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 Lyvas Hunt || Headless Awesome || Undead Human

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PostSubject: Lyvas Hunt || Headless Awesome || Undead Human   Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:37 pm

Name: Lyvas Hunt

Age: 35 when he died

Birthdate: June 6th

Gender: Male

Picture: TBA

Type Of Person: Kaionarian Crime Lord
He had an iron grip on the black market of the seedy underbelly of the seedy city of Kaionar. When he died, it went to pot, but now that he's revived, headless and undead, he's taking control once more. Can't kill what's already dead, and can't spit in the face of someone that has no head.

Relation To Any Dragons: He raised Gerris and is now the bad influence to Syru


Lyvas Hunt was an orphan that was raised by a master thief whom he ended the life of to train under a master assassin. By the time he was fifteen, he was well acquainted with several types of poisons, the art of killing a man quietly and how to rob the victim blind without getting caught. As he became ever more skilled, he started weaving connections and rose to power rather quickly when the previous Crime Lord 'suddenly' dropped dead at his breakfast table.

Merciless, but good humored, he took pleasure in all of his contracts and was never dumb enough to take on an apprentice for more than a year. He never taught anyone all he knew and met Rintho by chance. They struck up a conversation over herbology and the nature of magic, though Lyvas himself was no mage of any kind.

Upon spotting what was obviously a fume dragon egg, he stole it from the fool trying to sell it as a clubtail egg and raised the dragon in the hopes of having his own weapon. He realized quickly the mistake he made when he noticed the dragon's narcissism and ego emerge every now and again in conversation. He was expecting to be killed, and when Gerris finally managed the deed during a flight, he gave the dragon a sardonic smile as he fell to his death.

Revived by Rintho, he is missing his head because Gerris took it in the hopes that he could not be revived without all his parts.

He's a crass man, though intelligent, despite his lack of polish. While he may not seem to be petty, he has killed people for trivial reasons, always needing to refresh the fear others have of him, in case there is anyone fool enough to challenge him. He's taken on a lot of noble jobs, doing away with husbands, wives, fathers, children and whatever else the nobility might need. From his experience, he knows the nobility to be far more amoral than the common man, and this does not bother him so long as they pay him. To cross Lyvas is a mistake, as he'll pay the traitor back in turn and then some. He has a dark sense of humor, a temper that, while not explosive, should never be ignited and a healthy interest in sex despite his... condition.


Lyvas died in his prime and was revived as such, sans head. In place of his head is simply a stump that is usually end capped with a silver or gold plate. He wears an amulet that was rescued and kept safe by Rintho, an amulet that they both know has more meaning than a simple piece of jewelry, despite Lyvas's insistence. To spare people the gruesome sight of his headless body, he normally wears a hooded cloak the hood kept up by Lyvas's spiritual form. He has no mouth, but speaks through his soul, giving his deep voice an odd resonance. His body is scarred from his many endeavors, and well muscled. He is agile and strong and acrobatic, and doesn't seem to suffer any deficits because of his missing head. Rintho says it's because his soul has gotten used to its spacial memory.


He died before the Surah invasion and finds the whole thing to be entirely too hilarious.
He has choice words about Surahs but that doesn't make him a DDC supporter either.
He actually likes dragons and enjoys teaching Syru bad things.
He's superstitious about religions and does not fuck with priests or temples.
He thinks life is one big joke, and is waiting for the punchline.
Like Rintho, he has to take a potion bi-weekly (usually pours it down his throat from the opening of his neck because he can't drink it).

Lyvas by Nenners on Grooveshark
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Lyvas Hunt || Headless Awesome || Undead Human
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