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 Elayn Durandal

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PostSubject: Elayn Durandal    Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:11 pm

Name: Elayn Durandal
Sex: Male
Species: Elf
Age: 72
[Picture goes here]

Elayn Durandal comes from a long line of warriors and horse breeders. While he is gifted with horses, his parents were disappointed at the assessment he received from the Academy. Revealed to be a poor warrior yet a gifted healer, he was kept in the Academy in the hopes that he'd improve. That investment proved to be a poor one and his mother, ever the shrewd matriarch, had him pulled and set him up to be tutored in the arts of healing on the condition that he excel. His love of horses, while not encouraged, was not discouraged. He was always disdained for treating the horses like house pets, but the fact that he was gifted with horse-keeping kept him from being banned from the stables. His father took it upon himself to teach Elayn how to properly care for and breed a horse, and those teachings remain with Elayn.

He met and befriended Armeno Narandal while they were young. While in the academy, Armeno protected him from being bullied because of his lack of skill. They keep up their friendship despite the fact that Armeno is a nomad and Elayn lives in Yarrowitz.

Elayn's business of healing is one of high demand in a place like Yarrowitz, where an artist is just as likely to fall off his scaffolding or burn his hands on molten glass as he is to produce a masterpiece. He often accepts art as a fair payment for his services, other times he will accept a horse, but most often, he accepts only money.

His home in Yarrowitz is paltry in comparison to his family's home, but it is still spacious. He has his own stables, his own gardens, a reception room, a room simply for the masterpieces he collects, a sitting room, a tea room, a few bedrooms and a courtyard, among other things. While his lifestyle is cushy and lavish, he is a calculated businessman, taking in to account his expenses and income. He would never go into the red, a deep-seated fear of embarrassing his family ingrained within him.

Elayn does not have a wife, nor does he expect to, as he is not attracted to women, though he can see beauty in them. Still, he's realized that perhaps women aren't meant to be thought of in that manner, and wonders if, perhaps, the Academy has instilled the wrong mindset for young elves about women. Given this, he would never express the thought, as he knows he's done enough to embarrass his family.

He is not adverse to adventure, but he is no nomad and is much more comfortable in Yarrowitz than anywhere else.

Elayn looks much like his mother, tall, willowy, dark haired with wide, pale eyes. He has his father's narrow nose, his thin, wide mouth,  broad shoulders and high cheekbones. His face is angular, which gives his otherwise feminine features a more masculine feel. His height belies his strength, but he is no swordsman, preferring the bow because at least he is somewhat proficient with it. However, Elayn prefers to heal, not kill, nor maim. He tends to dress in light clothing that free up his limbs for movement. Keeping much to Yarrowitz fashion, he likes wearing vibrant colors, and keeps on top of what's in and what's out. He wouldn't want to be laughed at while trying to fix a man's broken leg. Because he is no warrior, Elayn can afford to grow his hair long and keeps it in a messy braid that rests over his shoulder and down his chest. Often there will be some kind of ornament braided within or tying it. He doesn't wear rings (they get dirty quickly in his profession) nor bracelets or necklaces, but he does wear a pair of gold earrings shaped like teardrops.

He is soft spoken, but not shy and although his wit is sharp, he prefers to be informal only with friends, bred to be polite and proper. He is slow to anger, quick to forgive and quicker to help a person in need. However, Elayn knows enough not to be used, and will cease his generosity immediately if he feels like he's been taken for a fool. He prefers the company of friends, whether elven or otherwise, but enjoys his solitude.

While he's met many dragons, he doesn't know any personally.

Elayn's horses are his joy, and he spends many hours of his day tending to them. He is good with most animals, but takes it upon himself to care for only horses.

Right on the borderline of ME territory, he is worried about his city, his horses, his home and his livelihood. If they decide to take Yarrowitz, he can only flee and take as many people with him as he can. He hopes things do not escalate to that.
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Elayn Durandal
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