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 Niklas -- Honourable Warrior (human)

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PostSubject: Niklas -- Honourable Warrior (human)   Niklas -- Honourable Warrior (human) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 10:49 pm

Niklas -- Honourable Warrior (human) Andreas-wiig_03-1

Note: Obviously this isn't what he typically wears, this is just a portrait reference for his face. x3

Name: Niklas

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Type Of Person: Warrior

Relation To Any Dragons: None


Niklas's jaw is square with hollow cheeks that most often is covered by stubble and a broad nose which just barely points upwards with a straight bridge. His eyes are a bright blue, though when the sun hits them, become icier. They're oval shaped, but taper towards the ends making them appear slanted. His eyebrows are blonde and straight; always furrowed into a stern look. The most defining feature however, may be his wide lips that are slightly full. It's the only feature that is softer than the rest which creates a friendly impression of his looks despite his intimidating size, deep voice and other sharper features. He stands at six foot three with broad shoulders which is quite similar to many of is friends and family of his tribe. His frame is naturally large and with much exercise and training that he received since he was a boy. He maintains a quite athletic build and weighs about 200 lbs. Unlike his father, Nik's hair is sandy blond that falls a bit past his chin and kept in a tamed mess.

He wears a pair of brown trousers with a large belt fastened at his waist, carrying several knives including his sacrificial knife and his long sword that has a a worn leather grip at it's hilt. His fur trimmed boots are of black leather and slightly worn from much use, though still remain as sturdy as when they were first made. On his torso, are scars from battle, much of them given from swords and knives across his chest and stomach but remain hidden under his blue shirt and brown leather armor. His arms, however, remain exposed more often now that he is away from the Ice Plains and are just as riddled with scars as his chest. Leather vambraces that are engraved with runic designs are buckled at his wrists, and during colder weather, a brown cap is fastened by a silver artisan buckle. Despite carrying his sword and knives, he does carry a quiver of arrows that is strapped across his back as well as his large bow which are both kept hidden under his cape.


Niklas's cautiousness is easily mistaken for him being reserved within a crowd of people he is not familiar with, but it hardly takes much talk for him to get comfortable with anyone. He loves people, and makes the effort to keep a welcoming smile when he wishes to meet knew people or vice versa. His roaring laugh is quite infectious if given enough beers or heard a remarkable joke and he is known to be quite childish in terms of pranking around with fellow friends and younger children. A kind soul he is and extremely loyal to his family, friends and allies. Never will you see him back down cowardly at any given chance. His charismatic aura encourage warriors to follow him, but his modesty refrains from taking a leading position unless given to him by an authorized higher power.

In battle however, he is very different. Though understanding of the needs for his fellow warriors, he is harsh, and the seriousness in his eyes accompanied by the anger for his enemies can be quite ruthless looking. He has the true warrior soul in him, and is a monster in battle with the swift movements of his sword and the silent arrow that flies to his target. Even if he were notorious as a fighter, he refuses to act like a barbarian and gives utmost respect to his authorities and even his enemies as well. He will never butcher unnecessarily, and he will never wish anyone evil on their livelihood. That was how he was raised, and that is how he would intend on remaining for as long as he shall live.


Niklas was born and raised in a nomadic tribe within the Ice Plains, where the environment is cold and harsh. it was necessary for every person to learn how to survive on their own both with hunting and gathering skills and combat at a young age. Men and women learn to cook, sew, gather, and repair things such as fishing nets, clothes, and anything else of the like; all through their mother's wisdom. Every year a large ceremony is held for the children who reach of age where it is time to take responsibilities of an adult. Each child must sacrifice a large animal, drain it's blood, and gut it without the aid of an adult. After they succeed, they are given the knife they used to sacrifice the animal, and officially begin their combat, and hunting training. Of course some children were more ambitious, much like Niklas, and he always tried to train with any weapon he could find, and tempt his father to teach him. Not wanting him to burden his son with the responsibilities of an adult, his father taught him merely the basics, but never spent enormous amounts of time training his son for battle until the time was right. That never did quite stop Niklas, and very often he would set out on his own to seek and adventure.

Once the day came and he passed the test, Niklas was able to begin hunting and fighting, and it was decided that he was old enough to join the tribesmen in hunting. Within the first few months of his adulthood, he began intense training and tried hard to never disappoint his father. He learned to properly hunt and in fact became an incredible marksman as well as good swordsman. However, the people of his tribe were not one for just brute force. Along with the training came knowledge of battle strategies as well as the terrain surrounding the tribe's people. It was important for them to be prepared for anything, being nomads, and despite not having to take part in larger wars, there have been battles from rivaling tribes which Niklas has always fought right on the frontlines. He became stronger by the day; shaping into a fine warrior that any father would wish for in a son. He was smart, a sharp eye, and quite strong, which mad him desirable for any type of work that needed to be done for the elders whose skills became of no use with their frail bodies.

As soon as their first year had passed, both girls and boys are sent out into the wilderness with their ceremonial knife from the sacrifice and a simple fur cape to survive on their own. Teaming up wasn't allowed, and they had to survive until the end of the winter. Those who returned would become a Man, and in the case for girls, Woman.

Of course Niklas returned, along with a few other Men and Women who passed the test out of the whole bunch they had set out with in the beginning of the winter. A celebration was held, and every Man and Woman who returned from their trek would be tattooed with the symbol of their tribe. The Men had it tattooed on their chest while the Women had it tattooed on their right arm. Nik continued his training with his father to form into a fine warrior, and defended his tribe from rivals and other sorts of danger.

As the Surhain Rebels threaten the peace of Dragon's Cove, Niklas was inclined to join the battle for the DDC, not only to prove his loyalty to the DDC, but to bring honor to his family bloodline and fight for the righteous cause. After gathering a few other tribesmen, they had set out to Shayenne on horseback, leaving his home in promise of returning with a victory.
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Niklas -- Honourable Warrior (human)
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