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 Feronia -The Red Guardian-

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PostSubject: Feronia -The Red Guardian-   Feronia -The Red Guardian- Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2014 4:52 am

Feronia -The Red Guardian- Redgds10

-You, You in the chaos Feigning Sane-

I am the Guardian, Feronia. Though my years are Numerable beyond Counting, I am wise enough to not forget Courtesy. Come honored guest, and stay a moment.

-You who was Pushed-

I have had many riders throughout my life. I bore only the Greatest of Warriors upon my saddle; those with honor in their hearts and spirit in their soul. It has been Many Lifetimes since my last rider, as it has been many lifetimes since the need for one.

-Beyond what's Humane-

I am Female, one of two.
By my honor, I am the Red Guardian of Dragons Cove.
I speak in Firebrick.
Though the exact date of my birth has long ago been forgotten, I celebrate it on the First of January.
My magic is Unique, and not to be trifled with.

-Them as a Ghostly Tumbleweed-

I am a Huge dragon, just as I have been for Centuries.
My talents and skills are fairly Well Rounded. I have had Hundreds of Years to compensate for my Weaknesses

-And where was your WatchmenThen? -

Do not let my Grandeur intimidate you… Feronia is the Ruby Red dragon of the five Guardians, each of which boast their own particular coloring. Her horns are White, as well as her underbelly and the undersides of her wings. All along the underside of her neck and belly where the red scales on her back meet with the white scales of her bell are rigid little spikes of the same off-white color as her horns that fade into V shaped scales on top of her tail all the way to the jewel-like bauble wreathed in soft fur-like feathers. Her great wings are half feathered on the undersides, held aloft by thick wing muscles that sit just behind the ridge of her shoulders.

I am a servant of the Stones… Magically created long, long ago by the Arcmage in legends that are securely part of Dragons' Cove culture today, Feronia was one of the five spawned by the great mage to protect the stones. As would be expected, her highest priority is securing the safety of the stones. On normal occasions she is a fairly amiable dragon, though has a serious bent to her personality that prevents her from enjoying mindless banter for long stretches of time. She has a surprisingly short temper and though will be patient with people that she expect to dotter or be ignorant, she has zero tolerance for people who exhibit the same tendencies if she believes that they know better. Likewise, any threat to her personal safety, or the safety of those that she protects will be met with her full fury. Feronia does not believe in bluffing. She follows through on all of her promises and does not idly swear her services or loyalty without being certain that whoever she's swearing to is worthy of the honor. Denying someone the honor is a tricky business, but Feronia has had a long time to learn how to temper her language to be more tactful, and will often try the diplomatic route first.

-I'll be your Keeper for Life-

Quiet remote locations
Sunny afternoons with witty company

Deliberately Nefarious Individuals
Backstabbing and Trickery

-As your Guardian-

Over the course of her long lifetime, Feronia has been to every corner of Dragons Cove multiple times throughout history. Most of her life has been spent solitary, for even though some dragons and elves can live for a few centuries, they cannot hope to match the long lifespan of a Guardian. Feronia generally move around, following rumors or whims of her own as the wind carries her. Most frequently she makes trips to the various locations of the Guardian Stones to make sure of their continued safety, but otherwise spends her days in a state of what can be described as semi-hibernation. The years of peace on Dragons Cove had given her little cause to be especially active save for brief flurries of activity. Her state of dormancy was recently broken however when she visited the High Council in Didenne and after seeing the corruption of the Council, voted them out of governance. Along with Silverwing and Typhon, Feronia dissolved the High Council and put Dragons Cove into a military state of emergency, and is currently seeing to the preparations herself.

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Feronia -The Red Guardian-
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