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 Sebantais - Green Guardian Dragon

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PostSubject: Sebantais - Green Guardian Dragon   Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:47 am

Name: Sebantais
Gender: Male
Age: Ancient
Birhday: January 1st
Species: Guardian Dragon
Colour: Green
Size: Huge

Description and a bit of general background:

Sebantais is a Guardian dragon, and he has been around for so long that most creatures would call him ancient. For as long as he can remember, he had been appointed as one of the five guardians of Dragons' Cove, yet he was one of the most secluded of them all. As the years passed, the memory of him faded more and more into the realm of legend and myth, leaving behind traces of awe but hardly anything else than simple stories of older times filled with war and glory. Or what people assumed to be glory. There was nothing glorious about war.

The green Guardian rarely reveals himself, hunting only when it is really necessary, which for a dragon his age is only once every blue moon, and it has been a few decades since he’s last seen another one of his fellow Guardians. Sebantais prefers to keep to himself. He revels in the peace and quiet that is surrounding him at all times and wouldn’t want to trade it.

He does however have a closely knit net of messengers, informants and a couple of Elites he is keeping in touch with regularly so as to keep up to date with everything surrounding his area of residence in the Yarrowitzian rainforest.

His deep green colour fits nicely into the forest surroundings he has chosen as a home. Even if people knew what to look for he’d be hard to spot for he knows very well how to hide himself.

If one of the elemental stones should ever come into conflict, he, along with the other four Guardian dragons, would put his life on the line to defend it. It is his life’s purpose after all: defending the stones and with it, all of Dragons’ Cove and the creatures inhabiting the island.

He is peaceful and loves his calm and quiet, though he is a fierce warrior where the need arises. A patient teacher to those he has taught in the past, he prefers to listen to what others are saying and forming his own opinion before he might or might not decide to put in his two cents.


As a part of a group of five, Sebantais is bound by his sense of companionship to the other Guardian dragons but nevertheless, every Guardian is an individual of their own and they make decisions, feel emotions without needing to rely on the others. However, they do function as a whole and would something bad ever befall one of them, the rest of them would struggle as well.


Given the enormous extent of history there is to a character such as this one, I will be adding random blobs of historic write-up for Sebantais at some point in the near future to give a bit of a view into the life of a Guardian.

These will then also account for recent developments as regards the plot, namely the fact that Quinsilla was burnt to the ground and the sacking of Racksom and with it the capture of one of the stones.

Feronia – the Red Guardian
Týphon – the Gold Guardian
Silverwing – the Blue Guardian
Vitreasa – the Purple Guardian
Lolantellah – an Elite Antler dragon

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Sebantais - Green Guardian Dragon
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