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 Soneya - Watermage and Amellian (Human)

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Soneya - Watermage and Amellian (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Soneya - Watermage and Amellian (Human)   Soneya - Watermage and Amellian (Human) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 10:39 am

Name: Soneya
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: July 15th
Type of Person: Human; Mage (Water); Supporter of the Amellian Tribe

Relation to any Dragons: None in particular, though she’s met a couple, but that was mostly out of necessity than actual interest in the species. But riding? No way, she would turn into a Frostmage that high up and that simply wouldn’t do for her reputation. Plus… they are dragons.

Soneya is proud of her looks, despite the fact that she isn’t all that pretty, in reality. For the most part her looks are fabricated with the help of a little magic, but nobody even knows this. Well, that isn’t exactly true either. Her hair didn’t use to be so very very bright blonde, nor was her skin so overly pale that it seems almost translucent. Those who have known her for a while, know this. And the others, well Soneya doesn’t really care what they think as long as they don’t think she’s ugly. The fact that everything about her has been brightened up a little was due to a magical experiment having gone wrong. If she had to go into details about it, she couldn’t even explain it anymore. All she remembers is water and magic, and well… it didn’t work and she ended up with her whole colour scheme being a few shades lighter. Except for her eyes. Her eyes had always been a pale sort of blue reminding of the shimmer of water.
Her preference in clothing are mage robes or dresses, preferably with a hood or she’ll wear a cloak on top, that come in any kind of blue, though she mostly wears skyblue. She isn’t very tall but she is curvy in the way a river would be curvy, subtle but undoubtedly present; the representation of what her element is.

Vanity is a strongsuit of hers and Soneya doesn’t like being called ugly. If she is, or if she accused of being anything else she does not like to hear or does not think applies to her, she can become quite sulking and petulant.
Sarcasm comes like a second nature to her, or debasing comments, though those are not always uttered at a volume to be heard by anyone other than herself.

Already under normal circumstances she cannot be considered a sunshine. However, she is agreeable enough when she has to be, and doesn’t mind helping out people, despite the fact that she generally demands a rather large amount of money for her services. But supplies for magical experiments or just magical supplies in general do not always come cheap. And it isn’t as though she didn’t know her public duty. If help is required or someone needs her and they cannot afford to pay her, she gladly accepts an invitation for lunch or dinner in exchange for a job as well. Not everybody has the same means and she is aware of this. But praise needs be, and gratitude, which comes without saying. Plus, sometimes a mage’s abilities are required for day-to-day life and she isn’t quite selfish enough to demand payment for such services.

If she has to, she will pull her weight, but generally doesn’t mind having others do things for her. Annoyingly enough though, whenever she really needs someone to give her a hand, nobody is around. Of course, that might also be because she shooes everyone away when she is working on her magic or setting up an experiment.

Soneya is a watermage, and as such she can manipulate free water in any form found, whether it be a river or the ocean, or whether it be the water inside the earth or hiding inside a humid wall. Anything related to water, and she can influence it, except for the water contained within living beings.
She could basically travel without water supplies as she can simply draw water from the ground to satisfy her thirst if necessary. This comes especially handy in a dry season, which is also why her services are valued by farmers especially.

The water contained in the air is also at her disposal for her use; however, she has not yet mastered this technique. Manipulation of the humidity in the air is something she has been working on but it has not lead to a satisfying end yet. One day, she is determined to succeed but it will be quite a while longer before she can achieve that goal.
There may yet be other abilities she hasn’t explored yet or hasn’t tapped into yet, but since she dropped out of the Academy, her teachers never got round to exploring the depth of her power.

Originally from Shayenne, Soneya has led a very normal, even boring life until her parents had enough of her fiddling with the water for washing up or when her mother was trying to wash clothes, or just generally trying to wet them whenever they weren’t paying attention so they sent her off to the Northern Academy to learn how to handle her magical ability without getting on everybody’s nerves. They love her deeply and she reciprocates but she also sees that they were right in sending her off even though at first she thought they were trying to get rid of her.

The Northern Academy has been a haven for her and she loved her time there, taking in as much knowledge as she possible could with regards to her magic, but generally just about her own area of exerptise. She didn’t see the point in learning about magic she couldn’t use herself, so apart from a very basic knowledge thereof, she has no clue what other magicians could really do.
Soneya spent seven years at the Academy before she finally dropped out after a night out in Didienne.

During this night out in Didienne, she met her future husband. It was love at first sight. The moment she stepped into the inn for a few drinks with a handful of her fellow students, he turned around and looked at her. The pull between them was almost a physical thing in the inn and her fellow students as well as his friend could only stare in amazement as Soneya and Tyrion gravitated toward each other and were inseparable for the rest of the evening. Rashly, she decided that same night to drop out of school and follow him back to his home in the Amellian forest in order to be with him. Shortly after, she adhered to the beliefs of the Amellian Tribe, who so rarely step out of their own community that Soneya couldn’t believe her luck and the incredible stroke of fate that Tyrion had been on an important errand in Didienne the same night she went out with her friends.

The Amellian Tribe lives a secluded life, apart from everyone else in Dragons’ Cove and they refuse to trade with the DDC, preferring to tend to their needs themselves. Occasionally a trader or traveller finds their way to their homestead and they do the occasional exchange of goods but this does not happen on a regular basis and usually off radar from any official business. Sometimes, the tribe sends out its members to go on various errands as not everything can be manufactured in their beloved forest next to the most beautiful waterfalls on the whole of the island.

The general rumour is that the Amellians prefer humans and other two-legged beings to dragons, and that sometimes they kill the occasional dragon to dare enter their territory. While this is true, and the lives of dragons around that area can be perilous, there is the occasional dragon who has survived in the presence of the tribe for quite a while. However, entering the homestead of the Amellian Tribe and staying there for even just a brief amount of time, will come as a culture shock to anyone. Their beliefs are different, their culture is old-fashioned and strange, and they are not very fond of all too curious strangers who ask too many questions and are refusing to adapt.

Recent History:
Countless attempts to receive children remained fruitless and Soneya grew frustrated, while her husband grew angry. She focused more on her magic, searching for an outlet for her sadness at being unable to bear children while he sought refuge in the beds of other women. After a while, it quite simply became too much for Soneya to bear to see everyone stare at her, whispering behind her back. No matter how proud or vain she was, the weight of their gazes and her husband’s silent accusation because she was barren were almost enough to break her. He never laid a hand on her to vent his pain, nor did he ever accuse her out loud of being at fault.

Unable to take it any longer, Soneya packed her things and left, finding refuge in a small cottage outside of Racksom with an older mage not far off whom she sometimes went to for advice. She has never stopped loving Tyrion, and still loves him, but she simply cannot face him anymore, nor did she want to be witness to his cheating any longer. Maybe some day they would both come to their senses and find their way back into each other’s arms. This is a well-guarded secret Soneya has kept and she has never told anyone that she is married. Her wedding ring hangs on a white gold chain around her neck, the ring close to her heart at all times, but hidden from plain sight.

Veces – she does not like him. He stole her look. And he speaks in rhymes. Constantly.
Lutis – he’s a thief! What good could ever come of knowing someone like that?
Jaden – a card dragon. A little too talkative for her taste
Malakath Grimm and Purpurapilum – a white man with his dragon. Unlikeable. There are too many people with white hair.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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Soneya - Watermage and Amellian (Human)
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