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 Rouz the Rams Horn

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PostSubject: Rouz the Rams Horn   Rouz the Rams Horn Icon_minitimeMon Apr 23, 2012 2:59 pm

Rouz the Rams Horn Ramsho10
Name: Rouz
Gender: Male

Family Tree and Connections: Although Rouz never had any hatchlings to call his own, he "adopted" a child by the name of Dax. They became very close, and Rouz became a parent to him of sorts, as did Ahrora. Ahrora was the love of Rouz, their day to day life in Plurith had seen them grow up together and eventually love one another. Most notably, even when others were already fleeing (perhaps wisely) Rouz and Ahrora were the ones creating a diversion for said others. Unfortunately this saw both of them into death without question.

Rouz was utterly savaged by one Maledictus Eices' clubtail leaders, he did not stand a chance from the beginning but unlike many dragons, was able to resist her somewhat.
At least, Dax managed to escape, whether he lived afterward or not is a mystery, though.

Cause of Death: (Last posts)

Rouz faltered back, the clubtail's armour like scales were unscathed and he was on the severe back foot. With no time to breathe his eyes followed sharply up as the clubtail made it's attack.
But clubtails were ungainly things, not so lithe and fleet of feet as the Euphorns. That aside, the alleyway was narrow and awkward, not narrow enough though, sadly. The clubtail had missed him and he felt the ground torn away from him, every move he made to attack or avoid the brutal claws of the clubtail lost him ground.
Clubtail's didn't need to be graceful, eventually with enough perseverance, something would take a pounding. He reckoned it to be his skull.
That big attack that he evaded gave him the time he needed to flick his eyes to his back, Ahrora was closer to him, but he swore in a second he'd never felt so far away. They were trapped, completely. Anger and deep desperation burned in him as Ahrora's beautiful feathers singed, melted and fell apart, fire licking at her magnificent crimson body before it died out, but the worst was to come. That demon of a lightning storm sank it's cruel teeth into her neck. Rouz heard the scream, but then everything else completely washed out and he stared uselessly at her.
No thoughts passed in his mind, the terror had all but fully muted him, trying to protect him from what was happening.

That wasn't Ahrora, no, not his Ahrora with her neck crumbling under the bite of a larger dragon. Might as well have been a stranger. He felt nothing at all, frozen in his head and body to the spot.
Stiffly he began to turn his neck away from the image burning in front of him, his eyes wide but blank.

Clubtails aren't agile, or greatly perfected on subtlety, their attacks are often lost on faster, fleeter opponents.
Rouz was anything but fast and fleet, he was as good as dead.


Slippery little bastard, she’d get that damned rams horn! Vy snarled when she saw the small dragon back out of range of her attack, effectively cornering himself back into the alleyway. Snapping her jaws, she didn’t even notice that the rams horn had gone completely still but was grimly satisfied when he didn’t move as her paw shot into the alleyway over his head, her long yellow claw hooking the back of his horn-and-face bone plate and she tore him sideways, demolishing one of the buildings that made the gods forsaken alleyway as her paw crashed through it, rams horn in tow. Perhaps she had stunned the rams horn with that, maybe she’d broken his neck. Either way, the pitifully small dragon wasn’t moving when her foot came to a rest on the other side of the now collapsing building and she bared her teeth in delight. Ram her in the chest, would he? The tingle of excess energy pulsed through her and she tossed the dragon in the air with an overwhelming air of maliciousness like a cat playing with a mouse, flicking the limp dragon off her claw.

Planting her forelegs, the clubtail spun on the spot, her heavy tail whipping through the air and smashed into the falling body of the rams horn with a grotesque smack and planted both the plated club and the body of the now very messy dragon corpse into the ground. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the scent of scorched flesh and burning buildings and let forth a torrent of flame on the last remaining building standing before her, roaring with savage delight now that the city was well under their control. Once the building was well and truly alight she licked her lips, the taste of her own fire leaving her mouth feeling a tad tingly and lifted her tail, shaking off most of the dragon corpse she had smashed into oblivion and leaving it as a bloody pile in the dirt. Raising her head above the chaos, she looked at what her fellows had wrought, the village demolished and up in flames. It was a good day.

Turning her attention to what was left of the alleyway, she looked at the pathetic body of the lash dragon that had been the subject of Tabri's ire and simply blinked, dismissing the tragedy. “A grave day when dragons will fight to save their inferiors.” She grumbled her voice deep and tinged with certain weariness. “But a necessary evil to end them now and save them from their ignorance.” Snorting, she turned from the scene and looked around for her sister, wondering where the other clubtail had gotten off to. It was time to wrap things up and gather all of Maledictus Eice so they could celebrate their victory together.

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Rouz the Rams Horn
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