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 Magic Within Dragons' Cove (Outdated! Do not reference.)

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PostSubject: Magic Within Dragons' Cove (Outdated! Do not reference.)   Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:35 pm

The Magic in Dragons' Cove Super Thread

Welcome, here you will find our full guide to the magic of DC. Magic is the defining feature of this island; it's in the balancing stones, the spells you cast, what magic sub-types those spells are based on, for dragons and non dragons alike, how it affects the landscape and the different potentials of magic. All quite a lot to take in!

Feel free to pace yourself and you do not need to understand all of this before you get started, however for the magic oriented characters, it is extremely useful to have this knowledge firmly in place. So, here we go.

Magic Types

Below you'll find all useable magic types in Dragons' Cove, as well as a short description of what sort of things the types can manipulate or directly affect; it's not always exactly as the magic type implies.
*Note* Indirect effects are not counted e.g Just because your water magic helps a plant grow doesn't mean you manipulate the earth directly like an earth user would.
CRM = Creation, Removal, Manipulation

Basic Types
Basic magic types are easier to learn and use than others, most magic users will use basic types, dragons and non dragons alike. There are five kinds, incidentally, one of each type is used for the balancing stones because of the "reliability" of these types.

Fire - CRM of flames, heat
Wind - CRM of wind currents
Water - CRM of water, humidity
Lightning - CRM of "electrical" currents
Earth - CRM of plant matter (any forms) and natural non living matter

Complex Types
These are magic types are considered composites of basic types. They are harder to use effectively though can have interesting effects, they are not overly rare however.
*Having a character with a predisposition for a complex type does NOT denote an advantage in its constituent types*

Toxic - CRM of plant "Poisons" and diseases
Magma - CRM of magma, melting abilities of any substance (within character's power)
Ice - CRM of ice, freezing abilities of any substance (within character's power)

Advanced Complex Types
Very difficult magic types that can are harder to control but also often draining to use. It is, as with other dragons, easier for dragons born with the type to use. These magics are grounded in the blending of other complex and basic types.
*Having a character with a predisposition for an advanced complex type does NOT denote an advantage in its constituent types*

Blood - CRM of blood in living creatures (within character's power), physical healing effects
Dark - CRM of light, personality/moral dispositions, willpower.
Light - CRM of light, knowledge and memory, consciousness.

Other Types

Dragon Magic Charts

A. The Arcane Stat
B. What can your Dragon do?
C. So...?

A. When you received your dragon you may have noticed that your dragon has an "arcane" stat. This stat directly refers to the magic capabilities of your dragon. It shows how high (or low) your dragon's aptitude to mastering, using or learning magic types/skills is. Here on Dragons' Cove, we specify the types of magic a dragon can learn (or not) but NOT specific spells and such underneath each type; we leave that up to the user's imagination.

With that in mind, respect the stat, 1* arcane dragons have trouble just using their basic magic type, 5* dragons live and breathe their magic.

Also keep arcane abilities in mind whenever you make a non dragon character, so you can get a good balance.

B. What Can Your Dragon Do?

Below is a chart of what the dragons can do in regard to learning abilities or mastering their own. This ranges from the dragons that have difficulty using their native type(s) to those that can master advanced complex magics besides their own.

+ This is not necessarily a measure of how good your dragon is at using magic as a whole. For example, the card dragons fall into the "adequate" category; but they have 5* arcane. Why is this? Their default magic type, fate, is (in theory) a 5* buy so it is very difficult to use and can only be "adequately" used by a dragon of that level. So it may be impossible to "master" but then again, no other dragons can even learn it.

+ What is the native bonus?
A dragon is always naturally better in its native magic type than a learned one of the same points value. It equates to about a 1* advantage. This just shows the natural preference of a breed...and on that note...

+ This system is independent of experience!
If your 5* arcane dragon never bothers to use/practice with their magic, do not be surprised if a heavy using 2* or even 1* dragon one day shows them up.

+ The less points you spend, the more focus will go to the existing magic types.
Maybe your dragon would prefer to specialise on the one type they do have? Or would they prefer to divide their energies into learning all the basic magic types? It's the classic "jack of all trades, master of none" scenario and is entirely up to you.

C. So...?
- Dragons that are quite restricted or even lower will have difficulty fully using their native magic type(s) as it is! They can not learn other magic types.
- Adequate dragons have just enough to do well with what they have, but not learn any more.
- Quite Capable dragons can choose to learn a basic magic type.
- Capable Dragons can choose to learn two basic magic types.
- Very Capable dragons can learn the basic magic types or a complex type.
- Extremely Capable dragon can do the same as above, but could also learn an advanced complex type instead.
- Masterful dragons can also do all of the above, but have yet another point at their disposal

Extremely Restricted

Very Restricted

Ebony Hunter

Shade Runner

Quite Restricted


Spined Shadow

Tribal Battle Blood






Desert Chaser






Volcane Longhorn

Quite Capable






Lightning Storm

Lion Maned


Mist Hound



Scythe Claw








Very Capable

Extremely Capable


Guardian Dragon

Blank Card

So it follows that some magics are easier to learn and use than others, below is a table of the "cost" (in arcane stars) of each magic type. It also shows the minimum and maximum possible "skill" attainable in each. This will depend both on the arcane stars your dragon has and if they focus all their magic on the type (again, this scale is independent of experience).
It works on the same ranking as above from extremely restricted (-3) to masterful (+5), however, with a native bonus (and on a neutral type) it is possible to go to a (+6) in theory.

