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 Geronimo Bloodmace -- Human

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PostSubject: Geronimo Bloodmace -- Human   Geronimo Bloodmace -- Human Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2012 11:49 pm

Name: Geronimo Bloodmace
Age: 23, born on November 12, 2686
Gender: She finds it quite saddening that she was born a girl.
Picture: Picture Here
Type Of Person: Warrior, blacksmith
Relation To Any Dragons: Orran

HeatBeing stereotyped by her gender
The forgePeople who're too serious outside of battle
Her familyBeing babied/spoiled
The thrill of a good battleInjuries to her legs
Having free time for making weaponsBirds
DragonsGirls who're afraid to fight
BloodFighting against someone who uses magic

Standing straight and tall at close to 6 1/2 feet, 6 feet 3.5 inches to be exact, Geronimo is easily the tallest woman in her entire family line. She is the only female child her parents have, her other nine siblings are all male, and half of them are older than her, five of them are younger than her by a range of up to five years. Her four older brothers have a different mother than she and her younger siblings. Geronimo is the oldest of her father's children by his second wife (he's only had two since he's happy with his current spouse and his first is deceased). Her striking red hair she inherited from her father, and her bright cerulean eyes came from her mother. She is 165 pounds of muscle and lest you think she is simply a twig you can snap in half, just try attacking her and see what she does to you. She wields a pair of maces and the biceps on her arms speak volumes of just how much time she spends exercising and training.

Recently she's adopted an acid dragon and given him the name Orran Bloodmace, as she sees him as more her child than her equal for the moment, eventually friendship will transcend the mother-child bond as said dragon ages.

It sort of goes without saying, but the reasons Geronimo hates being a girl are because most of her family is male, she's usually belittled when people find out her gender, and her features are androgynous which lead most to assume she's a man. That is until she speaks and her voice betrays her gender.

For a person raised with fighting she is alarmingly happy, and unprovoked she acts more like a child at play than a warrior ready to bash in skulls. Despite being a natural redhead, her temper has a reasonably long fuse. Even as a warrior her temper takes some pushing to really make her mad. Once she's mad though, you'd better hide and hope she doesn't find you because you likely won't survive if she does.

As a child and teen she had a close friendship with Silence Firenza, though the aforementioned girl no longer remembers her due to the trauma she experienced shortly before she vanished from the city. Hopefully the amnesia won't last for too long and their friendship can be continued.

Other: For one thing she is ambidextrous: she is at home using either of her hands to write with, and either of her legs to roundhouse kick you from here to kingdom come. She keeps a large predatory cat for a companion, precisely speaking a male jaguar named Achilles that she brought down with her from Golam, the city she was born and raised in. Thankfully Achilles is about ready to leave home so he won't be a bother for long. She also speaks with some sort of mixed Australian/Caribbean accent like most of the rest of her family.

Color -- Deep Sky Blue
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Geronimo Bloodmace -- Human
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