a feel for the unusually warm and calloused parts of skin that had healed over the channels, a glow of lightning magic lightening them from the normal skin.
"I don't understand that, really..."

A whimper escaped Kassandra as Rintho turned her over onto her front, promptly turning her head away from him to stare at the wall the other side instead. Her back throbbed horribly, the potion he smoothed across her wounds lessening the sensation a little, but not much yet; it would need a few moments to work. She willed herself to stay still, to not recoil from his horrible cold hands, but she couldn't help flinching now and again anyway.

She couldn't understand Rintho's question at first; how could he not see himself for what he was? But everyone had a polished view of themselves, and apparently Rintho's was a little more polished than most people's. Heh, now was time for her to actually make /him/ hurt a little, even if it wasn't physically like he had hurt her.
"You don't understand? When you've forced me to do... into your experiments, when you've cut open my back without any hesitation? You're /dead/, you should be rotting in the ground, although the worms wouldn't eat you." She balled her hands into fists, shifting slightly to try and release a bit of the tension in her shoulders. "You monster, blinkered for your own /greed/. And you wonder why I hate you. When you've broken my back... for a /hobby/." She bit her lip, willing herself not to cry as her own words sunk home to her. If she had been set apart from most people already, then this would only serve to alienate her even more.

Rintho had to correct her.
"I'll have you know I am no more dead than yourself; the body is a mere vessel for my sentience. It was not intended either, however, it is more useful than you might believe...Perhaps I am not fair in every sense, and you may rightfully accuse me of many things, but greed shall never be one of them." He was speaking the truth, of course, that would not lessen the pain of what he had done. But it was necessary.
Rintho paused, working more of the substance into her back, occasionally sending small sparks of lightning magic to affirm the channels painlessly.
"And, and as a hobby?" He stopped moving his hands, resting them in place and gritted his teeth. Not in anger, but disappointment. How could she so terribly misunderstand?
The work was done so he pulled his hands away.

"Are you quite done Lady Kassandra? I pity myself that I did not make clear my good intentions from the start..."
He felt soured to her, quite wounded, but did not pay too much attention to it. This was all on the path of discovery...

Despite Rintho's affirmations that he in fact, wasn't dead, she wasn't in the mood for listening to him; she didn't think she would ever be in the mood for listening to him. She didn't want to hear about how his undeadness was "useful"; it was foul, and such a thing should never have come about. Whatever he would say, it wasn't going to change her mind; how he could do what he had done to himself, she would never be able to understand. Once he was finished with whatever potion he had been using she rolled back onto her side, pushing herself up to sit and resting her head in her hands.

"Oh, because cutting my back open was of such importance to everyone. 'Specially me." Her words were soaked with irony, and if he didn't pick it up, then he would have reached a new level of social ineptness. Sitting up, she felt dizzy and sick, but she wasn't going to give in to it and lie down so quickly. Why, she had to get out of here, not lie around waiting for Rintho to think of more experiments to try out on her. She pulled her knees up to her chest, resting her head on them so her hair flopped down around her face. Ahh, it meant she couldn't see him.

"Yes, yes it was. That's the entire point...But my words will be wasted on you Kassandra." As such, he did not press the matter any further and instead turned back to her.
"Well then, you are free to go." He said, showing her the door. "You may leave now or rest, but the offer stands. I have no more need of you, please though, please make the most of your new powers. It would be amazing to see what they could do for you..."
He frowned, he'd probably never see her again, but should he have the fortune of finding word of her in the future, it would be intriguing.
"You've been crying to be free for so long, so wouldn't you now like to jump at the chance, go on with your life. There are no hidden strings, I have done all I can, surely."

He looked toward her, only to see her head lowered, so he waited for his answer patiently. Feeling quite disappointed that she would be one of the many others that refused to even listen.

He was going to let her /go/? There had been moments in the past day, or however long he had held her prisoner for, that she had thought he might not let her go, that he might decide to use her again for more experiments. The thought was too much to bear; but no, she was going to be free. She allowed herself a small smile, tucked up in her ball so he couldn't see her, before raising her head to look at him tiredly.
"Whatever you've done to me, don't think whatever I do now is all your doing, your influence. Because it's /not/, I will do as I want." It would haunt her, yes, but she would try and hold it down. "I was fine as I was, and didn't want anything more, and you've forced... this on me." She held out one hand gesturing slightly as to refer to all he had done.

Although she longed to leave, to run from the room as fast as possible and get away from Rintho, she still felt weak and dizzy, and that was just sitting up. However, she wasn't going to let that stop her, if she could fight through it... although, leaving might have to wait until morning. Leaving this instant was probably not the best plan; it was the middle of the night, too. She was stubborn enough to try though.
"Where is my cloak? And my sword?" she demanded. They had been gone the first time Rintho had woken her, and although they had been the least of her worries then, he had stolen enough of her that she would never leave behind her possessions too. "And... a shirt." She put one hand self-consciously around her middle, holding the wrecked garment she was wearing close. Wearing it outside, in public, would never be something she did, even if it meant having to use a spare shirt of Rintho's.

Rintho ignored what she said to begin with for the most part, though looked back when she mentioned her belongings.
"Ah yes, Lady Kassandra." He walked coolly over to the bed he had slept on, kneeling down to retrieve her belongings underneath it.
"Your cloak, your sword..." He offered her, having scooped them up, reading her with a blank face. "However, your shirt, you will have to take care of that yourself. You will do what you want, afterall." Rintho commented, angling to what she'd said earlier. Nodding politely he gathered himself up, brushed off his robes and pulled up his facemask.
"It has been a pleasure to work with one so rare as yourself." He finally added, then tying the other sword, though a rapier, so his side, letting it rest inconspicuously under yet another fold of clothes.
"Farewell, Lady Kassandra." He promptly left the room, shutting the door calmly behind him all expenses paid and with some gold coins left in there to spare, for the new shirt.

Kassandra was glad to see that Rintho had kept her possessions; and rightly so! She pulled her cloak out of his hands quickly, piling it in her lap and taking her sword too, too paranoid to put that down instead, so just kept hold of it. Her face creased into a frown at his following words though, eyes narrowing. Was he trying to make things difficult for her? There certainly might have been a hint of it there, but she couldn't tell, and didn't care enough anyway. Fine, if she had to do it her way, then she would.

She sniffed unhappily at his thanks, her hands tightening a little around her sword as he attached his own to his belt, overly wary. There would be no need for him to use it; but still, his words from the cave before haunted her; refuse this and die. So, he could have done it by sword, as well as knife, magic... She had therefore, although she hated the fact, chosen the right path. She didn't say anything to his goodbye, just watching him as he left, then tugging her cloak around her and sliding back down under the covers of the bed again. With Rintho gone, she was safe, for a while.
That was, unless he ever thought up some other experiment he might like to try. May that day never come.



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"Are you basically Wolverine"

New 1x1's:
Speedplays: OPEN
Groups: OPEN

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