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 Sa'am - Acid is such a hazard - Acid Dragon

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Sa'am - Acid is such a hazard - Acid Dragon Empty
PostSubject: Sa'am - Acid is such a hazard - Acid Dragon   Sa'am - Acid is such a hazard - Acid Dragon Icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2012 1:02 pm

Name: Sa’am
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Birthday: September 5th 2701
Species: Acid Dragon
Size: Small

Sa'am - Acid is such a hazard - Acid Dragon AcidM


The male acid dragon is a very young dragon still and even though he is fully grown, he has not yet reached full adult mentality but is stuck somewhere along the lines of younger teenage years. Learning as he goes, the dragon has lost his parents by accident when he got separated from his family during a bear attack when he was about 3 years old. All the other younglings from the nest have been eaten and thus it was assumed that he had died in the attack as well.
Mourning, his family did not want to stay at the place of horror and have moved on, leaving the young Sa’am to fend for himself. At least by then he had been old enough to have been taught how to hunt for food, how to hide and how to generally take care of himself. However, he had not been taught much else besides basic survival, which, in his opinion, was already better than nothing at all. After all, he could have been a bit quicker in developing, maybe then he would have been taught a bit more.

Sa’am learned to deal with being on his own fairly quickly and he did not waste time sitting around and whining the loss of his family. He did not chase after them either but simply settled into his fate. Should he ever encounter them again, all for the better, if not, then so be it. There was no need to sit around crying when it didn’t solve problems anyways. He may have come out unharmed by the bears but most ties relating to empathy had been snapped.
The young acid started to roam around the wilderness and is picking up bits and pieces of knowledge here and there. He never gets too attached to anyone in particular; often they are merely companions on a part of the journey that is his life. It is not that he is uncaring, he merely tries to be indifferent to anything that might affect him too much. Deep down, he does feel hurt for being abandoned but he would never act upon it. What happened, happened and nothing is going to change that. So, even if he might appear overly callous towards the outside, he is not unfeeling, just not really interested in other beings. For him, it is a sort of self-preservation not to be too close or too interested in other beings.

Sa’am rarely gets really excited about stuff though he enjoys experiencing new things and is eager to learn. Maybe he is a bit of a contradiction all on his own but he doesn’t much care what others think about him, or that’s what he keeps telling himself. He is very easily embarrassed when things don’t quite happen the way he wants them to. And that is the case most of the time, especially since he doesn’t have a grip on his magical abilities. These abilities tend to show themselves when he least wants them to and he has more than once given himself pains over trying to conceal the random toxic drippings from places all over his body. The embarrassing moments at least make him forget that he wants to shut himself off from most of the outside world and make him far more approachable than in his normal state.

All in all, Sa’am is a bit of a hazard when it comes to using his magic. He neither has full control nor does he really know what exactly it is he can do and he doesn’t even know what brings them to the foreground in the first place. The acid is most prominently dispatched through his mouth by biting and licking but there are other pores along the poisonous green bits of his scales that exude acid as well. Why that is or how it is supposed to be operated, he has not quite figured out yet but he is working on it.
What he does know though, as that happen in a very unfortunate incident with a lovely lady dragon who afterwards despised him, he can spit acid like an angry llama, and quite far too! Unfortunately, his aim is a little off…

Biessend - a Fume dragon
Ciqala - a homunculus whom he encountered while running from a murderous Clubtail dragon
Selene - a human whom he encountered while running from a murderous Clubtail dragon

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Sa'am - Acid is such a hazard - Acid Dragon
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