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 Rabid dragons, anyone?

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PostSubject: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:30 am

I don't think I need to explain any rules, 'cause we're all literate, right? =3
A forest in Dragonscove, with hundred-year-old oaks that reach miles in height. It is large enough to support many dragons and territories, with caves and dens strewn throughout. Reiko's den lies close to a body of water to the south, and to the east an innate volcano stands majestically against the sky. To the west, a stretch of parched desert, untouched whatsoever by rain and separated from the rest of the landscape by a mountain range. The weather here is erratic, with frequent thunderstorms and downpours, with a few intensely sunny days.
A new evil lurks in the forest.
Dragons, once placid and occasionally friendly, turn aggressive and destroy the forest at a rate faster than a heartbeat. Anything that finds itself unfortunate enough to end up bitten, or get the dragon's saliva or blood into its own bloodstream via wounds will turn aggressive as well.
Nothing is safe.
The source lies close to a stream, further south from Reiko's lake, where an evil presence lurks and the air throbs with tension.
Can the remaining sane dragons and creatures stop what is happening?
Or will the entity and the mad dragons destroy everything?

Now, in this roleplay, just about anything can happen. More of the plot will unfold as we go, and yes, be prepared to experience some pretty intense fighting and some fair bit of blood. Nothing too extreme, please! Oh, and you guys may only maul another characters with the said person's permission to do so.
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:34 am

The mental command was punctuated by a murderous roar as Shenn burst out of the forest, running all-out for the safety of the lake. Behind him, Reiko's massive plumed head followed suit, his long, sinuous body snaking out of the trees and into the lake with a splash. There was another roar, and a black dragon appeared, felling trees under its hefty bulk. Its eyes were bloodshot and full of bloodlust, and it paused only for a moment before lumbering after them, plunging into the lake with a huge splash that displaced gallons of water.

Underneath the surface the two dragons grappled at each other, Reiko gaining the upper hand by twining his bulk around the other dragon, constricting it. Shenn had a knife drawn and ready, clinging to Reiko's back like a burr. The attacker flailed helplessly with its wide wings, managing to crash Reiko's head into a huge boulder on the lake floor, stunning the dragon enough to make him loosen his grip, enough for the black dragon to arch his neck, baring glinting fangs, and bite the Chinese hard in the neck.
There was a piercing mental wail as blood suffused with the water, containing the maddening virus that affected the black. Shenn let out a silent wail that bubbled into the surface as colours shifted and images swam before his eyes, feeling his conscience being pulled strongly out of his body, into Reiko's maddened mind. He felt his dragon's pain, rage, and a new, strange feeling that bubbled from the very depths of his dragon's conscience, a primal instinct bursting from its chains and waiting to be released.
Through the pain, Reiko managed to squeeze the opposing dragon tightly, watching it writhe in its death throes as the last bubbles of its breath left its maw.
Then it was still.
Reiko loosened his grip, watching the now dead dragon fall limply to the lake bed, all colours tinged with red through his bloodshot eyes.
-Kill. Kill.-
Shenn, disorientated and still clinging to Reiko's back, felt that his lungs were about to burst. The world swam and faded before his eyes as he let go of his remaining breath, knowing that he might not find air to breathe in, and closed his eyes. Sensing his rider's distress, Reiko gave an alarmed cry that was muted by the rippling waves, and swam strongly upwards, breaking the surface of the lake to land awkwardly on the shore, the new illness sapping his energy.
Beside him Shenn coughed up water, blearily opening his eyes to see his dragon standing over him, panting exhaustedly, sitting up in alarm at the sight of the dragon's bloodshot eyes.
-Reiko, you're...- he trailed off, not knowing what to say.
-You don't need to worry- Reiko replied, his voice sounding much more hoarse and wilder than before. -This..illness will not affect me as it had the black dragon. However, I must depend on you, my rider's untarnished mind to keep it at bay. But I cannot last for long, and neither can you.-
-We need to find a cure.-
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:05 pm

Ryuu had flown over the land. Twisting and turning within the air. Just a carefree moment, as if nothing would affect him. The cool wind brushed his mane, purple eyes looked down on the forest below him. The territory he was in was unkown to Ryuu. Yet, something hit his ears. It was faint, but it was the sound of two dragons fighting. He flapped his purple feathered wings harder. The sound became louder, louder, LOUDER! Till he was flying just above it.

Did his eye dare look down? Yes; Ryuu looked down and saw a chinese dragon, with a rider, fighting a charcoal colored dragon. He lowered himself to get a little closer to the action. Maybe to obsereve better. The black dragon looked enraged, like he was forced to do it though. Like he had some sort of diease. Or did he? The purple winged dragon watched as the chinese dragon delivered the fatal bite. As the black dragon fell, he could finally see his eyes. Bloodshot, they were. And even in death, they still looked enraged.

