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 Taya ~ Antler Dragon

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PostSubject: Taya ~ Antler Dragon   Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:47 am

Name: Taya

Age: 350 ; 25 human years (7/16)

Gender: Female

Type Of Dragon: Antler

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Dawn

Likes: Acrobatics in the air (Or just flying in general), amusing (scaring) her rider, looking up at the stars at night, watching the sun rise and set, being out in the wild, keeping her rider safe from harm.

Dislikes: Seeing her rider (and other people) get hurt, being in the cities (she just doesn't fit in the streets, poor thing), being grounded for extended periods of time.

Taya cares about her rider more than anything else, and will do everything in her power to protect the girl. She is wary of everyone they meet until she is sure that they will not harm Dawn in any way, and is perhaps just as fastidious about this as Dawn is. It is highly debated between the two whether or not she picked this habit up from Dawn herself or if it was just something that she naturally had. Either way she helps Dawn be more relaxed when meeting people because she knows no harm will come to her as long as Taya is around. If anyone threatens her rider Taya reacts instantly and furiously, only calming down when Dawn tells her to back off.

However as long as Dawn is safe Taya is an absolute sweetheart, always friendly and jovial, saying hello to strangers without batting an eye. In a way it is to keep Dawn talking to people and and socializing because she knows she needs practice with it, but it is also because she genuinely loves talking to people. She will tell stories and jokes, chatting for as long as someone will listen and respond to her. She is chatty and warm, willing to lend a kind ear and see if she can offer some kind advice. Taya usually isn't one to offer herself for assistance unless it is safe for Dawn to go along as well because she hates letting the woman out of her sight and she won't take her into danger knowingly, but the Antler will do the best she can to find a way to help people otherwise. It could be viewed as selfish but she thinks of it as smart and careful. After all, what is she supposed to do if she looses Dawn? That's a guilt and pain she doesn't want to experience.

Size: Medium, she stands a couple feet taller than Dawn when she straightens herself out all the way, but usually she carries her head lower so that she doesn't dwarf her rider. It just wouldn't be polite after all.

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Taya ~ Antler Dragon
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