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 Orran - Acid Dragon -Retired-

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PostSubject: Orran - Acid Dragon -Retired-   Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:19 pm

Name: Ore/Orran
Age: 2, will be fully grown by 3 years
Gender: Male
Picture: N/A
Type Of Dragon: Acid, blacksmith's aide.
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Geronimo Bloodmace, at the start he'll call her "mama" then later come to call her his closest friend.
Likes/Dislikes: He seems like like food and Geronimo well enough, but other dragons or people getting too close to his human make him territorial.
Description: He's actually a rather serious dragon for all his companion's laid-back attitude. In his eyes someone's gotta keep an eye on her, so it might as well be him.
Other: With recent events involving the SR, Orran has grown away from Geronimo and her own troubles concerning herself are near causes for him to leave and make his way in the world just to be away from her. Orran subsequently abandoned Geronimo and her militaristic lifestyle to find a place to live away from humans and their hair-brained ideas. It was time to leave the nest anyway, so to speak. Just because Geronimo didn't want a family didn't mean he had to go his whole life living alone!
Size: Small
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Orran - Acid Dragon -Retired-
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