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 Daran -:{The Canary in a Cat Suit}:- (half-elf)

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PostSubject: Daran -:{The Canary in a Cat Suit}:- (half-elf)   Daran -:{The Canary in a Cat Suit}:- (half-elf) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 3:56 am

-:{I'm the Instigator of Underwear}:-


Human: Daran
Elvish: Tithdaeron (little great one)
Nicknames: "Aloran Rostinian Haverdo Julianos", Russell, Canary, Rusty
Age: 30 (appears early 20's)
Birthday: April 1st, 2679
Sign: The scroll| Intelligent and rambunctious. Often are fickle in their ideas and can enjoy arguing with like-minded company. Adore praise and their many lovers. Lightning Stone: More harshly spoken, insightful, easy to love or hate, stand-out appearance.
Gender: Male

-:{Showing Up Here and There}:-


Daran -:{The Canary in a Cat Suit}:- (half-elf) Russ_portrait_by_seroph-d628q92

-:{Uh-Oh! Oh No!}:-

Class: Assassin, Bard, Illusionist, Ventriloquist
Relation to Any Dragons: None
Relation to Any Non-Dragons: Father Unknown - Mother Deceased - Siblings Unknown

-:{I'm Always On a Mission from the Get-Go}:-

Likes: Pretty women, a hot meal, and a solid roof
Dislikes: Full-blooded elves, preachers of "moral rightness", Kaionar, his father (whoever that is)
Allegiance: The Finches
Heraldry: In Progress

-:{So What if it's only 1 O'Clock in the Afternoon?}:-

Physical Description: 5'9", elongated ears that are more rounded and shorter than a typical elf's. Naturally has a dark complexion that gets even darker when exposed to the sun and a myriad of freckles on his face and shoulders, courtesy of his mother. He has medium brown colored hair with reddish lowlights and caramel highlights if he's been out in the sun all summer. Which happens a lot. Daran's eyes are a dark grey color with flecks of silver naturally, but he often "portrays" himself with green eyes. Why? Because the ladies like it. His body frame is narrow and lean, but well muscled. He might not be able to beat a sailor in an arm wrestling match, but he can get himself on top of a roof in the blink of an eye, and that's what really counts in his line of business. He is very sure-footed and agile, and sometimes more glides than runs when he's ghosting over the rooftops or through shadowed streets. In addition, Daran is surprisingly flexible and can get himself into all sorts of strange positions that are normally impossible for the average person. Because of his illusion abilities, he can change his appearance to an extent and uses this ability almost constantly to hide the various scars on his body. Some he doesn't bother hiding, like knife wounds on his arms and hands that are commonly seen with those who get into a lot of close-combat fights. Others, like the large burn scar on the right side of his ribs, a stab wound in his left shoulder, and a whip scar across his back and arms are naturally hidden with his clothing. The hardest one to hide is the ragged scar that runs from just left of the bridge of his nose all the way to the edge of his right jaw over his cheek. This he keeps well-cloaked in an illusion spell that makes the area appear as flawless as the rest of his face.

-:{It's Never Too Soon}:-

Personality: Huge flirt, charming, witty, and generally affable. He'll do his best to talk his way out of a situation, but when that fails and he's clearly outmatched, he is not above picking up and running for the hills. He's an assassin, not a mercenary. His front of cheerfulness serves as both protection and an information gathering aid. People like it when you butter them up first, and it's also easy to redirect personal questions when you act like a bit of a fool. He may seem mindless, but it's all done on purpose. Usually.

-:{To Send Out all the Invitations}:-

History: Daran was born to a harem woman of the Elvish Academy that had fled her native island after conceiving her child. Daran was not her first child, but after spending years in the Academy's harem being looked down on by the full-blooded elven women, she finally left and took one of the oh so precious half-elven children with her. Daran was born on the road halfway between the West coast of DC and Didenne while his mother was trying to lose those that were tracking her. Upon arriving in Didenne however, Daran's mother quickly realized that she had not talents other than the one that she learned at the Academy: whoring. So, that's precisely what she did in an effort to pull together enough funds to make ends meet and support herself and her infant son. As the years dragged by and her lot never improved, she began turning to drink to ease her suffering. Unfortunately for Daran, she was not a happy drunk.

