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 Zaffar the Horse Dragon

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PostSubject: Zaffar the Horse Dragon   Wed May 02, 2012 9:42 pm

Name: Zaffar
Age: 45
Gender: Male

Type Of Dragon: Horse Dragon
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Zaffar is a close companion and servitor to Zold
Zaffar, in general, like calm, quiet days. He's much more mild than Zold himself. He likes simple pleasures, like Sunbathing and other ways to stay Warm. He loves wide open spaces where he can run and pretend to fly. In general, he likes nature more than Zold does. Beaches, forests, fields, meadows... all beautiful. Even though he's fairly old, he likes pretending to be able to fly, which is why he likes the wide open spaces and running. He does like having some alone time every now and then. In spite of his destructive capabilities, he likes nature to stay intact. He has a soft spot for humanoid children.
He does NOT like being in the middle of an ocean at all. Beaches are fine, but being on a ship sucks. He's a bit claustrophobic. So, he doesn't get a stable. He's very protective of his humans, Zold and Zold's Daughter, so watching any harm come to them is definitely not something he likes. He doesn't like consuming vegetables; he's a carnivore. He will if he HAS to, but he prefers meat. He doesn't like not being able to fly, and generally doesn't like dragons that are larger than he. He doesn't like dragons that can fly, either. He's rather jealous of that, and can get easily intimidated by larger dragons.
Description: For a Horse Dragon, he's fairly typical. Muscular, aging, fully mature, still strong... there's nothing that stands out about him. No scars or anything that clearly identifies him.
Other: Zaffar DOES have fire magic. He doesn't have complete control of fire, but should he choose to, he can set things on fire with his paws. If he turns this ability on, fires will spring up where he runs.
Size: Small
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Zaffar the Horse Dragon
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