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 Iris Pannette - Clairvoyant of mystery

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PostSubject: Iris Pannette - Clairvoyant of mystery   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:40 pm

Name: Iris Pannette
Age: 32
Gender: Female

This woman is known in the circus as being a Clairvoyant - a true clairvoyant. She can truly see the future, and secrets in the past. She is well-sought for her accurate predictions, and she makes her home in the circus.

If there is anything that Iris doesn't like, nobody knows. She shows kindness and forwardness and sweetness to everybody, under all circumstances. She is a friend of all creatures.

Iris is always hidden beneath very colorful robes. Nobody really knows what she looks like, not really - she has a belt across her robes and it, in a very minimal way, indicates that her body is more feminine than masculine, and she appears to be about 5'4" in height. No bit of her skin is showing at all - there's no hood that her face hides under. Her face is completely hidden, with no means of seeing out of it. However, she is blind, so it would do no good. All she really is is a mass of colorful robes, it seems.

Those in the circus, if ever they see her before she goes to bed, would know that she has skin as dark as the night - unrealistically shiny - and her eyes are a milky white. Not just black, but her face is also disfigured horribly - her nose is crooked and there are deep scars across her mouth, with warts on her eyelids and cheeks. She has some hair that grows in tufts on her head... it's gray and withered, and full of ample baldspots. She looks like she truly is an ugly old hag. Hence why she hides her face at all times. But in spite of that, she at least has a gentle, tempered voice, the kind of voice that offers guidance on dark days, and hot cocoa on cold days.


Let me tell you a story...

There was once a girl, a young girl. She didn't know it, but she was very lonely. It was hard for her to think so, because she got everything she ever wanted.

You see, when she was no older than three, her parents - wealthy landowners, both of them - were killed. I don't suppose I ever knew how... perhaps they were simply victims of a brutal mugging on the street, or were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were killed as bystanders in a terrible battle... The details were lost. But died they did, as all people must do, some sooner than others. So the girl, too young to know how to temper herself, full of childish selfishness, inherited all of her parents fortune.

If you've ever had a child, you might know how they are. It's not their fault, you understand... not initially, anyway. When children are young, they're born completely dependant, and utterly selfish. They cry, "Give me food! Give me milk! Give me hugs! Give me security - give, give give!" They cry to survive. As babies grow, they're gradually told to temper themselves as they learn to do things for themselves, and learn to control their wants and needs, even though they want more. Some children, however, never grow out of being selfish.

This young girl was one such child. She inherited a fortune so young, and as her mind grew onto things beyond food and comfort, she only selfishly wanted more... because she had the power to obtain it. And that's the way it was for many, many years.

Money, though, is not limitless. Soon, the girl's funds - all of her parents hard work, land, and fortune, was dwindled as the girl became a young woman, whose spending never ceased. She was a beautiful young miss, and she was well aware that she was fairer than the rest. She fast spent the rest of her parent's fortune, but she was not done with her greed. She couldn't stop buying everything she wanted, trying to fill her lonely life with cold, comfortless things, such as dresses and jewels. Her fortune turned into debt, which she dug herself deeper into until it could not be ignored any longer.

Her lands and home had to be sold, but she refused. Soon, the once wealthy girl was outcasted and ostracized from society while the officials tried many times to evict the girl from her lavish estates.

In this same city, there was a man. Whether he was kind or not will never truly be known, but he did take a pity on the girl. He was an old wizard... a very powerful one, and one who, in her mind, was somewhat plain. He was rather wealthy himself, and he thought, "perhaps we can all get what we wish for. If I wed this beautiful, blossoming woman, I may have some company in my life, and she may continue to live with the riches she desires." So, he approached the woman and shared his proposal to her.

The girl was appalled and aghast that he would ever dare to approach her with such an offensive request. How dare he, an insignificant, ugly, old nobody ask for her hand. Not only did she reject this older gentleman, but she riddled him with ridicule, and laughed at him.

It was a delicate situation. Two people with pride... but only one of them had the power of magics. Insulted and infuriated, the magician cast a curse upon the maiden. He said to her, "As you have hurt me, you feel feel such a reckoning. I will take from you what you value the most; your beauty." The delicate woman's ivory skin shriveled as if was being held in a fire, and blackened. She watched it happen in horror as her prized possession was stripped away. She looked into a mirror and saw, now, that she was nobody.

When her beauty was removed, she thought that no more could be done to her to make her more miserable... but she was wrong. The haughty magician smirked proudly and said, "As you were so keen to judge others by their appearance, I will cast on you one more spell - not only will you be cast to the dregs of society, but never will you look upon any beauty, ever again." After she had drank in her new body, her vision went dark, and no more did she see the light.

"One more lesson I will teach you," he said with a sly smile. "No curse is complete without a lesson learned. You will see yet, but not the petty things and people around you. No, you will see only in your mind what no others can see. You will see what is truly important. You will see truth in what has been, and you will see events before they occur, however time may twist them. The future will be opened to you."

The woman begged and pleaded to be changed back, but the man simply laughed. When she asked how the curse might be lifted, the Sorcerer said to her "You no longer have the right to ask questions. You can see beyond what normal people can - you have the answers that nobody can obtain. The answer you seek now will come to you when the time comes."

The woman, no longer beautiful, cried and cried and cried, and some say she cried until there was nothing left of her. But whatever happened to the woman, nobody has seen her since then. All her homes were sold, and the world continued on, not blinking an eye at the loss of the spoiled, selfish girl.

Perhaps she will emerge when her curse is lifted, but what will she do? What will she do...
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Iris Pannette - Clairvoyant of mystery
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