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 Sinyaya Krasota

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PostSubject: Sinyaya Krasota   Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:37 pm

Name: Sinyaya Krasota
Age: 3 months
Gender: Female


Type Of Dragon: Night Dragon | Aspiring Messenger

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Lourna Krishnev

Likes/Dislikes: Somehow living with a baker does nothing to ease her finicky nature, whether it be companionship or what she snacks on when Lourna isn't looking. She'll eat anything that doesn't taste like an apple, and won't eat anything that tastes like the aforementioned fruit or walks on two legs. For a dragon with seemingly normal eating habits, she has an abnormal lack of desire for social interaction. After a short time she got it into her head that she didn't necessarily need friends to achieve her goals, and really only trusts her caretaker and mentor. Men hold a special sort of disdain for her, mainly because most of what she hears from men concerning dragons vexes her beyond reason. The list of things Sinyaya doesn't like is really rather short, she simply hasn't had the opportunity to acquaint herself with the rest of the world, and she has traditional Surahnian thinking to thank for it. Hopefully times are changing!

Stubborn: She doesn't care what anyone says, she'll do what she wants if she can get away with it.
Introverted: Being told not to let anyone see you isn't the best way to get a dragon to be social, but it's not the worst thing in the world.
Proud: She's growing up to be a beautiful majestic dragon, best to embrace it!
Caustic: Just because she loves her caretaker doesn't mean she loves the people who come to see her. She's picked up a habit or two from some less-than-cheery Surahs.
Loyal: Lourna took her in and has told her time and again how much she cares, how can a dragon simply walk away from that?
Goal-Oriented: If she wants to be a Messenger to the king, by the gods she will make it happen. Rule number one: never stop trying!
Beginning to grow into her body, and magic, left her with a blue streak of bio-luminescence down her back, and a web of the same blue markings around her face. The pale pink markings on her underside and paws also glow. One might say she's tall for her age, having grown more quickly than is normal, but that gives her an edge. She's still got a ways to go in terms of reaching her full size, but that won't stop her one iota. Her method of "flight" i.e. running through the night sky, will be a great asset and she plans on exploiting it as often as she can. Through all her running she's gained quite a bit of muscle for being built slim and stream-lined.

Sinyaya's origins are shaky, considering she was given to her caretaker as an egg in Jiluria in the black market of all places. The little dragon's first day in the world outside her eggshell was spent tracking flour all over Lourna's shop, and the following weeks were full of days spent snoozing in the sunlight and night of chasing rats. There were nights when she was smuggled out to see the stars and catch bugs, and then there were nights where she cuddled up to her two-legged friend when the weather was too rough for her to stay downstairs.

Other: Much like a cat, Yaya has a fearsome set of claws and when they get too long she will go up to any building or tree and drag her claws down the surface to dull them. No, she does not care how much you swear at her for leaving wood shavings all around the building or leaving white scratch marks on the stone walls, she will dull her claws however she pleases. There are certain places she chooses to avoid, such as official buildings, prisons, and the local butcher shops. Best not to get skinned and sold for stew meat.

Size: Medium (eventually)

If anyone wants to RP, ask away!
Groups, 1 x 1s, Plot: PLEASE

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Sinyaya Krasota
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