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 Arenia : A little scouting Magpie

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PostSubject: Arenia : A little scouting Magpie   Arenia : A little scouting Magpie Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 6:04 pm

Name: Arenia
Age: 7 (Young adult in demeanor)
Gender: Female
Picture: Arenia : A little scouting Magpie Magpie10
Type Of Dragon: Magpie. Arenia serves as a messenger, scout, and lookout for Nickolai in his work, as well as being a companion.
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Arenia belongs to Nickolai, and joined him shortly after he joined DC.

Likes: Looking after Nickolai, flying, dusk, being useful.
Dislikes: When Nickolai disappears or gets into trouble, speaking, being misunderstood, getting lost, failing her 'missions'.

Arenia is Nickolai's magpie dragon, and she is usually used as a lookout for him. She keeps an eye on the people and dragons around him to make sure they don't seem to be a threat, and is more than willing to run errands for him. She is seldom away from his side, and when she does get separated from him she becomes very distraught and will fly around chirping and squeaking in terror until she finds him, convinced something has happened to the poor man who then has to spend a considerable amount of time consoling her. She is incredibly affectionate towards him and will preen his hair or wander around his shoulders when she gets bored, which sometimes causes him to look like a bit of a spazz because she tickles him (especially when she tries to crawl down his shirt). She can speak telepathically and verbally, but often chooses not to because there is no need for it. Nickolai can understand her well enough without her needing to speak, so what is the point.

Overall she is a very intelligent, loyal, and caring little dragon who will do anything for her 'rider'.

Other: Arenia and Nickolai met shortly after he joined DC, so working for them is the only life she has known and as such she doesn't particularly understand the other sides of the story, nor does she care to.
Size: Tiny, as she can fit easily on Nickolai's shoulder.

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Arenia : A little scouting Magpie
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