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PostSubject: Selene---KNOCKED UP IN A HAYSTACK YEEEAHHHH   Selene---KNOCKED UP IN A HAYSTACK YEEEAHHHH Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2008 5:24 pm

Name: Selene
Age: 22
Birthday: November 27th, 2687
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Plurith – a village no longer on the map, per se


Selene is not your ordinary, simple, young woman, she really is not, although from the outside she looks like everybody else, blending in with society and trying to keep to herself as far as possible; leaving aside the fact that she always refused to comply with her parents marriage wishes and loved to – very loudly – argue with them over this matter. So maybe she doesn’t fit into society quite as nicely as she seems to believe.

As far as her clothing is concerned, she preferably wears tight dark brown pants and a cream shirt under a tight corset-like leather top that closely hugs her figure, emphasizing every single curve there is. She is very well built, and she is aware of it. Nonetheless, even though she might be wearing body-hugging clothes that display her toned body, she is often embarrassed by the looks some people, especially men, give her. Selene has chestnut coloured, slightly wavy hair that comes down to her shoulder blades. She has rich brown eyes and a heart-shaped face with full, nicely shaped lips.

Selene usually wears her feelings on her sleeve, free for anyone to grab and/or see, though she has learned that in certain situations it would be better to keep a more blank expression that gives away less about her personality, especially her insecurities. It is something she is working on (not very hard most of the time, but she does, occasionally), but it takes effort and time. She is easily angered, disappointed or turned into a pile of mush, and she is just as easily appeased again if you know how.
If necessary, she can be strong (though her parents would dismiss this trait as stubborn) and she has an iron will once she sets her mind to something, though to arrive at that point, it usually takes quite a while. She would go to any lengths for the people she cares about, even her parents, despite having had many arguments, and she would even jump over her own shadow for them. She tends to be fairly sarcastic and quite often has quick, witty responses to even the stupidest comments. Mostly, she follows the principle of trusting people unless they prove to not be trusted.

For all the bravado she likes to put on, she is also easily shaken, by her surroundings or by people, and most of all, by herself sometimes, by her own emotions, by the way she acts and often reacts to others. The way she likes to dress provocatively while at the same time disliking the looks she earns with it is a sign of her conflicting emotions and the confusion she is prone to suffer from every day. She also loves her parents but she could not live through a week without arguing with them about whether or not she should get married. It is part of her need to emotionally drain herself while at the same time creating emotions that are both powerful and hurtful.

In irregular intervals, she has this weird craving to suddenly strangle people, and this is especially prominent when that person is immersed in strong emotions, such as anger, hatred, lust... She cannot explain this – she can barely explain it when she is doing this to herself but when others come into play, it’s all the more complicated - and she refuses to give this instinct much thought, preferring to push it to the back of her mind as she is unsure of what it actually means or what consequences this could bring.

In reason of this, she sometimes feels as though she could turn into a downright furie if she does not avoid situations where people easily become angry. It has started a few years ago after she had brought the years of puberty behind her and so far she can control it more or less by avoiding spending too much time at once with people. Yet the more this happens, the less she manages to ignore it and the stronger her reactions seem to become. Saying she has a rather contradictory personality is putting it lightly.


Selene is not your typical young maiden keen on being married to the perfect guy that could provide for her, obviously chosen by her well-meaning parents as well. On the contrary, she is almost considered the black sheep of the family as her younger sister has already been married for a couple of years while she still refuses to be courted by anyone her parents pick out for her.Her older brother Zeke has suddenly up and left one day to go out into the world seeking adventure, which left her almost heartbroken. He has always been the only one who really supported and understood her, thus when he left, she felt like her whole world was about to come crumbling down.

Somewhere down the heritage line, a great-grandfather was able to wield a very small amount of magic, though the knowledge of what exactly this involved has been forgotten by Selene’s parents. They wouldn’t want anything to do with that kind of thing either. They are very ordinary, and even boring, and magic would by far overstep the boundaries of the simple but content life they have built for themselves and their family. Without anyone realising however, Selene has inherited her great-grandfather’s gift for magic though as a child it never properly manifested, so she was never trained.

As far as her relation to unbridled, untrained dark magic is concerned, she feeds off of strong emotions, such as anger, hatred, lust and even love, though she has not completely discovered all of this yet, and she certainly doesn’t fully understand it either.

