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 Sincostan ~ Mathematician of Dragons Cove

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PostSubject: Sincostan ~ Mathematician of Dragons Cove   Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:05 pm

Name: Sincostan (sin-COSS-tan) Nicknamed Sin.
Age: 18- though it would seem not fully mentally matured just yet
Birthday: March 14th, 2691
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Type of Dragon: Tear dragon, mathematician
Relation to any non-dragons: None
Likes: Maths, talking, using magic, being listened to, rain, anything which can capture his attention briefly
Dislikes: Not a lot.
Description: Most of Sincostanís body is covered in leathery skin. Itís largely dark blue, with markings in pale, icy blue- mostly on his belly, neck and feet. His wings are feathered, the backs the same dark blue as his body and the undersides lighter. His tail is covered in long, silky hair- overall a mid blue, though the shades are varied. Itís the lustrous quality of the tail which makes it so valuable on black markets- along with its magical properties, of course.

Anyone who gets annoyed easily would be well-advised to stay away from Sincostan, because if thereís one thing you wonít catch him doing itís being quiet. Itís difficult to get more friendly, optimistic or enthusiastic than him. No matter what, heís never going to regard anyone as an enemy, and heís always happy to help, especially if it involves using his powers or maths. He might not seem it, but heís a genius mathematician, and much of his spare time is spent setting himself problems to solve and trying to discover new mathematical rules. Part of what makes his constant speech unbearable is that he talks so fast itís indecipherable half the time. His accent certainly isnít to be found anywhere else on Dragons Cove, including with his family.

Being a tear dragon, Sincostan has hugely powerful healing magic. Just a few of his tears will cure nearly any wound or disease, although he is unable to restore energy to a physically or magically exhausted person. The magic in the tears dissipates quickly, however, and so they cannot be kept bottled for long without a spell of preservation on them. His magic will generally fill as many tears as he can produce at once- while he can cry on demand with no problems, itís not easy to keep it going infinitely. This abundant supply of magic arguably makes tears more powerful than Euphorns or lifebloods. It is also extremely difficult to harm a tear for long, as pain will probably make them cry like anyone else, even if they are not in a rational enough state to make themselves do so.

Sincostan is an ?.
Other: Sincostanís life is extremely inconsistent. His family mostly live in the Tarz and Harglen area, near large rivers and well away from the Healer Triad Worshippers. However, Sin was never one to settle anywhere and travels as it takes his fancy, sometimes spending time with other dragons and sometimes with humans. He has even been known to sneak into the midst of Healer Triad Worshippers while they sleep and leave feathers lying around, as he finds it amusing how reverent they are of his breed. He doesnít like to spend long alone, but for some reason people rarely want to stick with him for long, and so heís always touring for new friends. He doesnít mind- as far as heís concerned, he has best friends all over the island.

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Sincostan ~ Mathematician of Dragons Cove
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