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PostSubject: Maledictus Eice   Maledictus Eice Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2014 7:43 pm

Maledictus Eice

The main component of Maledictus Eice is a deep rooted resentment to the settling races on Dragons' Cove. As Dragons being the true natives of Dragons' Cove they view the meddling of other races as harmful and petty, often referring to them as a "curse" and so they wish to eliminate them entirely. Maledictus take a radical approach with their cause and regularly raid, destroy and kill all relating to non-dragons. These deeds have seen them as a rising power and real threat now, the words "Maledictus Eice" are often uttered with great fear. However, they may spare those that make the promise to leave and never return. Currently they are lead by two Clubtail dragon sisters, Anækileya and Vythiweiah. Upon initiation, a dragon must display their loyalty to the cause by killing a non dragon as a sacrifice, if the dragon has a rider then they become the first choice. Little else is known about ME at this time.

The makeup:
+ All members are dragons (very potent power overall)
+ Completely Intolerant
+ Bloodthirsty
+ Often lacking composure
+ Swift and decisive as a whole
+ Ambitious
Maledictus Eice MESigil
Vythiweiah and Anækileya rule ME with a firm grip comprised of awe, loyalty, and a decent amount of fear. Their passion for their cause is the main factor which keeps ME fighting, and so it is unsurprising that its members are mostly those who look up to the Clubtails as leaders. Those who would defy ME's policies face the Clubtail Sisters’ judgement, which often results in banishment or execution. Other dragons within ME are granted the Sisters' trust based on their loyalty and are given the right to lead skirmishes on their own initiative along with a selection of their peers. Beyond this, there is no real government structure, aside from what the dragons impose upon themselves.

Daily Life
Not all of ME is made up of warrior dragons. Most of the dragons that fly under ME’s banner are peaceful, and would rather be left alone. These dragons are more prone to being hunters and caretakers of their fellow dragon. A large portion of the supplies gathered by these dragons are given to the fighting force that keeps their borders safe and tending the wounded that come back from the battlefront. The warrior dragons are often ruthless and desperate, their cooperation secured by the unwavering dedication of the Clubtail Sisters to the overall cause.

All new members of ME are given “The Speech”. That is to say: Non-dragons are evil, they have taken your home, and we are getting it back by any means necessary. Non-dragons are vermin, and do not deserve your pity or your kindness, only your claws and teeth. Dragons are the true inheritors of Dragons’ Cove.

A few words from our glorious leaders...

Are you tired of being the side-kick to those pesky humans? Of being thought of as a lesser creature by the scale-less bipeds that roam our fair land with abandon? Of seeing loved ones struck down by those that call themselves Slayers? Too long have we of the dragon-kin been subjugated and hunted like common animals, our hides, heads and teeth traded and sold like we are some disgraced trophy animal. Ignorant, unwise and debase!

Brothers and sisters! We mighty beasts of Dragons' Cove should no longer suffer under the oppression of these weak humans, elves and what-have-you! They who think themselves superior in every way to us, who believe that we are dumb animals to be tamed and killed at their leisure! We must put a stop to this!

Join me to lead a glorious revolution against all who are not dragon! Against those who never belonged here. The invaders- nay, the curse!- that is all breeds of non-dragon weaklings. Together, we can purge this curse from our land and again will Dragons' Cove be a place of Dragons, for Dragons! Join me, and rise from an age of decline! Rise from the ashes of the bones of our ancestors and retake what is rightfully ours! Rise and embrace our destiny, as the rightful heirs of the land!


There is no set hierarchy within ME. Most dragons simply coexist under a shared banner of loss from their previous lives and hatred of the non-dragons that they were wronged by or have escaped from. Each new dragon brings its own culture and customs to ME, making it a very diverse gathering of individuals who are sharing what they know for a common cause.

All of the dragons of ME are recognized as having probably lost a fair amount in their lives in order to be desperate enough to want to join ME. As such, dragons of all breeds are referred to as “brother” or “sister” or simply “kinsmen”.

Rise of Halosis- Though not actually a holiday, the sacking of Plurith will be remembered as the first decisive blow struck against humanity.

The population of ME is steadily growing as more dragons join the cause. Not all dragons that identify as being part of ME live in their “territory”, however. Some live outside of it, and keep themselves apart from most of the action.

Social Organization
The dragons of ME often stick close to one another in small pockets of mini-clans, and each has their own method of social interaction. As a whole, the civilian dragons pay deference to the warrior dragons. Amongst the warriors, those with the most strength are often given the most respect, and those that are closest to the Clubtail Sisters are awarded a healthy amount of respectful fear.


The dragons that come to ME are from widely varying places all around the cove. All religions that do not conflict with the main goals of the faction are accepted among the dragons, but the overriding theme is that Dragons are the ultimate species on the Cove.

Maledictus Eice Wanted__crazy_clubtails_by_seroph-d4yqbklCrime
ME is currently waging genocide on all non-dragons. Within ME however, crime is very low. All the dragons within the group are subject to the rule of the Clubtail Sisters, and those who are disobedient face either immediate exile or execution, depending on the severity of the crime.

Currently ME is waging a small war on Dragons' Cove, and work in large groups to overwhelm unsuspecting pockets of populations and crushing them out of existence. Strength in numbers is their ideology concerning their battle tactics. Overall, the fighting members of ME are determined, stubborn, and relentless. They do not yield the field once they have dominated it, and press an aggressively hard offensive.

Foreign Relations
ME fosters a scorched earth policy with all of their enemies; namely all non-dragons. They rush into an area, decimate it and leave no one alive, then return to where they came from. In general, survivors of such guerrilla attacks are left to flee so that they can spread the word of ME’s coming. While any dragon can be accepted into the fold, all non-dragons are considered hostile enemies.


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