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 Anækileya~ (Clubtail)

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PostSubject: Anækileya~ (Clubtail)   Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:53 pm

~Burn burn the truth the lies the news~


~Burn burn the life that you can’t choose~

Name: Anækileya (are-nay-KIL-ee-uh)

Age: 23

Birthday: August 9th, 2685

Gender: Female

Size: Huge

Type of dragon: Clubtail dragon, co-leader of Maledictus Eice

Relation to any non-dragons: As Anæ absolutely and unconditionally detests non-dragons, the only relations she has with them is killing them.

Likes: Vythiweiah, Maledictus Eice, killing non-dragons, power, fighting, having territory, most dragons

Dislikes: Non-dragons, Syntribos, dragon hunters, dragons who interact with non-dragons, traitors, cowards

Description: Huge in size, Anækileya has lots of large, green, armour-like scales. Along her chest, they grow in pointed, overlapping plates with gold edging. She has a slight horn on her nose, also gold, and several spikes grown from the back of her head. Her wings have gold and black circular markings on them and she has a large, hooked gold claw on each foot. Most notable of all is her breed’s namesake, the club at the end of her tail, which is comprised of green spikes with black edges.

Given her past, its hard to say what kind of personality Anækileya could have had with a normal childhood, but as it is the events of her infancy (where her family were killed by dragon hunters) shaped her to become what some might consider insane. She is defined by her hatred for all non-dragons, who she believes have invaded what is rightfully the homeland of the dragons and now attempt to subjugate them by hunting them and using them as entertainment; therefore, any non-dragons she encounters, she will do her best to kill on sight. When it comes to other dragons, she isn’t quick to trust and will condemn any who interact with non-dragons, but to her friends she is fiercely loyal. She’s strongly moralistic despite her violent ways; she rates cowardice, deserting and betrayal as unforgivable characteristics, but if somebody did not wish to fight at all then she would not oppose their choices and would still be happy to allow them into Maledictus Eice, albeit as a less honoured member. In her eyes, the killing of non-dragons is no more murder than eliminating vermin; as Maledictus Eice spent some time making threats if the non-dragons did not leave Dragons Cove, she sees that they have had their chance for mercy and the time has come to remove them by force. She is willing to fight for what she believes in and to defend her friends or sister, and cares deeply for the other members of Maledictus Eice despite whatever impression she may give off to an outsider of being unloving and brutal. While she is not actually unconditionally ferocious, she is more prone to violence than she perhaps should be, immediately jumping to drastic action and threats to deal with most issues.

Anæ uses earth magic. While clubtails are an extremely weak breed magically and she is no exception to this, her formidable physical strength- unbeaten by any other breed- mean that, given that earth magic is extremely physical, she can use it with enough proficiency to be useful. Her abilities are mostly limited to physically moving earth; for example, she might use a boulder as a missile during a fight.

Anækileya is an ?.

History: The first few years of Anækileya’s life were spent in a contented peace, in a small and relatively isolated community of dragons with her family. The community did not welcome humans, but nor were they openly aggressive towards them- not until a group of dragon slayers descended upon Anæ’s nest when she was just 4. The nestlings’ mother was away hunting and the slayers quickly set upon the hatchlings, capturing or killing Anækileya’s nestmates as they scattered in terror. They regrouped slightly when their mother returned to defend them; however, the slayers had come well prepared and the hatchlings were too young to be of any aid in the fight. Hiding with her sister Vythiweiah, Anæ watched in horror as their mother was butchered for parts, and all their other nestmates either packed in preserving salts to be sold in the same way, or small crates to be sold on as pets or worse.

With no other family left to them, the two sisters fled into the desert of the nearby Great Rift and proceeded to mature at an accelerated rate as they attacked traders passing through the area. As often happens to dragons who experience traumatic or stressful childhoods, they grew rapidly and by the time local humans realised the pair held a grudge against humans and would attack any passer by without mercy, they were formidable enough to defeat any slayers sent against them. Eventually, they began to range out from the area they now called home, meeting other dragons and bringing them around to share their hatred for all non-dragons. By just 13 they had amassed the core of Maledictus Eice and named themselves as such, Vythiweiah’s more tactical mind combining with Anæ’s raw, somewhat unhinged passion and ferocity to make them the unquestioned leaders of the group. Over the next decade they spread their territory to include the whole of the Great Rift and began to make increasingly bold attacks on the unfortunate surrounding villages such as Bolarf, Plurith and Caspan, threatening to exterminate any humans who did not leave the island the dragons considered their rightful homeland. Eventually, as they were paid little by any other than the families of their victims, Maledictus Eice moved out in force and razed Plurith to the ground as a statement of war, renaming it Halosis and using it as a meeting point and landmark from there on. Emboldened by this victory, almost the entire fighting body of Maledictus Eice went in search of the lightning stone in the rainforest to the north, eventually locating it and destroying it in Celen’s Fall after an epic battle with its guardians.

While Anækileya currently still feels victorious over this accomplishment, the destruction of the stone is now beginning to have massive consequences neither she or the other members of Maledictus Eice had foreseen. The group is currently fleeing the magical fallout and has encountered the guardian dragon Sebantais on their trek through the rainforest- it is yet to be seen what will come of this confrontation.

~Burn burn the hate that gets you through~

~Burn burn for us, for them, for you ~
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Anækileya~ (Clubtail)
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