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 Lusorio ~ The Playful Jester

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PostSubject: Lusorio ~ The Playful Jester   Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:27 pm

Name: Lusorio

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Type Of Person: Jester, Pyro

Relations: Feuerzauber von Ethrealis (aka Eddie) Is his shoulder-buddy, the two are often seen together

Appearance: Standing at around six feet, Lusorio is quite tall for an acrobat of his caliber. Not muscular, but lean and toned, with lightly tanned skin. His fingers are long and thin, and his body is dexterous enough for him to bend in all manner of ways. His clothing consists of a matching set of a sleeveless shirt and shorts, made of patches of yellow and orange, with detached leggings and sleeves joined by leather straps to the shirt and shorts. A pair of black gloves cover his hands, and curled shoes to match his clothing adorn his feet. He has a variety of masks that he wears, so his face is never truly showing, and he wears a tri-pointed hat. Bells can be found all over his body, making every movement audible (which confuses many, as he has a habit of popping out of nowhere and catching people off guard). Tied around his waist is a simple-looking leather bag, whose true identity is more than plain; He carries the Bottomless Bag, a magical artifact that allows him to store an insane amount of oddities inside of it.

Personality: A helpless prankster, Lusorio has a boisterous, infectious laugh, which sometimes is directed at the people on the business end of his tricks. He gets a real kick out of tossing random bombs at people, which can range from harmless gags to startling surprises. He has a bad habit of popping out of nowhere, saliently, then scaring people senseless. However, he is not a hateful person; you would be hard pressed to find someone Lusorio has a grudge against, and he's actually very friendly, he just shows it a bit more violently than normal.


Other: Lsorio is a renowned pyrotechnic, being able to create a variety of explosives ranging from bombs to fireballs. He's also the owner of a Bottomless Bag, which allows him to store an almost limitless amount of oddities inside.

Dragons; Frost Ericius Typhon Suji Biessend Lefiria

NDCs; Kagan Lusorio Veces Inuin Underlund Intolo
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Lusorio ~ The Playful Jester
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