Ryuu had noticed one thing, that the chinese dragon had gotten bitten by the now dead one. If he had a diease; did he pass it to the other? Time would only tell for Ryuu. He flew a little distance away. And landed his snake-like body on the ground. his feathered wings ached a little from flying a little too long. Folding then against his body, he still kept his large purple eyes on the chinese dragon and his rider.
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:31 am

Reiko lifted his head and snarled viciously at Ryuu, the fur on his neck bristling. Shenn turned from tending the dragon's wound, which had miraculously healed until it became nought but a scar. Shenn hissed, catlike, at the newcomer, holding out his dagger in a defensive stance.
-Who are you?-
The question came from the dragon, who mouthed his words as if he was saying it orally.
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:24 am

Ryuu kept his eyes on the chinese dragon. He lowered his head, in a submissive posture. he was not in the best condition for a fight, and there was a rider too.
"I am Ryuu."
The chinese dragon seemed to be speaking, but the voice was in his head. Was he mouthing to make it clearer? He kept his head down, not looking directly at the dragon and his rider. Feathered wings opened a little, if they were going to attack he was ready. Though he saw no reason for them to attack, unless he was tresspassing.
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:13 pm

Calista roped cautiously through the trees, casting her head around warily. Her light blue scales rippled gracefully as she padded through the undergrowth, as did the white scales across her back. She flexed her claws-- as she had walked through the forest, she'd heard splashing, and the definite sounds of fighting...it seemed as if there were other creatures in some nearby lake.
Her emerald eyes grew wider as the sounds of water gently lapping grew louder, closer. She was nearby. Twitching her tail, she crouched to the ground and took another step forward, behind a tree.

Taking a deep breath, Calista peered around the large trunk of the tree. She had been right-- before her was water. And there, .to the water's side was another dragon with a strange, non-dragon creature near by. The non-dragon was holding a dagger at something. Craning her neck a little further, she spotted what the something was-- a purple dragon near the water as well, it's head bent down submissively.
Calista ruffled the webbed, fin-like things above her ears and ducked back behind the tree.
Just great---two more dragons near by. Hopefully they hadn't seen her peeking...
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:51 pm

The demonic dragon floated overhead, his wings wide-spread as he watched the passing earth below. A dangerous smirk played across his lips as the Tribal battle blood dragon watched the chaos below. Cold heartless eyes seemed to enjoy the chaos that he called home. His name was Xaoc, another name in which meaing Chaos, for that is what he was and what he caused...Chaos. His fangs glimmered as a maniacle laugh erupted from his maw.
He flew for some time, merely circling over-head, making sure the chaos was up to an acceptable degree before he flew to a mountain side and went into a cave he had created from clawing and burning away the rock. The walls of the cave were a bloodied red and black and glimmered like jewels. This is where the demonic creature watched the madness erupt before him.
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:48 pm

The primarily black dragon snaked his way carefully through the trees, his short tail catching here and again on a trunk that he twined around. His creamy horns twisted around his ears in great loops, his glowering eyes scarlet jewels. As he weaved his erratic path through the trees, he caught the sound of fighting, and the splashing of water. The dragon, Rilos by name, aroused by curiousity, headed for the commotion, wandering aimlessly towards the noise.

As he reached the shimmering water from where the noise had attracted him, Rilos saw two dragons, one riderless, facing one another. His crimson eyes narrowed, and he looked up at the tree nearest him, where a handy branch stuck from the trunk at the optimum spot. Rilos leapt up the tree, scrabbling slightly with his cat-like paws and meagre claws until he lay along the branch watching the scene unfold. His tail hung down from the branch like some thick tree creeper, it's grey underneath catching every so often in the sunlight. His large dorsal fins, purple in colour, caught on the wavering twigs and leaves above him, and occasionally the stray leaf fell from where he had brushed it from it's perch.


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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:06 pm

Shenn relaxed. -Not another rabid one.-
His dragon, however, was not as easy to convince. Growling, the great red dragon made its way over to Ryuu, his sinuous body tensing and twining until it surrounded the other dragon. Albeit being slightly ruffled from the last fight, he was fine and ready as any other healthy dragon. Not mentioning the fact that he had been newly infected.
-What,- he growled, deep into the submissive dragon's consciousness and with all the authority of a general, -are you doing here, in my territory?-
From the opposite side of the bank Shenn sighed. This was what Reiko would do to any trespasser, welcome or not, usually to keep his image in front of another dragon. But other than that, he never actually attacked, only when the other dragon attacked first. It would all be over in an impressive display of fire and a rich roar, full of malice and the promise of hurt. He wouln't actually keep his threats, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Rabid dragons, anyone?   

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Rabid dragons, anyone?
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