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 Feuerzauber -- {Salamander} -- Eddie for short

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Feuerzauber -- {Salamander} -- Eddie for short Empty
PostSubject: Feuerzauber -- {Salamander} -- Eddie for short   Feuerzauber -- {Salamander} -- Eddie for short Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 12:00 pm


On April the 28th, 2697, a creature was brought into existence in a sneaky little magic room. This artificial creature was a fire-spirit, in the shape of a salamander, around 6 inches long from nose to tail. His name is Feuerzauber von Ethrealis (a name he fashioned for himself) but he takes the name Eddie for convenience. He is now a trickster, and is parnters-in-crime with Lusorio, from the Circus. Eddie claims not to know anything about his creator, although the truth of that is unverified.

We are young…

His skin is black, mottled with patches of dark grey and flecks of ask-white, like the embers of a fire. He is covered head to toe in bright orange markings, which glow a little when he uses magic. His true for, however, is a concentrated bundle of magic, so his physical form can become changeable when he is close to a source of ignition.  

So let’s set the world on fire…

Eddie’s greatest love is for mischief. He likes fire, and generally likes people. However, his taste for trickery means he’s not entirely trustworthy – he’ll let someone play with fire without getting burned for a moment, and then bite their fingers, just to see their reaction. He’s not mean, just mischievous, and dangerous because of it. He generally very tolerant, and sees the fun side of almost everything, but as a general rule he doesn’t like dragons. Of course, there are exceptions, but he’d rather not have them around – especially the big ones. Aslo, he cannot hiss, despite his form, and this irritates him deeply.

We can burn brighter…

As an artificial being, Eddie has a strong affinity with magic – fire specifically. His spells are worded in what he calls ‘the language of fire’, and are listed below:

Make fire Tī ceyya
Stop fire Tī niṟutta
(don't) Burn him (Illai) Avarai erittu
(don't) Burn her (Illai) Avaḷai erikka
Calm fire Amaitiyāṉa tī
Dance with fire Tī naṭaṉam

He cannot use any other magic types at all, nor can he perform very powerful fire spells without exhausting himself. I will include translations of any spells of course, these words may simply appear in his dialogue from time to time.

Than the sun

Feuerzauber -- {Salamander} -- Eddie for short Salama10

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Feuerzauber -- {Salamander} -- Eddie for short
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