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 Taeski Swiftfoot:. The Greater Good (Centaur)

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PostSubject: Taeski Swiftfoot:. The Greater Good (Centaur)   Taeski Swiftfoot:. The Greater Good (Centaur) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2014 9:33 pm

- Taeski Swiftfoot –

Taeski Swiftfoot:. The Greater Good (Centaur) Centaur_by_acorn23-d7bxr2t

If it wasn't for all that you tried to do
I wouldn't know just how capable I am to pull through

Name: Taeski Swiftfoot
Nicknames/Alias: Tae
Age: 37
Date of Birth: 15th April 2672
Gender: Female
Race: Centaur

Makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder

Profession: Council Elite & Mentor
Birthplace: Hills of Yarrow, not far from Nusfar
Faction: Defenders of Dragons’ Cove; Elites
Relation To Any Dragons: They make powerful allies, if you can get them to do what you want them to do.

Makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde/light brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'12ft
Scars/Tattoos: A few vague scars on her front lower legs, although nothing notable. Applies body paint regularly, although has no permanent markings

General Appearance: Taeski has dark brown skin, the same colour as her equine half. Her hair is a lighter dirty blonde, and tangled into thick dreadlocks that hang down to her shoulders. A few whispy bits frame her face. Her tail is long, coming down to her hocks, where it is then hacked off raggedly. Her ears are pointed, and her nose is fairly flat.
She is fairly well built, with lean muscles in her arms, small breasts, and her body toned. Her hooves are big, and she has thick fetlocks that are especially fluffy in winter. Her right front foot has a white stocking.
Taeski rarely wears clothes, as is customary for her race. She does, however, paint her body regularly with bright body paint of various colours, most often purple or orange, along her legs, back, arms, chest and face. Sometimes she wears feathered bracelets and necklaces, although she will happily walk with nothing at all.

Personality: Blunt, decisive, outspoken, efficient, driven, proud, arrogant.
Decisive- Taeski knows when to make a decision, and when to make it quickly. However, as is the way of the Elites, she also knows when to listen to others and take their opinions into consideration. That doesn't mean she'll follow them, though.
Outspoken- Always having an opinion on ideas, she's not one to let things pass without her say on what's happening. As an Council Elite, this means the Elites always get a say in wider council matters.
Driven- Working for the Elites, Taeski has an agenda, and she knows how to stick to it; if something changes though, she can be very stubborn about also changing, without good reason.
Proud- Taeski stands strongly by her race's customs, culture and morals- it is a poor idea to insult her way of life, even if she does live at Guardian's Peak rather than with a herd now.
Arrogant- Although she'll listen to the concerns and opinions of others, Taeski doesn't always take them into consideration. Doing what's best for the Elites in her mind's eye is the most important thing, rather than others benefiting, and she'll do what she thinks is for the greater good in such situations.

Strengths: Has a long temper, passionate about the Elites, strong moral compass.
Weaknesses: Illiterate, handles authority poorly, loses focus on details.
Likes: Falconry, feather jewellery and pretty things, mentoring young Elites, wide spaces.
Dislikes: Standing still for long periods of time, having to be diplomatic for long periods of time, being outside of the loop, being on the sidelines of action.
Fears: Losing her wild side and becoming 'tame', being shunned from centaur herds.
Abilities/Powers: None
Important Possessions: Her spear, Whitestreak.

'Cause if it wasn't for all of your torture
I wouldn't know how to be this way now

Father: Peijar Farwatcher (deceased)
Mother: Naessa Swiftfoot
Siblings: One brother, two sisters.
Other Important Family: Son, Hiakar Farwatcher (27), Steppe Eagle 'Whitestreak'
History: From day one, Taeski was taught that life wasn't easy. Life wasn't easy; it was drilled into her by everyone in her herd, even though times were good. She roamed the hills of Yarrow with her herd, coming to know the entire length of their territory by the time she was six. By the time she was sixteen, ten years later, she was bored of it; fast as her mother, she had run from east to west and back as a scout a hundred times. She was wise in the ways of hunting, skilled with a spear, and inducted into the art of skirmishes with other centaur herds. Other races were a strange myth and an anomaly to her, but that was normal for her herd. Dragons were friends, although rarely seen. Everything was as it should have been.

Of course, peace never lasts for long. Change is inevitable. Skirmishes cannot always end up with the same side winning; losses are not always dignified. Sometimes innocents are killed; Peijar Farwatcher, Taeski's father, was nobody particularly special, just another outrider. His body was left to bleed out in the sand with that of their former herd leader's as the Black herd of Xanile took Taeski's herd, and a new reign began.
Things were different under new rule; now Taeski started to see how life wasn't easy was true. Whereas her former herd's outriders had been protectors, under the Black herd they were prison guards. Things were fine, as long as you toed the line... as long as you drew no notice. But when Taeski's blunt personality clashed with those in authority, things got nasty quickly. Her pride did her no favours, nor did her arrogance and insolence.
‘You bring it upon yourself’, the others said, but she didn’t see it like that. Taeski had always had her freedom, and with it taken away, she grew restless and angry. The herd was no place for her if she would lose her freedom.

One night she ran south, for Nusfar. The wind lent speed to her hooves, but fate did not. The outriders were not kind when they caught her; they called it ‘teaching her a lesson’. Her screams as they used her were heard in Nusfar, the city close, and humans came to her rescue. Terrified, she could only scream at the aid given, and scream as she was left behind by the last of her herd, even if they were cruel rapists.
Life is not easy, they told her. Estranged from her herd, and in a foreign and utterly bewildering world, the humans who tried to take care of Taeski could do nothing right. It was as if they spoke another language; she barely responded to any of their ministrations, kicking down the door of the house she was in one night to break free into the nearby fields. She went no further however, as naïve as a child when it came to the wide world.
It was a blessing when an Elite patrol with a centaur amidst their ranks was passing through Nusfar. Taeski immediately latched on to her fellow centaur, and didn’t look back once as they left Nusfar for Guardian’s Peak.

The Elites were a blessing in disguise for Taeski. Their rigid social structure and customs was much more accessible to her, and although things were strange and new still, with the help of others, she started to learn and prosper. Her seventeenth birthday came, with an unexpected reminder of her past; she was unlucky to receive a souvenir of the outriders. Her pregnancy and birth of a son, Hiakar, only gave her more to contend with at Guardian’s Peak.

Taeski’s novice training took three times as long as any other Elite’s, due to setbacks, but at eighteen, finally she became a full Elite. Her skills with the spear grew quickly, and she ascended through the ranks as quickly as any could. She also found a passion for falconry, flying her own bird Whitestreak frequently, both for enjoyment and for hunting. At twenty-seven, she became an Elite Mentor; at thirty-two, a Council Elite. She has now held the place for five years, and has all the feistiness and pride of her sixteen year old self. Her son, Hiakar, is a full Elite himself, and attends patrol.

Other: Taeski likes to think she is still part of a centaur herd, even though she hasn’t been part of one for years, and has no intention of going back to the Black herd, or any other. In her heart, she knows that she would be shunned and sent away if she tried to rejoin a herd, but refuses to acknowledge or accept the fact.
Generally, she gets on better with women than men, having an innate suspicion within her now of males due to her poor history. She feels much more comfortable talking to other women, and will preferentially try and talk to them, even if such a thing is considered rude.

I am a fighter and I, I ain't gonna stop
There is no turning back, I've had enough

Relationships: Hiakar Farwatcher (Son, 27, NPC)


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Taeski Swiftfoot:. The Greater Good (Centaur) DfBVvKbWkAAppQw

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Taeski Swiftfoot:. The Greater Good (Centaur)
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