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 Evgenii Adroa || The flower to Atoro's cactus || Human

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Evgenii Adroa || The flower to Atoro's cactus || Human Empty
PostSubject: Evgenii Adroa || The flower to Atoro's cactus || Human   Evgenii Adroa || The flower to Atoro's cactus || Human Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 11:36 pm

Name: Evgenii Adroa

Age: 25

Birthdate: September 4th

Gender: Male

Picture: Click here

Type Of Person: Surahnian

Proficient in bows, he's not the standard Surahnian, but he has yet to feel inferior because of it. Always smiling, always laughing, he can't be demeaned.

Relation To Any Dragons: None


He's known as the smiling Surahnian for a reason. In old Surahnia, there was nothing to smile about, yet he could always be counted on to be grinning at something or another. Always high in spirit and optimistic, it's hard to imagine Evgenii as anything but pleasant. He smiles because the alternative sounds like it'd take too much of his time. He'd rather be going forward than living in the past. Hence, he doesn't talk much about what happened in Old Surahnia. He has yet to even divulge what happened to his family, but it's not too hard to guess their fate.

The sole survivor of his plague-ridden family, Evgenii attached himself to older Surahnian boys and although proficiency in swords was preferred, he learned to use a bow with deadly accuracy. He felt this skill was much more necessary to their guerilla type warfare and had a natural talent for it. Runt-like and optimistic, he was often the target of frustration and anger of the others, but he took it all in stride. He grew tall, though, and although not muscular like his peers (for archery did not require he have the biceps of an ox) had strength in his back and shoulders. Long legged, he was as good a runner as any and often delivered messages between bands of rebels.

He met Atoro as a scrawny street kid, preparing to take down a Lahrukan patrol for the good of Surahnia. Atoro had just been passing through, wanting news, food and a place to rest, but somehow Evgenii roped him into helping Laro, a Surahnian fighter and leader of the group. During the chaos, Laro was stricken down and, grieving, Evgenii didn't want to remain. Atoro helped him burn the bodies of their dead, and the two parted ways, only to meet up later, when Evgenii had grown to be an impressive young man with an impressive band of fighters. Yet again he roped the man into helping his band, and convinced him to stay on as Tactician. Seeing Atoro's greatness in him, even if the man could not, Evgenii slowly let his status fall in the ranks while uplifting Atoro's. By the time they reached the Rebels, it seemed as if Atoro was in charge and Evgenii did nothing to refute that claim.

Days before the ships were launched, a Laruhkan patrol discovered the rebels readying for their voyage. Battle ensued and the Laruhkans called for reinforcements. Atoro realized that if they did not get to the docks as soon as they could, they'd all be butchered like cattle. They could not retreat without incurring massive casualties, so a squad of archers peeled off, deciding they would cover the retreat. Evgenii was among them, smiling and urging the others to go.

They thought they'd seen Evgenii's smile for the last time, but the youth turned up at the docks, bloody and smelling like smoke. After exchanging cheeky words with Atoro, he collapsed from his wounds and was taken aboard. He came to on the ship and recovered quickly, a smiling optimistic man hobbling around on the deck. Forced to bed to recover properly, he healed well and was promised recognition for his deed, to which he replied, smiling: "Make it something pretty I can wear."

He was among the archery unit during the sacking of Racksom and was the one to bring Sildred the black braid for his wife.

He hangs around Atoro more than he should, quite taken with the man. They are the best of friends, and Evgenii does well by Atoro. He knows his place, however, and would never dream of ruining their friendship for the sake of his unrequited feelings.

Black hair, blue eyes, skin the color of milk, he is like any other Surahnian man, save that he smiles all the time. He has a straight white smile, which shows off his dimples and lights up his eyes. He is very expressive, animated and seemingly excited all the time. He has plump pink lips, a straight, narrow nose, angular bone structure and a pointed chin. His eyes are hooded and ringed with thick, long lashes. His hair is kept short, as is army standard, but it's longer on the top than it is on the sides, and often falls in his face. He's tall, standing around six feet, and although not exceptionally muscular (or broad), he has strength in his back and shoulders. He has long legs and is proficient in running and tasks which require stamina. He bears scars on his stomach and back from his act of heroism back in Old Surahnia. He wears the army uniform informally and wears both his white and yellow bands on his right arm.


Dude Atoro man, I love you bro. -grin grin-

He has no interest in getting married and having a family. Sorry.

Oh yeah, he hates natives and dragons, Laruhkans and Karuhnans. He doesn't want them in his army, and he thought that they showed their hand too early by sacking Racksom. He would have liked it if they'd massacred all the natives.

Evgenii by Nenners on Grooveshark
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Evgenii Adroa || The flower to Atoro's cactus || Human
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