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 Party Time! With Liz and Eldar

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PostSubject: Re: Party Time! With Liz and Eldar   Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:23 pm

"Not like this will be the last I see of you in any case. After Ironshas I'm headed back home to my swamp anyway so if we part ways here, no matter which choice I make about this book, I'm sure you could still show up in time for dinner on some night or another. I wouldn't mind having company, it gets rather lonely with only birds and other wildlife to talk to. Any time you feel like a visit you stop by alright? Cultists or not I plan to be home in the swamp in just a few short weeks." After going over her checklist of things she had with her, which was a short list all things considered, she exhaled and stood with a grin. "Might even have more battle scars by the next time I see you! My house is easy to find if you follow the warning signs that I post every mile or so; so perhaps I'll see you there in a month or two? If I'm not home when you arrive just make yourself comfortable, no doubt I'll be there shortly after you."

His comments about snakes only made her smile wider and laugh. "I'll show you how to catch and cook snakes, certainly! They taste halfway like fish and halfway like chicken when you fry them. Not to mention the venom is an easy poison cheat as opposed to making your own from whatever ingredients you'd have to gather." Of course she wanted to get up and leave right then but a little part of her wanted to wait to see if he had anything to say first. "So this really isn't a goodbye, I don't guess. It's more like an 'I'll see you soon', maybe?"

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PostSubject: Re: Party Time! With Liz and Eldar   Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:36 pm

“Alright, thanks for the offer.” Del’ure grinned as Rose went on a rather lengthy, well no lengthy but longer than necessary, explanation on when he would be able to find her at her own house, which told him only one thing, and that was that she most definitely wanted to see him again and most likely not just for the easy conversation.

“I shall follow the signs. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to swing by but I’ll be sure to drop in on you for a visit some time in the coming weeks. For some snake adventures,” he replied, his typical grin spreading over his face again as he finally stood as well and moved to Rose.

Hugging her briefly, he pressed a quick kiss onto her lips as he pulled away. “It was fun.” He turned away just long enough to put payment for breakfast and a tip for the waitress onto the table, waved goodbye to the latter and proceeded to lead Rose to the stables. “I shall see you soon,” he agreed at her contemplation on what their departure meant as they each mounted their horses, already readied by the efficient stable boy. Tossing a coin to the boy, Del’ure gave a final wave and smile to Rose before riding off to go about his business.

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Party Time! With Liz and Eldar
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