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 Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss, Benevolent Council Cow

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PostSubject: Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss, Benevolent Council Cow   Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss, Benevolent Council Cow Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 9:19 pm


Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss

~Picture coming here!~

Name: Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss (SKELL-off SHIV-more-uh YEH-riss)

Age: 25

Birthday: 17th November, 2683

Gender: Female

Type of person:High Council Member

Relation to any dragons: Acquainted with many dragons of high status, uses a network of scroll dragons as spies, has met several of the guardians upon occasion.

Likes: Cleanliness, respectful people, order, power, Didienne, luxury, ordering servants around

Dislikes: Mess, disorder, insolence, other council members, guardian dragons, royal family, sexism, her critics.

Description: For years, Skeloph has groomed herself to look as immaculate and imposing as possible, with the help of her devoted maid Anakaria. Now, she has a team of maids overseen by Anakaria to assist her, and so it is a rare event indeed to see her with a hair out of place. She’s extremely pale for a woman of Dragons Cove, taking care to remain so in order that she does not appear to be a common outdoors worker. Usually coifed elaborately, her hair is chestnut and when loose and left alone, has a slight wave down to her waist. Her eyes are a fairly cold shade of blue, though not an uncommon one. Her clothes are always rich, usually a floor length dress with a tight bodice, large, flowing skirts, long, tight sleeves and a corset underneath. Even if the style varies, there will undoubtedly be plenty of embroidery, pearls or some other such decoration. Matching jewellery will always be worn. Her movements are extremely stately and graceful, a result of many, many hours of practice.

To match her appearance, Skeloph has an extremely formal attitude to life. She expects far more than is reasonable from everyone, including herself, and frequently she is the only one who fulfils her demands. While she always appears unruffled, she’s extremely easy to anger and not somebody you want to. “Forgiving” is not the first word you would associate with Lady Yeriss. But even if she isn’t the most friendly or approachable and she will always prioritise herself, she’s far from evil. The decisions she makes are calculated to comply with her wishes in the way she considers best for Dragons Cove. As far as she’s concerned, everything she brings to the High Council is good.

Perhaps her most unique trait, however, is a complete inability to feel fear. Unlike many others, this doesn’t mean she’s simply exceptionally brave- an issue in her brain means that she physically cannot be afraid. This means that it’s not an easy thing for her to stay alive- natural instincts guarding against risks simply don’t have the same effect, and she wouldn’t think twice about acting however she wanted to those more powerful than her. What it does mean is that she is ruthless and determined. She can feel all other emotions without difficulty, but she has schooled herself not to particularly care, leaving her extremely efficient and very good at what she does.

Skeloph is an ENTJ.

Other: Skeloph would like to think that it was purely her own work which put her in her lofty position as one of the High Council members who essentially rule Dragons Cove, but the truth is that she was helped along her way from birth. A member of an aristocratic family, her father was a member of the High Council and thoroughly displeased when his firstborn was female. As stubborn as his daughter after him, he went ahead and named her after himself, Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss of the High Council. Shyvmore was a traditional name in the Yeriss family, which tended to name its children after their ancestors, but Skeloph the Elder’s parents broke the mould in using a new name for their son. He was not so individual.

When Skeloph was only 17, her father passed away from an unpleasant infection, leaving his Council seat briefly up for grabs. Seeing an opportunity for the power she so desired and was denied due to her gender, Skeloph took her father’s documents before they could be reclaimed by the Council and barged her way into the seat, claiming truthfully that the documents named Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss as a Council member. Her mother was mortified, even though Skeloph the Elder likely would have been proud. Skeloph the Younger paid no attention to her family, and through the next eight years her influence only increased as she created a network of informants, mages, allies and all sorts of other useful people to assist her as she deemed fit in her mission for power.



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Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss, Benevolent Council Cow
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