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 Lourna Krishnev -- Surah Pride!

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Lourna Krishnev -- Surah Pride! Empty
PostSubject: Lourna Krishnev -- Surah Pride!   Lourna Krishnev -- Surah Pride! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27, 2012 3:21 pm

Name: Lourna Krishnev
Age: 18
Date Of Birth: September 20th 2691
Gender: Female
Picture: None Yet
Type Of Person: Surhanian, specifically a Baker when not working for the Archery Unit
Relation To Any Dragons: Sinyaya Krasota is a baby Night dragon that recently has become part of her family, anyone with the privilege can call the little one Yaya.
Likes/Dislikes: When things turn out the way she wants, not having idle time, practicing her archery/anything else she's learning. Being ignored, things not getting done right on the first or second try, men with no common sense or sense of pride.
As a born and raised Surah, naturally she's boar-headed and tough as a railroad spike. According to her mother, if asked, she's an awkward bean pole with no coordination. Then again most assume her mother is dead because she's kept locked in her own chambers, the cause for this is because after her father died her mother lost her sanity. At this point the verdict is that she's passed on, but the cause is up for speculation. She has a somewhat prickly personality, which doesn't gain her many friends outside her Unit, but it keeps her from getting distracted from her goals. Her life-long goal is to gain prestige in the army, despite looking like she has no idea what she's doing. The word 'limit' has no meaning to her, and that goes for her entire life not just her career. The only thing that she has paid any serious attention to lately is the hatchling she found in her kitchen one afternoon. Despite originally thinking the dragon would just be a giant pet, she was quickly proved wrong and intends to make her into a model Surahnian some day, when she's big enough to fight. It would be a waste if she didn't train the little creature.

Aside from typicalities in appearance, her eyes are a very dark, rich sapphire blue. She's a somewhat late bloomer, and is still growing into her body in a manner of speaking. Being somewhat tall at five feet tall and eight inches, she still has a small way to go before she's finished growing. Compared to a handful of others her age she's not very much to look at, but she won't let that stop her from embracing her gender. Her face is emphasized by high cheek bones and an angled jawline with alert, expressive eyes. While she hasn't finished growing, she's still a tad bit too slim for her height, mostly due to her habit of missing morning meals in favor of training. Ask any young man though, and you're likely to hear that she's just as attractive a girl as any other despite her flaws.

A new twist has recently been added to her life in the form of being ordered to run a bakery, courtesy of Surahnian officials. Despite having very little idea of how to run such a complex business, she now has what she would call "a priceless opportunity" to learn. It is a very difficult career that she's now been saddled with, but for the sake of her dignity and her family's honor she WILL make it work or die trying!


Color -- Spring Green
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Lourna Krishnev -- Surah Pride!
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