Once he was able to walk and speak and generally fend for himself, Daran was on his own. His mother had slipped into a depressive half maniac dunken state and could barely take care of herself, let alone a young child. When he was seven, his mother fell into a drunk rage and cut a deep gash in his face with a dull knife screaming at him to stop judging her. Since that day, the demons of her past seemed to catch up with her and the fear and anger that she had been harboring from her Academy days began to seep out, all of it directed at Daran. From her drunken ramblings Daran had come to the conclusion of a few things. One, that his mother had been driven insane by the cruelty of the elves in that Academy where she had lived before fleeing. Second, that she had loved his father and he had abandoned them both to this fate purposefully.

On a rainy day in the Capitol, Daran's mother slipped an fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her neck and killing her instantly. This left a twelve year old Daran completely alone, and he wasn't going to any orphanage. He took to the streets where he learned a great deal about his own abilities while struggling to survive. Through some trial and error, he found that he could manipulate the reflection of light and redirect sound. These abilities came in handy when he tried to steal things by mimicking other people's voices, making himself appear blurred out or different, and other small attempts at wizardry.

When he had enough money, he ventured to Kaionar in search of information about his father. Once there, however, he realized that the city where anything was sold at a price was far harsher than Didienne where he'd grown up. His first night in the city he was robbed, stabbed, left for dead, then robbed again. Once no longer in death's clutches, he was more wary of the streets and started job hunting. His illusion skills got him into the pockets of a fair number of people and he was well on his way to getting back everything that had been stolen when he took the coins of an assassin. The resulting near-death match left him with two choices: join the assassins, or have both of his hands cut off for thievery.

Liking both of his hands right where they were, Daran joined the Finches, a small gang of assassins that killed for hire. Surprisingly, his natural agility lent itself well to the task of murder and being part of a gang that dealt in death was surprisingly full of opportunities to collect information. For several years now he's played the part of info broker and kept a thumb on the gossip of the city in hopes that a man who fits his father's description would cause a stir somewhere in their little corner of the underworld and he could finally ask the question that has consumed the majority of his life: Why did you leave me?

-:{To the Last Night of Your Life}:-

Abilities/Other: Because he has never been formally trained with his magic, Daran still cannot quite get the art of copying someone else's appearance down and has to study the person for hours in order to get an adequate resemblance. Making up random faces is much easier, and he has about four in his repertoire that he regularly uses. He also cannot change the appearance of his height, which isn't so bad of a problem. Because of the illusion of shifting, he is often mistaken for a shapeshifter, and he is happy to let others believe that without bothering to correct them. He can also create mirages, to an extent, but doing it in the dark is significantly harder than doing it in the day where there is a lot of light to manipulate. As far as sound goes, he's perfected the art of ventriloquism and can throw his voice across a room with a little bit of concentration. He's he's also very good at creating the sound of footsteps coming from the opposite direction of wherever he's approaching from, and to a small extent can impersonate some people's voices. He has an easier time with men and finds women's voices nearly impossible to imitate. Aside from the personal illusions of changing his face, however, his abilities eat up a lot of concentration and effort. He's very bad when it comes to magical stamina.

Because of his nature as an assassin, he is good at surprise attacks, mediocre at one-on-one hand-to-hand combat, and completely useless in all-out multi-man brawls. His favorite weapons are daggers dipped with poison, and he has a rudimentary knowledge of basic poisons and antidotes. His nickname "Canary" was given to him because of tendency to start singing whenever the conversation reminds him of song lyrics. As an info broker, Daran became paranoid about his real identity being spread around the city so created the alias Aloran Rostinian Haverdo Julianos as his name, which he uses to introduce himself to anyone that doesn't already know his real name. However, he will settle for Russell.

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Daran -:{The Canary in a Cat Suit}:- (half-elf)
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