When she gives in to the call of the magic within her, her eyes turn very, very dark, same as the aura surrounding her though the latter would not be visible to anyone not proficient in dark magic themselves. She can sense strong emotions from a little way away, thus being able to avoid confrontation or for instance attacks in certain circumstances. This is not foolproof however and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

What she does know however is that if she spends too much time with people who are experiencing one such emotion, bad things will happen. There were two occurrences when this happened and Selene tries to avoid this from repeating itself at all cost.

Once, one of the travelling merchants came through town. He had been robbed on the way to Plurith, and to top it off, his sales of the few things that remained hadn’t gone too well, worsening his already bad mood even more and he started cursing the village to all seven hells. Needless to say, his black frame of mind was terrifying and Selene, having dinner with her parents at the village inn, had been forced to remain in his presence. Refusing to let his dark thoughts drag her down with him, she tried to push them away from her mind. In her opinion, it worked rather well, though without knowing, she had barricaded the man’s outlet, his way of letting his bad thoughts escape, because she didn’t want him to pollute the whole inn with his brooding. Thus, he was forced to keep thinking in circles but without being able to let out his frustration and the more he thought about it all, the more he was convinced that life was a horrible thing and that there was no more escape for him. Soon after the man left the inn, he ended his own life.
Selene still does not quite understand what has happened, not even in retrospect.

The second time this happened, she had a run-in with the blacksmith’s son. She had always known that Jared had a bit of a thing for her, and she couldn’t deny that he was rather dashing, what with the muscles he had built up over the years working for his father and learning how to take over the smithy, and his handsome face. What she hadn’t known was just how strong his desire for her was and how much that lust would kindle the spark of magic within her when they suddenly were on their own. Of course, she hadn’t known it was the magic singing to his emotions, but had thought it was something else entirely. A passionate roll in the hay ensued, leaving them both completely exhausted, without their respective flowers, and, in Selene’s case, feeling hollow. As his burning desire was used up, her magic began to dwindle, and Selene began to understand that maybe something was not quite right – with the situation and most of all with her. Ever since that moment, she has been avoiding Jared.

Dark magic involves the creation, removal, manipulation of emotions (amongst other things) and for Selene, particularly, this means that she has the ability to influence people’s emotions in such a way that they would either go through with whatever thoughts their emotions are provoking in them or she could reduce the emotions they are feeling and thus change or render their thoughts less important in their sensation. For instance, if someone was angry at having been treated badly by someone, she could either make them ride the emotional wave and push their thoughts as far as them wanting to kill someone (and maybe go through with it) or she could soothe them and turn their thoughts into the opposite direction so they would realise that they may just have been exaggerating.

Recent History:

After yet another painful and rather loud argument with her parents, they all agreed that Selene should spend some time to clear her head and think about what it actually was she wanted to do in her life. Seeing that it was about the time of the year where someone was to go check up her mother’s parents, who lived in Caspan, Selene offered to take the visit upon her that time around. The travelling time would do her good, giving her the space and time she needed. Her parents agreed and even her sister thought it would do her good. All of them parted on fairly good terms despite the previous argument and Selene set out to Caspan literally a day or two before the first Surahnian official marched into Plurith.

She spent about two weeks at her grandparents’, who had been absolutely thrilled to have her, and while she was travelling back to Plurith, she happened to see dark columns of smoke rise into the sky from the space her village was located. Fearing the worst, though without any idea of what was going on, Selene raced homewards, pushing the horse she had borrowed to its very limits, only to arrive in what once used to be Plurith.

There was nothing left but ashes and blood.

After a while of quite simply staring at the ruins of the only life she had ever known, the one life she had dreamed of escaping all her life, Selene is now completely on her own. Without means to contact her brother to let him know of the tragedy, without anything other than the spare change of clothes, the minimal bites of food that remained and just a tiny handful of money.
The only other person even worse off than her seems to be little Dax, whom she has taken under her wing. The poor child found his way back to the village after Rouz, the brave ramshorn, had deposited him outside of the village before rushing to find his love, Ahrora, in a hurried attempt at saving him.

They are now both only able to rely on each other. Dax can’t even be sure he has any family left anywhere on Dragons’ Cove as he is too young to make the proper connections of anything that has really been going on, although he knows that his parents are gone forever. No one has escaped the wrath of the dragons that had come to tear apart the village.

Zeke – her brother
Ciqala – a homunculus whom she has gone on adventure with
Sa’am – an acid dragon she met while out and about with Ciqala
Zartear – for a steamy non-canon (for now but things may change, you never know) one-night stand (this was for particular reasons and when I say “Say it louder in your sportsbra!”, you’ll know why this happened)

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
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