*NOTE* The native bonus can be used to calculate the maximum skill a dragon can get in a magic type, but the +1 bonus itself cannot be used as an arcane star to contribute to "buying" magic types.

Magic Type

Arcane Stars Cost

0, (Cannot be learned)
5, (Cannot be learned)
5, (Cannot be learned)
Skill Range

Quite Capable to Masterful++
Adequate to Masterful
Adequate to Masterful
Adequate to Masterful
Adequate to Masterful
Adequate to Masterful
Very Restricted to Very Capable
Very Restricted to Very Capable
Very Restricted to Very Capable
Extremely Restricted to Capable
Extremely Restricted to Capable
Quite Capable
Extremely Capable

How Magic in Dragons Cove Works.

1. The Origin of Magic
2. Free Vs Balanced Magic
3. Balancing Stones
4. Balancing Stone II, Corruption
5. Balancing Stones III, Destruction
6. Effects on Creatures
7. Effects on Spell casting
8. Permitted/Forbidden Magic

*NOTE*  You do not need to read through this to begin roleplaying!
In time, you may find it necessary to know the makings of magic in dragons cove, OR if your character is particularly magic-dependent, then, this will be a useful reference.


1. Dragons Cove is a unique island. To the peoples knowledge, it is the only one that innately contains and omits magic endlessly. Before the Arch Magician created balancing stones, this free magic held the island. Dragons have always lived on the island, directly formed from this free magic, however, in it’s raw state this magic is too volatile to make the island habitable for non dragons. This is due to them being misaligned to the islands natural energy source.
Balancing stones use "balanced magic" and so does every practitioner of magic nowadays. Free magic is what "lies beneath" the balancing stones and is suppressed for safety.

2. Free Magic:
+ Unpredictable
+ Volatile
+ Harder to Control
+ Bleeds easily, if allowed to, will leak unless suppressed
+ Poorly understood otherwise
+ In complete disuse (there is no free supply on the island presently)

Balanced Magic:
+ Predictable
+ Moderately dangerous
+ Usually easy to control
+ Does not bleed across the island, has a definite radius of effect
+ Very well researched when concerning peaceful magics.
+ Moderate use offensively

Balanced magic has three main types of magic, basic, neutral, complex. The stones are the five basic types, lightning, earth, water, wind and fire.
Neutral magic is a term given to pure magical energy with zero other properties than its raw power. It often appears silvery.

All other types of magic (light, dark, blood and so on) are called “complex” magic.

Free magic also has basic, neutral and complex forms, but is different from balanced magic because of it’s innate ferocity.

3. Balancing Stones

The Balancing Stones function is to suppress the natural Free Magic of the island to keep the land stable. There are five of them using the least potentially unpredictable/unstable strains of power, lightning, wind, water, fire and earth. Other strains of power such as light, dark, acid, fate and so on (there are many) often have very undesirable side effects. The present stones however usually only affect their environment in a reasonable way. E.g the earth stone has a large presence of forestry and growth surrounding it.

When all five are in place, they create a form of “surface” over the land which prevents the free magic from leaking from it’s presently undefined source.
The lightning stone is located at the end of the tunnels in Celen's Fall
The fire stone is located among the northern desert dragon temples, no specifics given.
The water stone is located in a cavern beneath Tarz that also is the route for their underground river.
The earth stone is located in the central tower of Racksom
The Wind stone is located at the elite barracks HQ of Guardians Peak

4. Corrupting a stone creates a “hole” in the protective magic plate over DC’s free magic. This will allow it to leak out and mix with the balancing magic, hence exaggerating the power of the corrupted stone and so disrupting the island. This in a way, weaponises the stone.
The more corrupt stones, the greater the potential for damage on the island.

For example, if the fire stone were corrupted, this would amplify the fire stones normal magic harshly and result in further desertification than is normal (as every stone has a magical effect on a large area, the island when fully balanced is covered by the five stones completely). Casting fire spells in the fire stones radius of influence WHEN it’s corrupted would likely have more extreme, unpredictable and dangerous effects.

To corrupt a stone...
Focus a very high level of “Neutral” magic onto it, this will agitate it enough that it becomes an ineffective free-magic barrier. It will then, as days go by, gradually allow free magic into the surroundings. This free magic will spread until it comes across a barrier (another non-corrupted stones area) and then it will simply build up in the space that it can occupy, until the power of the free magic is sufficient enough to overpower a non corrupted stones area. This is very dangerous and something the Guardian Dragons know to avoid at all costs.
It would then have a domino effect upon the other stones.

