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 Illeana Longclaw:. -Fearless mother (Ebony Hunter)

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PostSubject: Illeana Longclaw:. -Fearless mother (Ebony Hunter)   Fri May 04, 2012 9:28 pm

- Illeana Longclaw –

Where once was light
Now darkness falls

Name: Illeana Longclaw
Nicknames/Alias: None
Age: 34
Date of Birth: 6th November, 2674
Gender: Female
Species: Ebony Hunter

Where once was love
Love is no more

Profession: None
Birthplace: Deep rainforest, near the River Fleetus and Yarrowitz
Faction: Maledictus Eice
Relation To Any Non-Dragons: None; humans are vermin!

These tears we cry
Are falling rain

Eye Colour: Yellow
Size: Medium- 13ft in length to tail tip, 3'7ft at the shoulder
Scars: None

General Appearance: Illeana is a well-matured, adult Ebony Hunter, and has all the power that comes with that. Her scales are pitch black from nose to tail, very small and sleek. In the light, some light patterning can be seen, especially on her sides and neck, where she blends in well with dark backgrounds. Her tail is very long and flexible, and her claws are sharp for gripping and climbing. Sharp spines line her back in a single row, from behind her head, along her back and halfway down her tail. Some smaller spines are also present on her back legs. Her cheeks are ringed with more, longer spines, that make her look even more ferocious than she already is.

Personality: Fierce, protective, sensitive, strict, withdrawn, unforgiving, vengeful.
Protective- Illeana has almost instant loyalty to those she meets; as long as they are a dragon. If you need backup, Illeana is your lady. Other races, she has less care for.
Sensitive- It doesn't take much to wind Illeana up, and she'll growl quickly at anything. She's gotten more sensitive with time, and just needs a soft touch.
Strict- Always strict with herself and others, if she catches someone doing something they're not supposed to be doing, there'll be a scolding coming.
Withdrawn- Illeana doesn't like talking to people, or investing her own opinions in things; if she does, she's quite impartial. She's coy with what others know of her history, and can be downright avoidant.
Vengeful- The only thing on Illeana's mind is revenge against humans. It's the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up; the last before she sleeps.

Strengths: Strong family ties, intuitive, protective.
Weaknesses: Rash, vicious when angered, relies on instincts rather than facts.
Likes: Family, children, climbing trees, nighttime.
Dislikes: Humans, hunting traps, sunshine, excessive noise.
Fears: Losing her family, vulnerability to humans.
Abilities/Powers: Illeana relies on her strength, speed and agility for lightning-quick attacks from the dark. She has next to no magical ability, but her appearance lends her physical adaptions to camouflage almost perfectly against a dark background.

Strength: ****
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Endurance: **
Agility: *****
Arcane: *

And we will weep to be so alone
We are lost, we can never go home

Father: Unknown
Mother: Naroa
Siblings: Three brothers
Other Important Family: Son, Voran Longclaw
History: Most of Illeana’s life has been quiet and ordinary. She grew up happily in the deep rainforest, close to the banks of the River Fleetus, far from human contact. For the first decade or so of her life, she roamed the rainforest with her mother; the two dragons had strong familial ties, and were rarely apart for more than a day or two at most. Naroa taught her to hunt and sneak through the forest, without making a sound, and without being seen by another soul.

In her late teens, Illeana left her mother’s side to fend for herself, the two growing more distant as she became more independent, as her brothers had done before her. Illeana still felt strong ties to her mother however, and the two often met regularly. Other dragons she came across benefitted from her helpful and loyal nature, with the Ebony Hunter always willing to lend a hand to whatever task needed completing. She earned a fine reputation for herself, and many spoke highly of the dragon. She always remained humble and elusive however, showing herself when she wanted to, rather than if she was called for.

Another Ebony Hunter heard of Illeana as he was passing through the area,
Diarr. Acting on the praises he had heard of her, he sought her out; although not without difficulty. She led him on a wild chase through the rainforest, stopping only when he caught her. The first that had managed such a feat, she was instantly fascinated by the strong hunter, who could track her silent trail. They became friends, then lovers. Diarr had an adventurous streak within him, and he encouraged the quiet Illeana to explore a little more; she in turn, showed him the good she had done in one place, and the small wonders of the forest that he had missed roaming around. They were natural partners, and a few years later, Illeana proudly bore him a son, Voran. They lived happily near Yarrowitz, raising their son in quiet peace. Happiness wasn’t to be forever though.

One night, the smell of smoke wafted across the rainforest; careless, or perhaps, coy hunters had set fire to a swathe of trees, sending everything in the fire’s way running for safety. Being the brave dragons they were, the three attempted to slow the spread, but they only found themselves snared in the hands of the hunters. Illeana managed to break free of the chaos, running smoke-blind from the vicious men… and found herself alone, her mate and son lost. She returned to the burnt out forest, but found it empty, not even a trace of her lost family. Hunting for them was useless, but she tried anyway, scouring the forest over and over, and cultivating a strong hatred of humans, for taking away their perfect life with their vicious ways.

At the end of her wits, Illeana joined with the group Maledictus Eice, having heard of their vendetta, and hoping they might help her with her searching… or vengeance.

Other: N/A

So in the end
I'll be what I'll be

Anækileya and Vythiweiah (Capable leaders)

Voran (NPC, son)
Diarr (NPC, mate)


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Illeana Longclaw:. -Fearless mother (Ebony Hunter)
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