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 Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove

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Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove Empty
PostSubject: Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove   Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 3:42 pm

Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove

[*url=]Healer Triad Worship[*/url]
Blood Dragon Elitism
Guardian Dragon Elitism
The Amellian Tribe
Ice Plainsmen
Goblin Tribes


The Circus

These roving gamblers live on the fringes of proper society with their own rules and do not much care for the rigid boundaries set up by cities and politicians. Performers, animals, and roustabouts travel together in a circuit from city to city to make money and move on after a couple of weeks. The views of this group are not ironclad, but are not easily swayed either. Most things come with a price for these folk, be prepared to pay for what you really want.

Daily Life
Daily life entails dealing with visitors, handling animals, avoiding Lusorioís pranks, and earning money to put bread on the table with sideshow acts and sleight of hand tricks. Technically there is no crime-related activity within the confines of the grounds; what individuals do with their own time is their business. Entertainment is the goal in the circus, and there is no deficit of magicians, jesters, fire breathers, and much more.
Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove CircusFlag-4_zps1e5b20bb
A few unofficial traditions have taken hold in recent years; a designated standard has been fabricated, and several are posted around the grounds, while one flies over the big top. Opening night of the Circus at each new location is a grand spectacle, filled with all kinds of crazy tricks and magic light shows.

The fashion of these folks is as varied as the colors of their canvas abodes, from subtle and conservative to wild and outrageous and borderline scandalous- it all depends on a performerís origins and modesty. However, generally simplicity is valued over fanciness, but not over color. This also goes for how Circus members live; practically all of the residents sleep in brightly colored tents of varying sizes.

Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove 34o360yPopulation
The population is always growing and shrinking as people leave and join the merry band. At the moment the population is about ten to fifteen, but this number is by no means stationary or static. †Racial diversity in the circus is rather simple: humans, avians,†elves and various dragon breeds. Over time this is expected to change as performers join and leave the group. There is not one race meant to be the Ďfaceí of this band of misfits, and for such a thing to happen would be quite detrimental.

Social Organization
There is an easily understood hierarchy with these people: seniority. There are three individuals that have been credited with forming the circus in the first place: Lusorio, Rhys, and Silence. These are the people who run the show from three standpoints: entertainment, finance, and the fine balancing act required to bring the two together respectively. There are only three rules set out to abide by: donít lie to them, donít steal from them, and sure as hell donít piss them off.
Strongholds/Living Places
There is a near two year route these nomads take around the island, so there is no single place they stay too long unless the circumstances cannot be helped. The route starts at the capital, Didienne, and ends in the same place. Favorable places to visit are the capital and Yarrowitz. Horse drawn carts are used to carry equipment around the isle, with those working in the Circus walking or travelling by horseback.


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Minor Groupings of Dragons' Cove
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