To fix a corrupted stone...
The stone will be fully permeating free magic. To fix the stones “leakage” problem you’ll have to get rid of the pure neutral magic that is stirring the basic magic, so in effect, the neutral magic acts as a bridge for the free magic to escape.
Fortunately, the neutral magic *should* be in small enough quantity that it can be removed without rendering the stone useless
FIRST, acquire a large amount of anti-magic substance. This readily absorbs magic from it’s surroundings and gradually releases it as harmless heat. This can be acquired in it’s rocky form on the nearby charkaros isle.

SECONDLY, melt it down to a liquefied form and entirely coat the stone. The neutral magic should be clinging to the outside first and foremost.

THIRD, leave this until the stone is visibly not emanating free magic; a stone emanating free magic is obvious by the midnight blue mist that thickly surrounds it. This is a sign of a huge amount of free magic energy.

FOURTH, have your most skilful mage cast a re-charge spell for the stone, basically, a powerful spell of the same basic power as the stone, be it fire, earth, wind, water or lightning. The stone will have lost a lot of it’s own element while extracting the neutral magic, but the /further/ leakage of free magic will have been stopped.

BE CAREFUL, casting a spell in such proximity to a huge concentration of free magic is VERY dangerous, use a lower power spell with a mage that has excellent control of their abilities to hold the spell long and steady enough to charge the stone without blowing themselves to oblivion.

FIFTH, don’t corrupt the stone again, noob.

5. Destroying a stone is a simple process for most stones.

Water stone: Cast an equal or greater amount of Lightning energy onto the stone
Earth stone: Cast an equal or greater amount of Water energy onto the stone.
Lightning stone: Cast an equal or greater amount of Earth energy onto the stone.

For the other two, you will need to very gradually release the energy into the surrounding area, this requires a great deal of patience and must not be rushed. This is particularly difficult, as the balancing energy subsides, free magic will want to “bubble up” and will interfere with the steady stream of energy release, with a good chance of creating an explosion of magical energy.
If successful, this extra basic magical energy will eventually evenly disperse over the island and should in itself, be of little consequence (the free magic flood you have just created though, will NOT be of small consequence)
To release energy from a stone, simply coax it out of the stone by using a neutral-type magic ritual that “pulls” the magic away from the stone which is the host of the energy. As you pull it away with the spell, allow it to disperse evently.
Destroying fire and wind stones as such is only for the most elite of mages, and at that, it is suggested to be done in a large group of skilled ritual/neutral users to help keep the release as calm and steady as possible.
Prepare for the floodgates of free magic.

You cannot use the ritual-drawing method for the earth, lightning or water stones.

6. Effects on Creatures

Magic is directly linked to the survival of dragons. Free magic landscapes, based on what we know, will result in larger, stronger dragons with a great affinity for magic. This is due to the simple fact that weaker or misaligned creatures simply can’t keep up with taxing effect free magic has on a creatures body unless it is specifically able to deal with it.
However, balanced magic also has its niche of dragons. Smaller dragons/less arcane aligned dragons can survive on balanced magic as it is not so dangerous for their less well magically adapted bodies. Unfortunately for some of the true arcane master dragon breeds that would have been very large and extremely potent with magic, this tamer magic simply isn’t /enough/ in its power to keep them alive. Hence, a lot of present day dragon breeds are a result of quick downsizing.

7. Whenever a spell caster is in the radius of a particular stones influence, there will be an effect on their spell casting ability, the magnitude of this effect depends on their closeness to the stone. Brackets mean spells that are made weaker.
Water: Water spell power increase, (Earth)
Earth: Earth spell power increase, (Lightning)
Lightning: Lightning spell power increase, (Water)

Fire: Fire spell power increase
Wind: Wind spell power increase

Take care! Casting spells closer to a stone can mean you’ll have more power lent to your spell than you intended, which can give you some nasty injuries if not controlled properly.
If there’s free magic in the area, using magic in general becomes a risky business.

8. Permitted/Forbidden Magic

In Dragons Cove, combat magic, with the exception of elites, is greatly frowned upon and is against the law altogether under some specific circumstances. Interestingly, NO spells have been outlawed entirely. The islands people however show a very large preference to passive/day to day useful spells than spells designed to maim.
Much sooner would a fire user use his power for glass blowing than he would to scorch somebody. This is Dragons Cove, an island that has been at peace for thousands of years.

OUT OF CHARACTER context however, and we as a forum, do not permit the following:
+ Weather Manipulation
+ Teleportation
+ En masse summons. Discuss with an admin/mod before you deem any summoning powers on a character.
+ Time Manipulation

Here are some magics to be wary of, please make sure you have consent from your fellow roleplayers OOC before using these. They may specifically not be called “magic” by their owners, but this is just a matter of technicality:
+ Mind Reading/Control
+ Body Control/Resurrection/Death
+ Seer/foresight abilities

"Use things, not people and love people, not things."
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Magic Within Dragons' Cove (Outdated! Do not reference.)
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