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 Yrana | Butterfly Florist

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PostSubject: Yrana | Butterfly Florist   Yrana | Butterfly Florist Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 7:39 pm

Name: Yrana
Age: 22, birthdate is March 9, 2687
Gender: Female
Picture: Sprite
Type Of Dragon: Butterfly || ME Member
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: No

Large Carnivorous Creatures
Dyavol (he's a hero!)
Feeling Safe
While her coloring is vibrant and mesmerizing to look at, her scales are marred by years of abuse by ignorant little humans who've tried to rip her to pieces, experiment on her, even EAT her. As a result all humans are not to be trusted and most everything else is trusted with a heaping pound of salt. Being so little has many drawbacks, but her favorite place to stay is in the thorniest rose bush she can find. One for the fact she can use the petals to make bedding, sweet smelling bedding at that, and two most creatures don't eat thorns.

To her elation, she's found a new friend named Dyavol. What makes him so amazing is that he's a butterfly dragon just like her! It was more of a joy to find someone her size with such a fierce determination than it was to survive the storm she met him in. He's also the dragon responsible for bringing her to the Maledictus Eice. She may not be much for fighting but she can at least be supportive and try to gnaw someone's finger off when the opportunity arises. Her knowledge of plants will come in handy after battles when some of her comrades come back wounded, since she hasn't much clue if there's a dragon with healing abilities with the group.

Other: The only woodland creatures that Yrana tolerates are small birds like wrens and chickadees and the like because they're too small to be a threat and too small to be lunch. They 'are', however, useful as help to find a good place to nest.

Size: Tiny
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Yrana | Butterfly Florist
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