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 Jack Do-Lack (Bittersweet human)

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Jack Do-Lack (Bittersweet human)  Empty
PostSubject: Jack Do-Lack (Bittersweet human)    Jack Do-Lack (Bittersweet human)  Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 12:33 am

Name: Jack Dulac
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Type Of Person: Henchman

Likes: Jack is fond of food. He's especially fond of gormet, expensive foods, unique and new and fancy and bitter and super sweet and sour and weird - Any food that shows off wealth (not that he has any) is food that he really, really appreciates. He's also fond of keeping his clothes clean, neat, and in-tact. He likes class. However, he's not actually at all fond of people of wealth, although he appreciates the symbols of status that go along with them. He likes people, though, actually. He likes being social. He likes being looked at and acknowledged. He likes being able to make an impact - any impact - on any person or a situation. He likes girls. Oooh, he's especially fond of gingers. They're so cute. Especially if they have cascades of curly red hair. He likes joking around, he likes having fun, all in all, he likes being happy and so he tries to be happy however he can.

Dislikes: Jack hates capitalism. All it is is a system that encourages people to be completely selfish to put themselves up, and everybody else around them down. He hates people of wealth for that reason (although he appreciates the status symbols that go along with it, like fancy food). He believes that things like fancy food should be available to everybody. There's not a lot that Jack doesn't like, though. He's not really fond of War, but he understands why it's necessary; because some people just need to die. War is a force for change. Change is good, because the way things are now is not acceptable.

Description: Jack is a pretty cheerful lad. He's skinny, about 5'6" (Or 167 Centimeters for all you limies) with neck-length red hair. He dresses in red with yellow trim, and black leggings. Every movement he makes, though, he makes with a flourish, if he can. He's energetic, enthusiastic, and excitable. He usually keeps two thin daggers on him at all times, and that's what he fights with.

Other: Jack, while chipper, can be impulsive and a downright ass. He doesn't like children at all. He tells himself that he's not selfish, and that's mostly true. He can live off of just any food he can get and be pretty happy as long as he has a buddy validating him. He likes being a helping helper who helps. If Helping one person means killing somebody else, though, he's cool with that. In that regard, he lacks a conscience. While he doesn't go out of his way to kill people, he understands that it's necessary to crack a few eggs to make his omelets, and he justifies all he does in his head. Of course, he understands the difference between good and evil, but he knows that he's on the side of good, and everybody else is on the side of evil. He's no entitled paladin, though, it's not his goal to kill all "evil-doers", he just needs to get done whatever he needs to get done, and people who get in the way are inconsequential. For instance, he knows that if a person goes through a town and massacres men, women, and children, they're evil. But if a single man, woman, or child gets in his way, those people don't count as victims if he kills them. They made a conscious choice to do the wrong thing, and he looses no sleep over their death if he has to kill them. So you see, it's not that Jack is selfish ... he just doesn't value lives of other humans unless they are his immediate comrades or superiors.

And only through love, changes come.
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Jack Do-Lack (Bittersweet human)
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