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 Cruinne - the beauty of the Cosmos - Night Dragon

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PostSubject: Cruinne - the beauty of the Cosmos - Night Dragon   Tue May 29, 2012 11:02 am

Name: Cruinne
Gender: Female
Age: 10, fully matured (in all her glorious naivety)
Birthday: March 24th 2699
Species: Night Dragon
Size: Medium

Cruinne is a radiant dragon who literally seems to shine from within, the glow and the beauty of the universe pulsing through her, almost personified in her species. She loves beauty and whenever it is possible, she tries to distinguish exquisite traits in everything, especially herself, but the latter is obvious. Everything about her is spotless, down to the claws she rarely gets dirty, even when it is rainy and muddy outside.
No matter what the conditions, she almost looks as she has just been perfectly groomed and pampered.Presentable is how she wants to appear in the very least if people cannot open their eyes wide enough to realise that she is the most breathtaking creature to walk the face of the earth and that they might never encounter such a stunning being such as herself.
Despite the fact that her wings are rather fragile, she is perfectly able to fly, ‘mostly propelled around by magic and fairydust’ (Aero).

Her lair, situated in a graciously large cave close to the Amelle Falls – the most beautiful place in existence, in Cruinne’s opinion -, is adorned with only the nicest things, including lovely carpets as well as an actual bed. The most eye-catching of all things is a huge mirror taking up a large portion of a wall, which she loves to contemplate her own reflection in. However, she refuses to hear that she actually is narcissistic even though a blind dragon could spot that from miles away.

Being the vain dragon she is, she has her nose up in the air quite a bit but if one catches her on a good day, she might just as well be inclined to make someone else shine as much as she does. Her arcane abilities allow her to turn anything that does not live up to her standard of beauty into what she wants it to be. Flowers open wider in her presence; the sun seems brighter; diamonds shine even more brilliantly, if she wishes to grant her special ability upon others. Of course, she would never overdo this, not wanting anything or anyone to be more beautiful than her. That would only defeat the purpose now, wouldn’t it?

However, every positive aspect has its downside as well. As beautiful as she may be when everything is in order and she is happy, as much it can turn into the exact opposite when everything turns to crap. Should Cruinne ever be in the presence of evil, sadness or an outright war, her beauty will turn into the opposite; her luminance will turn into dullness, as will her abilities turn into the opposite of what they are. Thus, instead of maybe being able to remove a nasty scar from someone, she would be able to inflict them herself, not by the ordinary means of taking a weapon to her opponent’s skin but through magic. The sadder she is, the worse she feels, the more she will start to wilt and thus the world around her will go to a waste along with her.

She has not encounter many people or dragon in her relatively short life.
So far, only Oros has had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting her.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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Cruinne - the beauty of the Cosmos - Night Dragon
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