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 Demi || Sweet Courier || Desert Chaser

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PostSubject: Demi || Sweet Courier || Desert Chaser   Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:26 pm

Name: Demi

Age: 22 years

Hatchdate: April 16th

Gender: Female


Type Of Dragon Desert Chaser

Relation To Any Non-Dragons: She is familiar with all kinds of people, most notably scholars both in and out of the field. She is a courier, and runs not only messages, but materials back and forth between people.


Demi might never have left the desert were it not for her incredible curiosity. It had gotten her into loads of trouble with her pack, but scolding and punishment had never diminished her growing need to entrench herself in mystery. She met a scholar in the desert, and over the course of the man's research, was his continuous companion. Her pack after waiting for her for as long as they felt the need to, moved on and although Demi was distraught, and initially tried to follow, she found herself backtracking to the scholar. The man had felt awful that he was the cause for her abandonment, and promised her to take her with him.

This delighted Demi more than the scholar knew. She'd always been curious about life outside the desert, and she figured she wouldn't have to choose a mate and start a pack either. Demi was not comfortable with the idea of becoming a pack mother, or doing anything more than just running and sticking her nose into mysteries.

The scholar introduced her to another and while the men and women reveled over her (for Desert Chasers normally kept to the Desert), she reveled over them. There were all kinds of non-dragons and she hadn't been aware of them. Eager to learn more about these non-dragons, about the lands outside of the desert, she gladly became a courier between scholars, the occupation suggested by a rather melancholy avian.

Throughout her years as a courier, she learned more and more, her naivete developing into a sweetness as she became aware of things.

Demi, at 22, is a pretty knowledgeable Chaser, and one fast dragon. She has seen and met all kinds of people and dragons and has tasted all kinds of foods. She'd even learned to read, though writing must be done through a second party. Her upbeat attitude and her insatiable curiosity endears her to many, and although she is no longer that curious youth that left the desert, she is still ever willing to learn. She is innocent of battle, though not ignorant of events that happened around Racksom and Plurith.


Demi is a fully grown Desert Chaser, though smaller than most males of her species. Her coloration is a sandy brown with darker brown markings throughout her body. Her mane is a dark brown and wreaths her neck. Feathery and soft, it extends down her chest to peter out near her belly. Her face is slim, with dark brown markings down her nose, and her eyes are amber in color. Her tail is long, with a long tuft of sand colored fur at the end. She uses it to help her turn and keep her balance as she is running. She is lean and healthy from her active lifestyle, running to and fro to deliver messages. She is completely furry, from head to toe, and it makes her one of the odder dragons, having no visible scales. However, she is indeed a dragon, if her long neck and ability to speak sway the matter any. Her teeth are made for meat eating, pointed, with large canines dominating her mouth. She has a broad flat tongue, that sometimes lolls out of her mouth if she is particularly tired or hot. She cannot fly, but she can run very fast, as indicated by her long, strong legs. She looks sleek, and is well taken care of by the people she carries messages and materials for. She rarely extends her claws for anything but traction or braking, but when she does, they are revealed to be long and sharp.


Sweet as can be, she is a little oblivious when it comes to being social with other dragons. She always seems to be couriering something or another and rarely has time to refine her abilities at communication. Hence, she has very few actual dragon friends, though she has a plethora of non-dragon friends. She simply does not have time.

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Demi || Sweet Courier || Desert Chaser
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